Passenger Screams In The Face Of Screaming Kid On A Plane

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There's nothing worse than having to listen to a kid cry during a long flight. A passenger decides, before the flight even takes off, that they're not having it.

Jesse Ling
Sounds like a mutant chicken
Madi McL
That poor kid... if you listen closely you can him saying he wants to get off. He is scared, for a little kid that plane is loud and crowed and has probably never been on one. That other man who screamed at him is acting like a child. How could he possibly think that screaming in the face of and already upset child is going to make things any better.... people need to be more understanding to the parents of the screaming children AND the children themselves. Jeeze
lmfao best thing ever
marky mark
Rich people problems.
Sinatra Tarantino
His laugh tho
koij kaur
ewe ugly 👦
Jessi N
jerry jerry jerry 😂
cory powell
I guess he just finished watching family guy
who is screaming
Matthew N
He totally looks like Jerry Springer!
Frank Feazell
we were taking a red eye from Vegas to Cleveland kid screamed the whole time when attendant came down aile I asked for a parachute and all laughed parents got pissed fuck you stay at home
all these people complaining about the generation after them being undisciplined
whos fault is that? the generation who raised them? i'd think so
Jack McKibben
looks kinda like Donald Sutherland
Mario Pellegrino
Dude looks like Jerry Springer...if you don't like screaming kids, jerk off, fly first class. Or put some headphones on.

I remember almost every flight I was on there were either screaming kids or kids running around and climbing the seats. I get so annoyed by the people who get annoyed by it. Like a bunch of fucking prima donnas. I never minded the children. They're innocent. If it's getting too much for me (and it did a couple of times), I just watch a movie on my iPad or laptop or listen to music.
Arpad Godla
You people think flying is something special treat ? Then get first class Kids are kids let them be let them cry crying is sign of life you dickhead
Just a Commentator
will this guy is very immature. Cool!
Danny Dea
OMG that worked! The kid pretty much shut up after that!
Reactor Engineer
I was once waiting at the airport for my 9 hour flight from Slovakia to America and this one dumbass 6 year old was crying next to his mom becouse she didnt buy some toy for him. I had to listen to that 2 hours and finally my flight arrived. It didnt stop there though, as the same kid was sitting behind my chair. He was screaming and crying becouse of the toy for 8 hours and then fell asleep. And once we were finally at the Miami airport, once again, the same kid was in front of me in the line, still crying. And the best part? His mom didnt do sh*t to make him stop crying. Everyone around was also annoyed af.
David Gagnon
It Appears Jerry Springer is as upset as the kid is.....ha
This screaming man is my hero. Give me his number, i want to spend him some drinks :-)
That is the most genuine joy I've ever seen on a human face.
I keep rewinding to the guys reaction! xD It's truly hilarious!
You say What!
They should have taken off and tossed that kid mid air.
Mr Horror
10/10 click bait
TellingItLikeItIs 2000
Whatever it takes to shut that brat up. Hate those parents too.
is that Jerry Springer?
Roland Ravina
I would actually throw off the kid. Crying kids should never be accepted in planes.
Tim Faircloth
0:24 on a
Buil Dinit
Bryant Martell
Still a better story than Snakes on a Plane
KJS Smokes
this is great haha
RC Films
This guys reaction was the best part
Michaela Newman
The kid could have an disorder of something like Autism, ADHA, Etc. So what everyone is saying is not really that nice, I think you all should be ashamed of yourself, including the man who done this video, it's rude to do that behind the mothers back.
itsonlymyopinion ok
there's a new invention; ear buds/head phones with your fav music..
neil dalton
I like this guy. Even though its stressful he keeps his sense of humor!
Ryan Cooper
0:28 when your friend makes you laugh in class and you trying not to be heard by the teacher
Adam Williams
I fucking hate kids
3 things that will always make me laugh...

Dad jokes
Calling eyebrows eye mustache
This video
had to watch again to notice: off camera you can hear the last scream is an adult screaming back at the kid following with "you scream in my ear i scream in yours"
Every single time I have to make a long trip and someone with a small kid sits next to me I start cursing internally.
Evil Chicken Squeaker
I know its extremely rude, both the baby and the person, but this is SOOOO satisfying! That little bitch >:D
Annony Mouse
Full story... The guy who screamed at the kid was kicked off the plane for threatening the kid.
Seth Crofcheck
Jerry Jerry Jerry!
Jayshanti Simmoms
Honestly why would you do that? That's disgusting, kids fuss oh well get over it. Like honestly its a fucking baby or a toddler what did you expect? People still have to get to places just like you. You were once a fussy baby that I'm sure people wanted to slap to get to stop crying. Screaming in a child's face is too far, if you don't like it then drive, get off, or book a first class seat asshole.
yes I know this mans pain as a regular flyer. whats worked for me? bose quiet comfort 35 headphones or any decent head phone that does what these do. worth every penny
4chansavedmylife 69
Really loving these abortion ads.
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