iPhone X DROP TEST - The most Expensive glass ever on a smartphone!!

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iPhone X vs iPhone 8 plus during a drop test. Apple has claimed that their glass is the 'most durable glass ever in a smartphone'... and well... my last two drop tests have proved that to be completely false. Glass is glass. 
iPhone 8 drop test round one: https://youtu.be/n2wJLnNJRHI
iPhone 8 drop test round two: https://youtu.be/3LqtO491Wzg
If you are curious about how durable the iPhone 8 plus is without a case, its time to watch the iPhone 8 plus drop test and see for yourself. 

If the iPhone X is more your style, also known as the iPhone 10, Ill be dropping that alongside the iPhone 8 plus to see when one breaks sooner. The iPhone X does have the stainless steel sides, which will probably give it a durability advantage... But there is only one way to find out. 

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Arath V
The greatest affiliate ever!
Zeg Zezon
Apple iPhones = Beauty Unbrained!

Buy one if you desperately need a status symbol to compensate for the lack of something within you!
Zeg Zezon
Zack,why didn't you have a flat-on-its-back drop with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X in much the same way as you did with the Essential Phone?

I know the drop test is far from being scientific. Nonetheless, in the spirit of fair play the same would have been great.
Zeg Zezon
Kewl Zhoez! 👟
Sharan Subramanian
Slo mo is not slow in your video
Tøp Clique
Ive dropped my ipad air 2 and iphone 5s thousands of times from different heights and stuff but still no damages so im very lucky..
Paul Bucelwicz
always nako from day 1
Would I buy a phone like this? No. First off - it's an iPhone and I don't like the whole Apple ecosystem/iOS, and second - because it's not worth the money. It doesn't do anything other phones can't do (even older iPhones) and I would never pay £1000+ for a phone that will be obsolete as soon as they announce the next model in less than a year. Oh wait, 8 is already old :D
Miller Chen
are you too many money?
Nikolas Anonym
At 2:03 you can clearly see a crack on the back top right of the phone...
Muhammad Usman
Jerry can you please make bend test videos of htc u11+ and oneplus 5t
BeastMode Yt
Instead of all the poor people in Africa think of all us who could really do with an iPhone x but have to watch it break
With an iphone x screen u can buy a 128gb oneplus 5t
Vinny PR
Yeah it feels good without a condom, but it won't last long without one.
Николай Смирнов
Apple is a robber company.

I'm thinking on buying Xiaomi Redmi 4.
4:40 you can see 9:11
8d Hackers
Please give your what's app number
I actually was given the choice today, and I opted for the 7 Plus, and it was the glass back that decided me. Even with a case, having a glass back for such an expensive phone would make me nervous!
Scott Wright
Luv the iPhone X, but it definitely needs a case. OR, in the US, apple care+ can be bought with the phone, and that covers broken screens and backs, but not lost or stolen (Verizon is the reverse).
So u drop glass on the ground to see what happens...🙄😐
Next you should record using the phones as you drop them
OnePlus 5T is the next to be in your durability test
kevin cassell
Chuckling to the "the iPhone *ex*" and not "the iPhone ten".
Ata Genceller
Xperia xz1 durability test pleasee !!
Rajike Ekanayake
2m.. my god man...
Christiaan Mejia Flores
You are very SEXY!!!❤️
Benny Blanco
Best drop test video I’ve seen
Perhaps after the third time someone drops their $1000 phone - their clumsy ass should invest in a $20 case! :)
How could you do that...?
Didnt you felt a slightest piece of mercy in ur heart whiledoing that...
That sexy iphone X....its dead.😖😖😖😂
tom paris
Wife include promotion absolute left frequent identity net.
Case it
Swapnil kus
No no no no..........
Ananthkrishna Acharya
definitely case on it
Amna Abdulrahman
can you give me your iphone X sim card tray? i lost mine :(
Potato Potatox
BTW, you look like fire marshall bill XD (let me tell ya' something!)
Potato Potatox
The iPhone 8 just broke first because the angle in which it hit the floor. The first 2 attempts with the X the impact was 100% in the metal frame while the second impact in the iPhone 8 was in the top of the glass.
Gurveer Singh
It's time you test out the most anticipated phone, The new Huawei Mate 10 Pro.
Jasper Greenhill
This is why you stay with Android
Tanvir Mahmud Official
money talks... more repair more money apple gets..
Hamdi I
Roberto Corado
Shit that hurts me...
Eddy Racine
I guess you can call it i-Phone eXtension
Ahmad X
@jerryrigeverything, why don't you do a durability test of the Moto X4 please.
Xiong Julie
Good job, Your video let me benefit, let me more aware of the lack of my work, I will improve, if someone wants to buy mobile phone repair tools, you can look at vipfixphone.com.
Tech Assassin
iPhone X vs Lamborghini & BMW Crash Test (Complete Destruction)
Anurag Manjhi
*IS INCREDIBLY STUPID * this guy haha
I always have a case on my phones and I've yet to shatter the front or back from accidental drops.. My latest phone is the Note 8 and it's a heavy beast. I bought a case before I purchased the phone.
Pedro Reis
"I'm 6 inches tall, so about 2 meters" lol Way off. Funny to see how Americans are as clueless with the metric system as we (the rest of the world) are with the imperial system.
Kent Trammell
I've never experienced a more visceral cringe.
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