Passenger Screams In The Face Of Screaming Kid On A Plane

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There's nothing worse than having to listen to a kid cry during a long flight. A passenger decides, before the flight even takes off, that they're not having it.

Arcanine Fire
It's just a spoiled brat kid
Pixels Enderman :D
Honestly, I would've done the same thing.
The cutest dog
I thought that was jerry springer
The cutest dog
I thought that was jerry springer
He looks like Jerry Springer
Robin Goli
Wtf a KID u need a KID 6 ago to get on a plane Thats why plane hate kids
Lak Gas
For the second I though he was going to scream. Glad he didn't. You go old guy!
Joseph Mueller
Somebody needs to hit that kid with the stone cold stunner
LPS SparleRose
I watched this a couple of times XD
《Avictii Guns》
I actually died laughing when I hear that person yell XD it might be mean and sorry if u though it was but it was funny XD
It worked though didn't it. Kid piped down after a taste of his own medicine.
Shady Smet
everybody was once a screaming kid. You'll get the back the same compassion that you give. If you don't give any don't expect any when you are in situation where you might need some.
Aaron Fell
I could watch this all day...
There should be a hatch on planes to throw screaming kids out of.
Boyo 563
The guy holding the camera is a savage
bg978pixel b
The face looked like he farted and a kid screamed EWWWWWWWW
paulie w
Put the little shit and his mum down with the luggage!!!
Clorox Bleach
One of the reasons why I fly business class.
Legendaryalpha collector
Home boy look like Jerry Springer 10/10
Voodoo2121 Mk
fucking idiots
to the parents who did a half assed attempt at shutting your kid up in a 13 hour flight, all the way.

i hope your next flight is with united airlines and then later a quick flight with malaysian airlines.
Mike Moreno
I hate when parents let their kids cry. At least try to make them be quiet.
Kid dynamite
Paul Carnevale
poor mum!!
Jim Heiden
Kwame West
I agree that children screaming on a plane is the worst...but it's even worse when you are the parent because you feel like everyone blames you.
Tane Nepata
Cacacarrot Cake
The guys face was so satisfying
I swear this guy was Jerry Springer LOL
I mean.. I do feel bad for the baby, mother and other passengers obviously but I can't find this video anything else than funny 😂😂😂
Creature Claw
That's wrong, you never know what's going on, young children could be scared and that's all they know to do is cry also the kid may have mental health problems you never know so stop poking fun at the child
One Piece for Life
I'd tombstone his ass.
Game On22
Fuck baby's make them come out at 10 years old
Bc they cry to Mutch about there LIFE
Freddy Krueger
holy shit he turned pink like in 2 seconds must be some sort of record
Tz_lungtok ArtTV
20 second ad
40 second vid
eternal lmao
King. Brugal
Bro I wanna be that cool when I'm old
Gmoney Records
I love this guy
Over weight Jerry Springer doing a weight watcher commercial, he laughs like he is clogged.
This isn't as funny when you realize at 0:13, dude says "He's gonna be my seat, mate". He was actually planning on sitting on the kid. I don't think the screaming was serious enough for something like that.
Sangi Mizo
Even though its exhausting as F, You Can't just blame every kids cry for being a spoiled brat or something.
people don't have patients anymore
Wish I was brave enough to do that, lol.
Madeline Anon
I'm not trying to be hateful, but the way the child is crying sounds like the child is autistic. This doesn't sound like a typical child crying.
James Champ
This comment section is cancer.
chad stephens
Shizue Leigh Hicks
Drunk as a skunk.
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