Wer is Spooderman? :S
Bro_Guy 9000
Where’s goku
Zack Luke
Just noticed the dude who plays Flash is the guy who played Kevin in We need to talk about Kevin, didn't recognise him at all!
wonder shit why
Name of song being son during trailer?
Before I watch, I am predicting Seven Nation Army by White Stripes is used.
Joseph Tio
yesss! sana mabuhay ulet si superman!
FFXIV Ebonix
ferdi carrefour
the diamond nightmare
Did anyone notice that the bat mobile is the Batman Arkham night batmoile!
Dezirae Navarro
I'm a huge marvel fan but I'm honestly excited for this
Richie Jackson
David Bowie was perfect for this
wolf network
Hell yeah JK.Simons as commissioner gordan
Rita Morzouq
Great new justice league and star wars movies ; ps.anybody out their for another exorcist movie
wolf network
johnny wright
I just hope the cgi will look better than this but besides that it looks fun to watch.
Scott Andrew
Stop! I can only get so erect!
Shubham Songara
I'm here for Khal Drogo.
Shubham Songara
Looks like a video game .
Gusstavv's Stuff
Alfred is talking to Deadpool!! Yeah!!
Robert Brown
Remember the last time they had a good trailer..... Lol
Hope Henry CAvill has more than just this dream sequence. I hope he comes back.
Not interested in supporting "groping" Ben Affleck. Fucking perv!
teenie beenie
not much of an actor, one can only wonder how the uh...cute mr cavill got such a gr8 role.
John West
PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS PEOPLE HAVE PROVIDED TO WATCH THIS MOVIE. Let them be the sucka's. Please Remember that the USER IS ALWAYS THE WEAKEST LINK in securing their computer. The security software is only as good as the user who is using it.
Dodger Laker
Flash looks like a giant used tampon.
Name of the song?
Burris Nichols
This looks rad...but DC has been making rad-looking movie trailers for sucky movies for a long time now. Here's hoping they've still got the lightning in the bottle since Wonder Woman.
modern germany
i hope they don't screw this up
aldrex bugayong
i wonder if theres a boss battle scene like if u agree . subscribe all so in my own channel
aldrex bugayong
wow nice trailer subscribe on my channel if u want some cool videos ):)
1:40-1:41 flash snaps ankle wtf!!?? And no one says anything?
efe yucel
Another shitty movie from DC
Ahmed Sultan
Did anyone come back after the 2nd black panther trailer?
Meat Hole
Can't wait to see wonderwoman
Renato Filipe
it sounds amazing, as if it´s a new peace in this universe, a show more carefully designed in sound and video than the previous one, the story also seems to advance in portent, making it more appealing and forged to be great.
Justice league trailer 4 - 3.7 million views in a week

Star wars the last jedi trailer 2 - 325k views in 6 days
Somesh Kadam
DC if you want to earn more money and viewers realease it in Hindi dubed
Kurt and Jade Vlogs
Up coming DC movies :
The Flash
Justice League 2
Mah Man! What is this a crossover episode?
Geez, how long is this movie ???
Jazzy Jay
Is that David Bowie I hear??!?!!?
Goddamn Jason Momoa is the shit
Akshay Sharma
Where is Kim Jong Un
gloating bear
mAh man
Daniel Bendheim
What song is playing during this trailer?
Kaitlyn_ Schroeder
I’m Batman and you’re not!!!!
Bounty hunter D!!!!!
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