Collared Lizard Catches Me!

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Welcome to the official start of Breaking Trail season 2! 

On this week's adventure Coyote and the crew head back to the desert and end up finding a little more than they bargained for...because on this episode the roles are reversed and it's the wildlife that ends up catching Coyote! 

Get ready for an up-close look at one of the feistiest lizards in North America, the Eastern Collared Lizard! 

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Richard Fernando
get bitten by a tegu
Rearea Anime fan
What's a really good place to find lizards and inspect them?? I want to go on a trip with my family because I like lizards.!(。・ω・。)
Ultra Zaqu
Usain bolt vs this lizard
Crazy Bat Kid
And those cacti like you a lot too
Crazy Bat Kid
Do you like to be bit by animals or something?
I really enjoy your vids I would Recommend you do more amphibian vids like nuit or somthing
Patric Currie
I spent three months in the sonoran wilderness in baja california...its basically a sea of turantuals, rattle snakes, and scorpions. They're literally everywhere. Not my favorite hiking trip lol
1:50 "What chu lookin at bruv?" xD
Clare Rendle
Hydlide S
Sometimes you almost sound like Charlie from It's Always Sunny.
Duntae Faulkner
dang how long did it take for the lizard to let go
Vicky Mo
I have a beautiful lizards ​the blue , red and black colour and 2 lizards is beautiful the colour is blue and black , gold and silver
Vicky Mo
I have a beautiful lizards ​the blue , red and black colour and 2 lizards is beautiful the colour is blue and black , gold and silver
Vicky Mo
I have a beautiful lizards ​the blue , red and black colour and 2 lizards is beautiful the colour is blue and black , gold and silver
Vicky Mo
I have a beautiful lizards ​the blue , red and black colour and 2 lizards is beautiful the colour is blue and black , gold and silver
That really was a cool looking lizard. It's like the parrot of lizards.
Megan P
find the defense 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😗
Walker Stone
When he bit you i was thinking to myself: does Coyote have a lizard, or does the lizard have him?
Walker Stone
Could you do a new season on birds of prey?
Mohamed Al Mubarak
ضب ملون
Ava Ellis
have you been stung by a large 🐝 ? if you haven't I dare you to.
Jade Wolf
the poor snake looked so confused xD
Angel Del toro
Hail coyote !!!
Hay San
"Brave wilderness" where animals catch you
King Arthur
i have a lizard as a pet
Alex Carreno
Well I guess he caught you and you messed up
William Russell
I like your videos can you come and pick me up
Lance Hancock
I have a collared lizard.Kale 10
Raylie 0309
coyote dont care about his wound
Hannah Ockochinski
i like this series i watch your videos when im sick
People say that snakes and lizards are regularly aggressive and can't be tamed. I'd have to beg to differ, we've owned snakes and lizards and at first they're skittish but once they get used to you they're honestly very chill. I really really miss my sister's crested eyelash Gecko and Leopard Gecko, they were so freaking cute and playful. Never ever bit me, even if I held food in my hand they were so careful not to get my hand. She and her ex left them in my care for a few weeks while they went on vacation.
Riegan Martin
It looks like a bearded dragon
King Chema
Do a roadrunner video
King Chema
Only YouTube channel that you can find without any clickbait
JC Holmanation
How many of Coyote's captures start with the phrase 'I got him, arghhh he's biting me'? 😆
Dino Spino
have you ever handled a frilld shark
Farrah Christiansen
I'm a kid I know it's weird to have a kid subscribing to it your family but I like to join their crew like all the other kids did
SisterVSBrother Challenges!
Brave Wilderness my 3 year old brother lead me to u
Olivia girl
I have a fox in my garden and we had 7 cubs 🐺
Kyler Rogers
I have been bit by one of those collared lizards before. It made my finger bleed.
team marine
Lizard bites don't usually hurt me I live in Utah and we have many lizards and snakes I catch them all the time
Elliott Searles
try to get a berded dragon in the desert.
Alex Morton
I like how it let go and didn't instantly run as far away as possible after you put it down. that's so cool I think you might have made s mini bond with it or something because it realized you weren't trying to kill it even after it bit you.
try rubbing his stomach, I'd let go if you did it to me
Lili Cat
You were trying to catch it but it caught you insted
Remington Cheek
you are the best
WarriorcatsCrowflower AJ
the collared lizard almost looks like a bearded dragon. idk why but its just the shape of its head
Sophiajuratovac cricketbug
the snake you got is he the same or related to the black raser they have the same mouth
Murphey Scott
hey coyote how do you manage to stay alive from all the things do especially the venomus poisonous encounters
Arkaye Carada
catch lizards
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