Zareen Naveed
CuteKitty TM
6:27 hmmmm kinda looks farmiliar

Searches for star wars spaceships on google*
WW2 discoveries
Brian McNellis
pre Ice Age Advanced civilizations. are my requests gentlemen thank you for your good work.
Izabela Kukoleca
OMG the Baltic sea thing is the millennium falcon from star wars! 😱
Bhagya Lakshmi
Gujarat's ovate pul
Critical Mass
Not Arch A Pa Lay Go. It's Arka Pella Go.
Jack nordquist
2:40 anyone notice the mistake?
Tejaram M.Devasi. Dujana Devasi
very nice to sea lake
rumours say, a volkswagen beetle was leaved at the bottom of the sea after the movie "herbie goes bananas" was realased. rumours also say some years earlier someone found the car what rested in peace for 37 years
Soooo who wants to go with me to find that treasure that's worth billions πŸ™ŠπŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ lol
EvJodi Ares
I cringed so hard when he start pronouncing Archipelago and Coelacant lol
DaphnΓ© Thomas
number 13: how did you call this place?
Thats Mauritius....
Steve Smith
not come across latin pronunciation before OK .. Coelacanth = Sealacanth ... pronounce the "C" as an "S" not a "K"
Joseph Schneider
Guys, ... is this guy talking of Mauritius? like...
That one?
Please let me know what this island is spelled!
yassine breton
israeli label apply bad legacy harm.
Your Enemy
lol @ pronunciation of archipelago and magnetometer.
Jane Hervilla
Why does he say Archipelago like that?
violete delaforet
and he can't pronounce mauritius
Yeti crab huh? What's it taste like? LoL
The jokes and puns hurt me. I love how bad they are.
The CartBridge
Sree Vishnu
you missed "Dwaraka, India" that would top the list
Julianna Versola
PLEASE learn to pronounce Coelacanth. ITS "SEELAKANT"
Caleb Pearse
what if they drank that 125 year old beer
Jonathan S.'re soo American it's ughh fuckin irritating
Tim Narraway
No Ch in Achipelago
Gabe Petro
you idiots knew what he meant though. so stfu. he has better research skills than most. hence having this video. oh and a shit ton of sub's. what you got. oh. one or two words he pronounced wrong. que the slow clap. faggs
WtF is Moritius?
Assburgers YewToob Celery
More-ite-eous LOL
Jonathan Hill
Could you try and pronounce "Archipelago" and "Mauritius" one more time please? Just for my enjoyment, many thanks
Evan Brooke
deed balls😁😁😁
max star
kinda creepy
serah brown
guy s i found a chest under the wwater and then i found money in my my backyard in a secret placein my back yard
SpL!FF StyL3
Guy needs to take some English courses.
Jared B.
6:00 Not the Millenium Falcon, but the Ebon Hawk
oscar Maldonado
Will love to dive down there with a powerful screw and make a hole on that alien space ship
Koobarawa Kooshal
The island is named Mauritius...not 'Mau Rai Tius'
Emmy Fowler
Emmy Fowler
Humans can not go down that far into the water in the first part of the viedo mortals like them can not full me if you ask me that viedo is very weird sharks different colors what the HELL stop lying to people😞😐
Bone Doc
What's with the Anachro symbol?
The Coel Fish is in Ark Survival.
TMC3 Productions
This comment section is about the guys accent
Aidan Monster Tube
I find the I would like to find gold and emeralds and diamonds and all that stuff and maybe even a Lamborghini
Gaming Epochs
Bitch, DC found aquaman.
Gaming Epochs
Aquaman still not found.
yep defeneitly traffic lights
Khamakshi M
13. Mauritius
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