Collared Lizard Catches Me!

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Welcome to the official start of Breaking Trail season 2! 

On this week's adventure Coyote and the crew head back to the desert and end up finding a little more than they bargained for...because on this episode the roles are reversed and it's the wildlife that ends up catching Coyote! 

Get ready for an up-close look at one of the feistiest lizards in North America, the Eastern Collared Lizard! 

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thats a cool looking lizardπŸ‘Œ
The lizard probably thought "I LET GO ARE YOU HAPPY NOW"
Adrian Swaby
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Marina Hoita
Marina Sugarless
Public Notice
Looks to the right... 2 seconds later suddenly runs to the left
Once he let go he looks like he calmed down.
BBB Productions
The lizard is like keemstar he's fast as frick boi
Simeon Campbell
the under side of the snake is pink.
Memecrafter 666
I love catching lizards I catch all the time at my lake house
Memecrafter 666
U should start a tv show
Christian J
The lizard thought he was gonna be dinner then when he saw he was on TV he realized he was being awkward
Pam White
Kiyote have you ever done a draw my life ???
I like your video
Beautiful lizard 🦎 🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎🦎❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
Rappy Raptor
I think now that you did worst wasp sting you should do a worst lizard bite!
walter perry
if steve irwin wasnt dead , cyote could learn a thing or 2 from him ...get him like as a guest or something
Adventuring with Trevor
at 5:00 you can actually see a mite latched onto his face right above the eye
How can coyote see a tiny lizard across a desert an i can't even see my phone 2ft away from me
Ethan Brock
hay coyote if you flik a lizard in the nostril it will let go
When in the desert, Coyote doesn't watch out for the animals. The animals watch out for Coyote!
Amphibian lover 692
The collard lizards that are near my house run extraordinarily fast.
Mx _101
Coyote: sees his ex and catches her
Coyote:"First snake of the day!"
Random Villain
javan mcgowan
every time you explore the dessert how many times do you vet pricked by a cactus
Everything is Awesome302
Since when did animals like to play PokΓ©mon GO Human edition?
I thought this channel was called coyote Peterson
NovaCore Gaming
Coyote: Gets stabbed
Cameraman: Are you ok?
Coyote: To camera Luckily getting stabbed isn't venomus time to teach you guys how to heal a stab wound
Manu Sahai
I feel like coyote would be great at Pokemon go cause he's basically a Pokemon trainer for "normal" animals
Allans AV
The lizards like "You let go of me, I'll let go of you, got it?"
Tyler Soap
Coyote should come to New Zealand there's heaps of really unique animals and birds that you can't get anywhere else and I think he'd love it
Payton Anderson
When I was little me and my sisters would catch lizards and make them mad until they bit us but it didn't hurtπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Dana Shepherd
lizards are my favorite animal in the world i have a bearded dragon
Никифор ΠœΠΈΡ‚ΠΎΠ²
Did you now that he olmost showed the meddle finger
Poisonous Botany
towards the end coyote says the eastern collered lizard, then says something about the south west, now all he needs is northπŸ˜‚
Potato Potato
Coyote sees a snake, runs straight towards it. I see a snake, fly to another planet.
Gorgeous sunset shot at 5:56! Nice short episode !
Jeffrey Davis
Such a beautiful animal
Lucas Torcato
Creeper Universe
Show us a coachwhip slithering!
Creeper Universe
You grow thousands of subs in hours. Impressive!
David Selvidio
why do you do dangerous things like the latches
rockie moon
I have tried to catch a lizard but I didn't
Sunshine Light
I got bit by a lizard a couple of times. But don't worry coyote.
Don't get me wrong that that lizard looks like trump
Sean Pollisco VLOGS
You inspire me you inspire everyone
vin 950
man that lizard is beautiful. I can't stand most lizards but that one I'd want for a pet. Or a chameleon.
Danniriderpro Games
Try to catch a crested gecko
Julia Balistoy
You can spell your words, and sentences
PromiseAndLeo 980
when he ran really fast to get the snake I jumped and laughed idk why
Dont Nite
lizard was like "stop taking animal i see your videos on youtube stop and i will leave you"
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