Passenger Screams In The Face Of Screaming Kid On A Plane

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There's nothing worse than having to listen to a kid cry during a long flight. A passenger decides, before the flight even takes off, that they're not having it.

L W.
That moment of fucking brought a lifetime hangover
Karly Young
Do you know what's worse then listening to a crying child on an airplane. Being the parent of that child, and feeling embarrassed because you can't do anything about it. Grow up.
Pink Sheep
kill him
Zhulnevikurn Hurenivelxunedar
I thought it was Jerry Springers.
Sydnie Parodi
The hero we don't deserve...
Vincent Mancini
Dude if you fly a lot get some headphones. parents dont know how kids are going react till they get on the plane. If you have a long flight take a dramamine and you will sleep through the whole flight
Trap Zone
United Airlines
Brawl Karter
It worked!
Boom box Eight
When does anybody scream in anybodys ear?
Business man
Nice condom commercial😋
Daniel LancePach
i feel for this man i was on an 8 hour flight and a baby was screaming for 4-5 hours
dave dirk
lol well that shut the kid up
His Dudeness
I would've tazed the child and then drug his ass off the plane.
It's annoying of how ya'll complaining that the kid's parents should've used condoms...
But did you know that people were saying the exact same thing before you jerks were born?
Jungle Cat
That moment when you get settled in your seat and see a family with young kids walking down the aisle and you pray to God, Buddha, Zeus, Possession, Aslan from Narnia, Aang the Last Airbender, Bob Saget, Caitlyn Jenner & 1976 Bruce Jenner that they don't sit near you but they end up sitting right behind you
Wade Wilson
This guy is probably mistaken for Jerry Springer all the time.
Eh, who cares. The guy who screamed is a man child. Everyone who flies planes knows that you take a chance of some bratty screaming kid being on one. And yes the parents should have tried harder to keep it quiet.
I was once on an 8 hour flight and this mistake of a child was yelling so fucking loudly for an hour straight, non stop. He was one of those jam-on-mouth blonde 5 yeat olds and I just wanted to get up and block his wind pipe.
Blako Lawton
real talk I thought that was Jerry Springer
Rainbow factory
Hubris Hero
This dude lost his shit lmao
Erik Ruisbroek
What a fucking legend...
The Asshole
I thought it was Jerry Springer recording
Krzysztof Smejlis
No ball gag on a board?
Jakob Leube
Hahaha funny
I felt sorry for the kid
Poor kid. lol
it's a little kid ffs, you fuck up twat
Eren Chung
kids are delicate and new to the world, stop acting so foully and ill-willed towards wouldnt likee it if you were upset and crying and suddenly some guy yells at you for wanting something... maybe wanted a kiss or it was hungry? so back up and empathise.. you monsters
What a jerk
A super fly rich young light skinned nigga
the legend27?
The kid stopped crying though 😂😂
Christian smith
Lil ugly ass
Who's here from Barnie
Krayezy Kat
you are an asssssssssssssss
There should be free earplugs for every passenger, on every goddamn plane on the planet. Really, how much would it cost them??
smh at women who refuse to take parenting classes
Reclame Grase
Brian Griffin did this too.
Charles McGill right there, lol
Dope Head
So its not Jerry Springer?
Ryan Hart
Evan Gilbert
F kids lol
Kinda like a Edit page
Call united to take him off the flight ...
thought the guy filming would shout. but I thought he looks way too nice though
Joshy Joshjosh
thought it was jerry springer
That person gets me.
Renārs Požarnovs
i love this guys laugh
Hayden the Dog
What a weirdo. Anyway, how do so many people have such little to do in their life that they have to watch this video?
I hate it when kids do this I just feel like punching them.
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