Passenger Screams In The Face Of Screaming Kid On A Plane

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There's nothing worse than having to listen to a kid cry during a long flight. A passenger decides, before the flight even takes off, that they're not having it.

Geoff Johannessen
click bait :-/
Gary Farani
So you think that's funny!?... no idea!!! ๐Ÿ˜ข
Joseph Stephen
I'm doing this.
fk sakes adults screaming at a toddler HA HA HAAAAA. POOR THING MUST BE SCARED OF PLANES
Chris Rivera
Stupid ass crying kids
dogzila with Lazer eyes
And I thought colored people had problems
he never screamed at the kid! this video is clickbait!
Ralph Torres
This probably made his flight๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Rocky Bling
tbh i would laugh my ass off too
Mahal Na Mahal
And this is why I pay extra for business class. I hate economy class.
Rj Cruz
Plune Lightningstar
Jerry GDR
I hate kids like that. I want to do what that man did so badly now xD
I'm a Youtuber
Who screamed
Jacob Hayes
Clickbait. Oh yeah he sure did scream....
It certainly shut him up lmfao
E Easy
"He screamed in my ear"
Abdoo Gofoo
fuck mercari an their bitch ass ads
Whoever that kid is should have been aborted.
Andrew Quinlan
But he didnโ€™t scream... not at all
Styles EK
Chamomile Crocodile
what the hell
no one cares if the kid is screaming, that doesnt mean you scream back??? that puts you on the same level as a child??
Ryan Smith
he's laughing like a kid hahah
Lewis Black is still a thing?
Well it sure shut that kid up lmfao
I didn't hear any screaming of a passenger in the face of a kid
Kadaver Klaus
My daugh hates it when I imitate her when she doesn't stop crying of defiance.
Sad Sad Funkle
Clickbait crap
ty g
Yo it's the only way to take of that situation
strange angel
oh my god this was amazing
Perfect Diamond
at least the flight is entertaining.
Michael Echeverria
Clickbait much?
Stanley Black Man
Is this donald trump
SmokeIce 16
Christy Tittle
there is always that one bastard mom/dad that bings there child on the plane when THEY KNOW that its gono be a nusence to everyone else... FUCK OFF please
I think the kid is Russian, or at least he was saying "I won't" in Russian.
Carey Branam
At first I thought HE was gonna scream in the kid's face. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
TFA Ninjas
that's not funny, it is horrible... and why did a minecraft video lead me here? tf
Honey Senpai
look liked he didnt give a shit
Jimmy eatsom
Well done to the moron that screamed in the kids face. That kid is just anxious and unsettled. The woman is trying to get to her seat and then wants to commence with trying to settle them down and console them. Kids don't have the same amazing coping mechanisms that adults have. Ironically, this complete wanker that screams in a toddlers face, is showing just as little capability at coping with a stressful environment.

And even more ironically. Now that mother not only has to settle and comfort her child through the ordinary stresses of a plane and the strange environment that the kid finds itself in. Now it has just been traumatised by an angry adult male face screaming in its ear, so the dumb ass has literally achieved the complete opposite of his intentions, in letting his lizard brain make the decision about how to handle that scenario.

And the rest of you YOUTUBE commenting Muppets with your awesome opinions about how screaming kids should be handled on a plane. You obviously have not had kids yet, just wait until it is your turn. Having kids is quite literally the rudest awakening that you will ever experience, especially if you are already acting like you are a 3 times best selling author in the parenting advice section.
Sammy Mackletraveranderson
yea kid screaming on plane is annoying as fuck. One time there's a kid scream the whole way from Thailand to Japan both go and return route.
Oktaviano Ihza
i use this as my ringtone
Marco Almogela
I bet you he sharted ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
ManOfBismuth [GD]
Kid deserved it
Carlos Smith
Kids won't stop screaming because parents spoil the living shit out of their children these days.
The guy that screamed at the kid is obviously demented besides it didnt work cause the kid kept on
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