River Treasure: Gold Ring, Silver Ring, And A MYSTERY BAG!!!

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River Treasure for sure in this video. Check out the neat gold and silver rings I find and marvel at the mystery bag that I snatched up. What's in the bag???

Extrodiser YT
You're looking for 15:10
Johnathan Hernandez
You spell more wrong
Joana Pinto
do you leave the botles there? its trash
4:02 "HI! oh are you sleeping? ok bye"
Jailynn Woods
those glasses with the zebra prints on them is mine and my throat is 4005
Lilliana Monreal
Omg that's a Kate spade bag!
Lilliana Monreal
That's a James Avery ring
Lauren Farrell
I like these videos
Natalie Nicole
Me Justme
Aw, not gonna help the poor fishy at 4:02? so many sunglasses, I'm going to invent floating sunglasses. Jeeeez.
Andrew Bennett
is that a phone at 9:23?
Nadine Mosley
he found my glasses wow he can keep them or do whatever i have alot of them
Michael Eadeh
your not going to show us what's in the bag rude $#÷×
melodi bell
u just left that fish at least see if u could help or u could of used that as bait or sold If your a fisherman
jellyjamie mitchell
the bag
jellyjamie mitchell
could you show us inside it please
The Gamergirl
I saw three pennys
Daniel Honetschläger
lord of rings :-)))
gamerule minecraft focului circuit
like like
gamerule minecraft focului circuit
Samiah Robinson
I love ❤️ it thank
Mika Baker
Does anyone else feel weird when he doesn't pick up the trash he finds in the rivers???
Caelen Bouley
I think he does this just to keep stuff. He says he's keeping the pocket knife and he said he'll test out those sun glasses
ice cream tron
lol poor fish
Dante Budano
look at those lookcrate's glasses <3
Kailee Holub
Dang a Kate spade bag.... someone's probably missing that...
Adriano Losano
filho da puta por não abriu a bolsa desgraçado
Ashlee Daniells
what was the long white thing at 4:00
Binck Dekuyper
how long can you hold your breathe
Yadiel Miranda
4:01 that's a big cat fish it's dead right?
Harley Quinn
Rachel Berens
The Kate spade broke my heart!!
burak kurt
Lord of the rings
GeorgiaN Pro GeNiuS
you lose iphone
So.....what was in the bag???
Vero Hdez
is it really that hard to not pickup the trash and trow it away 😬
Steven Talbot
That ring is myyyyy precioussssssss!
Βασίλης Κόλτσης
u no gotcha a phone u no see this
Abby Van Dyk
whats in the bag man nice video
Twenty One Howells
when i was 7 i went fishing and i pulled too hard on my fishing pole and it sunk into the lake.....i wonder if anyone found it
Reegan Usher
Mystery bag loved it
Zachary Weslin
why can't you get the fish
Ryon Patnaude
you skipped over a bunch of cash
Teresa Sheil
omg he found my sun glasses
Justin Forbes
last one i watch because you didnt tell us whats in the bag
Jessica Perry
you should open a glasses shop
so where abouts would you do this can't be in any place right?
Kalyca de Reuck
i saw a watch where that mermaid thing was
Raelyn Miller
He missed a ring
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