River Treasure: Gold Ring, Silver Ring, And A MYSTERY BAG!!!

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River Treasure for sure in this video. Check out the neat gold and silver rings I find and marvel at the mystery bag that I snatched up. What's in the bag???

9:17 wait and is that a phone 😲
T and O Fun outdoor experiments
Like and comment on my vids please the suck but need subs
Enes Kabaklı
Bir türk neden olmasın
y didn't u show us inside the bag
Talia Lee
His world is a sunglasses heaven!
Kasey Benignus
U need a gopro
Edenbunny 6
Ty's toys & suprises Royal
Who watching in 2017
lili ornelas
what do you do with the item you find
قناه العراقي لكلاش اوف كلانس
قناه العراقي لكلاش اوف كلانس
Jiatnna Valoy
Not all human legs are white
Hunter Armstrong
me and my brother are
Dustinstokes Stokes
What was in the bag
Wispxer Draws

Did you see those pixelated glasses? They where from lootcrate... I was thinking about subscribing to lootcrate just today
ashes hayes
So what was non the bag
Sofie Molinová
Whats in the Bag ?????
Suggestion for a drinking game...

Take a shot for every pair of sunglasses you find
A double shot for every pair of prescription glasses
Triple shot for every cell phone / GoPro you find.

You'll be wasted off your ass by the end of the video!
Claire Smith
fun is that
Chris Blu storm
what's in the bag :( ?you didn't show what's in the bag :(
Vicky Conaway
right where you found that fish lure thingy there were a quartet there
Elix Vindel
whats hapen with trash
Chap Tv123
I think he uses a go pro

This looks fun
Al Fazio
people stop bitching about everything and just in joy the man's video.
New Ego
jocelyn Ovalle
well some of it
Alcides Parada
cool gold ring
Nathan Toon
he is just lookin for the obvious stuff
Nathan Toon
he isn't really lookin hard cause I saw what looked like three phones and a few knives
Logan Hagen
I feel bad for the guy that lost the loot crate sunglasses

lucky I got every loot crate of the monthly
Natalia Cosma
τι έχει μέσα??
shahid khan
Why does he always find glasses 🤣🤣
Elenilton Tinho
seria melhor se eli falasse português
Emma McGinnis
I've watched river monsters WAY to many times to do shot like this lol
Bryan Zarate
Emma White
why do u always say hold your breathe it's kind of sad
Mandy Davis
What rivers do you do this in?
Briana Coney
i need mandeldetof
Nate Uzl
If you wonder what was in the bag like this comment
Lili Chennel
Who's hungary?
alessondro del pierro
Vicky Carson
I love those loot crate sunglasses!!
Jonathan LoBo
we did not get to see what's in the bag
AliceNya lps TV
Русские есть? А если найду.
Ringaroundreina rivas
after after you looked when you found the knife when you went down I saw phone
9:22 phone
Veronica Cantu
the rings are mine
Valerie List
du sehst manches nicht
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