John Oliver Also Went To Russia, And Won't Hurry To Return

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Similarly to Stephen, 'Last Week Tonight' host John Oliver felt less than secure when filming comedy show segments on Russian soil.

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deakon jarvis
I wish the Russians would bump off these two phoney dipshits!
sarcastic bowl of cornflakes
Honestly I'm starting to feel like Trump has a death wish.
That's the only explanation I can think of that makes sense.

Like, honestly, if you're in the Secret Service, and you have half a brain, would you take a bullet for that motherfucker?

Of course not. That'd be like taking a bullet for Gaddafi's retarded older brother.
Midori Sangatsu
I bust out laughing as soon as he brought up the suit because he basically dared the man to sue him in his episode XD
Shiva rides Cthulhu
1:05 John's poker face is horrible XD
Jan Procházka
Did they just talked about lawyer who talked about Sudetenland? :-D
John Oliver's giggles are so adorable I'll fight you if you disagree
Oliver isn't making up the Russia peeps coming into your hotel room
Poor John and his nervous laughter xD
JayPee Vee
Honestly, is there another country as repulsive, as stupid, as moronic and as pathetic as the USA?
Little Mac
That and the last part were simply the funniest things I have viewed in a very long time.
rob slover
its goes without saying right, but fuck coal mine owners.
Leah B
He's like a school girl trying to keep a secret at a slumber party.
Noel Muddamalle
Stephen's pause in 3:32 isn't very reassuring ha.
John: Just look into my eyes I have so much to say...I have so much to say! I have soooo muuuuuch to saaaaaay!!!!! Oh god bless this poor man looooool
Susan Florence
Thank God for humor! When things get tough, the tough get cracking....
trump wants to remake America into Russia and be the "American Putin". He admires Putin so much because Putin is insanely rich, gaining his wealth through corruption and murder. Are Republicans so naive, stupid & anti-American to allow him to do this? Are they also as evil? ...time will tell.
Georgy Ponomarenko
west and east...too strange to hear it even for me, coz I'm a Russian. Come on, Russia is not USSR and we are not communists and our culture is one of European cultures. It sounds like US cant go out from the could war period and that's sooo stupid
2 cunts on screen at once
Adamax Novelties
Stop Cheetolini #45
Adamax Novelties
Keep it up John and Stephen! Do Not Let Up!
2018 Repal & Replace Congress
If John Oliver went to Russia then, by his own standards, shouldn't he be executed for treason?
Ella DeMore
I love rural English accents so much. And rural Scottish for that matter. Just please never stop speaking, John.
Darcy Robbs
Does anyone know why Oliver is wearing a cav pin? Or does that symbol have another meaning Im not aware of?
Troll On Mars
You called to have your widow open.
Why do you need to put such a title? As a media, don't you think you have moral responsibility of opening up the mind of people, helping them to understand the world, trying to be reveal the truth and being as impartial as possible? Oh no, sorry... that's all about America first, telling the things people want to hear for making money...
Natalee Steele
hbo will win somehow lol
Saphira Wellroth Lång
I love John Oliver. He reminds me of my pups back home
"Oh you have dogs?"
It's the 21st century and Russia and the US still have such a strange relationship.
Ali Avi
I absolutely love John Oliver.
john oliver is extremely unfunny without a script
Throughout the whole interview, i kept wondering " Did John Oliver sat on his balls 2:35 ?".
How original! When will you come up with some real jokes.
anytime a liberal points out that the wealthy are disproportionately benefitting from bush's tax policy, republicans shout"class warfare!".... horridthat is class warfarearguing over the optimum marginal tax rate for the top one percent is NOT!!!
the truth (with jokes)
to america
to the huddled masses keep yearning
any chance you can take out fracking with the coal industry?
If Russia is an "uncanny valley" of the West, what do you call America? Need I remind you that America incarcerates a larger percentage of its population than any other country? That it remains one of only four "industrialised" countries to practice capital punishment? (Interestingly, while Russia still has the law, they haven't actually executed anyone in two decades.) Need I remind you that America tortures prisoners-of-war, that it invades and attacks foreign countries in violation of international law? Need I remind you that 45.000 Americans die every year because they don't have health insurance? That domestic infrastructure has a grade of D+? That the people in Flint, Michigan STILL don't have clean drinking water? Need I remind you that American police SHOOT AND KILL citizens on the flimsiest of justifications and then GO FREE?

Get the fuck out of here with your 1960 era red scare propaganda. Russia has its problems, but I would argue it's no worse than America and might in many respects be quite a bit better.
Ayesha Rizwan
i just love oliver, two of the best people sitting there
oh my god. if you sue a comedian for poking fun at you, you really need to grow the fuck up.
Another news media person being sued by a rich man who may have something to hide? Welcome to the end of the world.
Bill Clinton
Bill Clinton
I love John Oliver so much.
He's so adorable lol
Kenny Martin
I hope he wins so he can do a victory lap and say in exquisite detail what he couldn't say here.
Surigen 12
It should be pretty clear by now to John Oliver's executive producer that every-time someone tells John Oliver what NOT to do, it doesn't end up working...
when are media going to cover Assange/ Wikileaks recent admission to advising Potus Jr to release the emails through Wikileaks during a direct one on one talk?! Assange also used the term 'Transparent' and referred to TJr as innocent, did TJr and TSr? Also Assanges now sort of GF Pam Anderson did an interview about her new (BF?) from.....Russia. Why is the media even late nighter's like Oliver,Colbert, Sam Bee NOT taking about this? Are they scared? Also TYT esp Cenk has been very defensive of Assange but never addresses the very skewed amount of HRC / Dem Wkiki releases vs how many for now Potus and or Reps? Have not heard a convincing reason yet. Period. Why is that? BTW TSr campaign staff admitted in fall of 2016 to having 'backdoor' to Wikileaks. Again, not talked about.
Jennifer M
I spy a 1st Cav pin!
Jamie Wilson
I can't wait until he is able to speak about this lawsuit.
DK Dempcey Knight DK
Blast the medical profession for keeping "certain" old nasty fucks alive for so damn long!
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