Collared Lizard Catches Me!

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Welcome to the official start of Breaking Trail season 2! 

On this week's adventure Coyote and the crew head back to the desert and end up finding a little more than they bargained for...because on this episode the roles are reversed and it's the wildlife that ends up catching Coyote! 

Get ready for an up-close look at one of the feistiest lizards in North America, the Eastern Collared Lizard! 

Breaking Trail leaves the map behind and follows adventurer and animal expert Coyote Peterson and his crew as they encounter a variety of wildlife in the most amazing environments on the planet! 

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I thought collared lizards lived in the mountains of the west
Lps Taylor'sTV
The most pretty and fast lizard we have in Nevada is the leopard lizard
Nicole Roldan
Everything is calm
Coyote suddenly runs away
He's like a bad Steve Irwin 😅
GamerBoy750 GamerKid950
There's a muskrat living in my backyard😀
joshua yu
I love lizirds to
Hellon Gonzales
That's so cool to see the the lizard
Andrew Caywood
How do you catch all these animals?!!
matheus nascimento
i was bit by a
ER Bros
I have collard lizards
Casey Morgan
do not mess with alagtor
Matthew Tourtellot
That's what you call a "Who's got who?" situation.
That coachwhip snake was so cute and sweet!
In America you catch lizard. In Soviet Russia lizard catch YOU.
The Wild Official Hee
At 2:57 the lizard is like "hello there"
King Tiger Tooth
In soveit Russia lizard catch coyoy
Patrick vigil
it's hard
Patrick vigil
I've caught this lizard under a rock in Montrose colorado.
The release part of catch&release is always the pest part.
Wilk wolf
1:50 Swiggity Swooty.
Pancake Vlogs
do a hedehog vid
Øppøsitøn Jamaa
Yesterday I was hiking, and I went to a shady tree. I saw a colorful creature zoom a few inches away from under the tree onto a rock. It was yellow on the head, blue on the body, and green on the tail. I walked a bit closer, and it didn't even run. It was so pretty, I can't even explain it.
sees snake at random: catch it idc it's venomous or not
Lilly Horses
I have a baby bearded dragon and she bit me not because she hates me because she doesn't know better and it didn't hurt really 🤔
Karen Mendoza
the lizard is so pretty!!
Drake Vines
You need a show on animal planet
Maxim Pilote
So much cacti...and cactus pokémon...
Ly Le
cyote has a cactus horn at 2:21
Regular Rodney
you should show us a roadrunner
Connie Kooha
When Coyote said "I found a snake " it scared me
Max W
1:50 "wtf is that?"
Little Creepy
That's a really colorful lizard
Brynn Kloiber
This should be on tv
Jonathan moreno
that lizard was from the Petco yo he ain't catched it
Kareem Assadi
I'd say that the only thing that would catch this thing would be a road runner......cayote
Alvis Lampe
me and my dad saw a colored lizard at a dam.
A beauty 😍
Juan Mena
I can imagine vial lizard like:
"Guys! Come out to eat! I got one!"
Shaade Silentpaw
I love how these wild creatures start off struggling and biting Coyote as they would anyone - but with the respect and care he shows them, they almost always become completely calm by the time they are released again. <3
Yao Gaui
2:25 look at the dirtynes on the right
Oka ruto 2017
do all animals know his name? lol just kidding hahe ill go home and never come back now. sorry
Todd Wilson
You should let a snake bite you but not a venomous one
I like that it let go and was just like "fine. you win. take your time."
Bosshafter Felix
I've seen a lot of them in the hotel on holidays in Kenya.
SlyPoints 131
That was the cutest thing ever. " Yeah but this is a totally uncomftorable situation... But I got him!! " With huge smile on his face
This was before Coyote had his Beautiful Beard?
Lulo HD
he didn't show us how it ran
GamingJr's World
You sweat so much also these animals and insects that to their not venomous and posionous
Jackiboy6 123
I'm glad I live here, so many reptiles out here
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