M'lyn pls
This is a very nice song. My my my my my my my my
Julia Therrien
im a huge tvd fan but all these people commenting "Tvd <3" are so fucking annoying. shut the fuck up
Jude Gunter
#love this song he couldn't have done it better
Lovely song and lovely video.
That's not how you shoot an arrow
Naima Saeed Sufi Muhammad Sufi
klaroline memories 😍😍💓
Ivory McLean
love Ed's new music. Perfect is my song I want to play it a my wedding.
The name of the actress is Isabel Lucas btw, i know her from the movie "The Loft" wich I also can suggest you to watch ^^
Ginny Cullen Greenleaf
She should've shot the arrow to Ed!
Ginny Cullen Greenleaf
Why does she look kinda like Deanerys (sorry if spelles wrong) from GOT? (I'm not old enough to watch GOT but I want to sooooo badly)
This is one of my favourite Ed Sheeran songs and I forgot it had a video!
I came back to this song after he did a request and played this song for the first time in like 6 years in concert in Tampa, FL. I'm glad I got to experience this song live because contrary to most people, this was the song that made me love Ed Sheeran (and not the A Team, even if I liked that one as well).
Mohit Arora CWI
there is only one "Give me love" and that is from the great George Harrison. Not this gay ass girl. Disliked. Thank you.
Lora's Craft's
Sad songs are always the best😢😭
powerful song ever
Code Store
2017 anybody?
Jessy'e Smith
I hope he understands y I sent this to him....... All I want is his love
Hippy Trippy
This song is much better than shape of you .... well just my opinion
Wiktoria Hamela
I've got mixed feelings...
kaifas kino
al Pam
I love your works ed
mama !mama! damelo jaja todo lo que escucho
1:25 xayah?
One of the most underrated songs of his and also what's the second part of the song on the album?
B Dd
Kedicik💘 Aslancık
Septyx Stars
This song is beautiful in all versions sung by Ed.
Leonardo Molinas Cardenas
https://youtu.be/-mkqcHTYMxc <3
Cole Healey
So...just throwing it out there...Is the cause of all gay relationsips the cupids poor aim? Keep in mind that it is just my own interpretation. :P
María Gonzalez
Ya han pasado años, que nostalgia. Te seguiré hasta el fin Ed 💞.
i need to be hit by that arrow, then kiss a stranger
Jay Gill
I want love in my life 😔😢
Aytan Moran
It's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pearl Thwala
Who's watching this in 2017??
Boody Hendawy
rosario iannello
Joel Calderon
I can't stop listening to this, my favorite song ever
Soham Badgeri
Pain is meant to be felt.
Gabby Blacio
Manuella Damásio
Te a doro
True Lovers

Delhi Metro High Alret Security
Chona Bouillot
Give me love like never before...
Shaniyah Lewis
This song is so sad😥 Sometimes love is sad this song made me cry
Yamily Santana
ED Sheeran is the best I swear to God !!!!!!!!!!
Emily Cortez
this is a beautiful video. looks like i got some sweat in my eyes wow (':
Shie na Dale
Divine India ॐ
Soul full
Kayla Lyn
This song accurately depicts what it feels like to be lonely
Después de casi 5 años sigue siendo mi favorito💕
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