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Official "American Assassin" Movie Trailer 2017 | Subscribe ➤ | Dylan O'Brien Movie #Trailer | Release: 15 Sep 2017 | More
Mitch Rapp is a CIA black ops recruit under the instruction of Cold War veteran Stan Hurley. The pair then is enlisted by CIA Deputy Director Irene Kennedy to investigate a wave of apparently random attacks on military and civilian targets. Together they discover a pattern in the violence that leads them to a joint mission with a lethal Turkish agent to stop a mysterious operative intent on starting a world war in the Middle East.

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#AmericanAssassin is the new action movie by Michael Cuesta, starring Dylan O'Brien, Michael Keaton and Sanaa Lathan. The script was written by Stephen Schiff.

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loveeee ittt
Troopy Porn
In the books his girlfriend was killed in the Lockerbie terrorist attack, why do they always fuck up a good book and change the story. Won't be watching this garbage
Ramon Aziz
Who else thought Dylan O'Brien looked like Johnny Depp in the beginning?
Nolan Hughes
I have read every single Mitch Rapp book and have re-read two or three of them. With that being said, I will see this movie but the issue is that it is kind of hard to do a second movie unless you do exactly as the book Kill Shot does and really that isn't that interesting to have its own movie. In all the books from Transfer of Power and on Rapp is about 32 years old or older while in American Assassin he is around 22 to 24.

All the good books with Mitch Rapp that actually deserve a movie you simply can't have someone like Dylan O'Brien as the actor. And in Hollywood it is hard to do one movie and then two years later have a sequel but an actor and character 6-10yrs older. I get you want to do the background story, but you could have done a movie with any one of the 30 to 37 year old actors that actually fit the physical build that Mitch Rapp appears to be. Dylan O'Brien is still 20 pounds too light to play Mitch Rapp and that is even with him adding muscle.
Dario D'aversa
Have a look at my piano version and tutorial please, and sub, thanks a lot 🙏😊
Luis Millan
what happend with the Maze Runner 3 ?
Nasr-eddine MHANNI
They got the arabic all wrong! wow, I'm sooo surprised!
pIsToOs Djaber
all american is fuking pussy
I came here to be a cunt and say "Title says it all.. looks shit." but it looks bad ass so imma shut my bitch mouth
Leman Hamzah
Whos the actor who played his wife?
Hermes Chen
this must be a bad ass movie!!!i hope
this movies gonna be great
IronLeg Sanji
main character dude!!! Fuckin AWesome!!!
Kimathi Mugambi
Thomas after escaping the maze
Jonathan Suniga
Is it just me or he looks like Paul Walker? Nah just my imagination.
Excited to see how this compares to the book. (Already been changed in this trailer/movie). Vince Flynn novels are always fun to read. I hope Dylan can give Mitch Rapp's character his due.
Joshua T
when someone hurts someone dear to styles
Rahul Kadian
does anyone know the song in this trailer
Looks good.
Joyce pike
All I see is BAMF Stiles
Moody Motivation
MVP goes to the video editor
Martin XY
This looks like "the punisher" met "john wick"
Paulo novais bertoldo
ai papai dylan no filme ja quero ver...
Michelle Graham
I'll fox with that
Robert Davies
Looking forward to this Mitch Rapp series
Christopher Campbell
This is like what Warm Bodies was to Zombies.

This movie and 2 others have a good atmosphere, instead of being just an Assassin, or an Assassin with a past, its a simple objective that is easier said than done instead of stopping someone from taking over the world in a complex story...This Kingsman, John Wick and Kevin Costner's Criminal (I even commented on it).
eli olson
I love Dylan so much can't wait for it to come out
Jubair Mohammad
So what do I need to know about this guy?
He's Batman!!!
Silver Zekrom
well I guess beacons hills does things to the people living there
Looks so good. I actually started reading the books before I heard about this movie and am really hyped. I hope it's a movie series.
Brandon Sergent
I remember when movies were just slightly less obvious about being propaganda. I guess those days are done.
Vincent Jack
if it is Michael Keaton, then it is a MUST watch.
Nina Peeters
Regular register nature experience here measure pattern spot.
Michael Riley
Stiles done glo'd up after high school.
Omg my little baby boy Dylan is turning into a man. :') Never in my life have I clicked so fast. Lmao.
Meadow McGee
He went from 17 to 26
This is the weirdest episode of Teen Wolf ever.
Wiktoria Drzazga
I already want to watch this movie.
collateral damage
tbh the movie looks like shit but imma still watch it for Dylan.
very nice.
Cool Bro
stop using my fucking life as a fucking movie script you bitch!!!
lana sommer
this might be the first non sarcastic/goofy role of dylan o'brien
Furkan Sönmez
nice 😁
HRH Prince Nicholas Herrman
Does this look like a good movie? Im inspired by the video trailer on youtube. Bruce Wayne (jking) is CIA as a recruiter? Im not trying out for your selection process. Just say FATE brought me here.
Looks like a tiny version of Mark Wahlberg
universal studios
░W░a░t░c░h░ American Assassin ░(░2░0░1░7░)░ ░F░U░L░L░ ░M░O░V░I░E░ ░H░D░
jenie maria
░W░a░t░c░h░ American Assassin ░(░2░0░1░7░)░ ░F░U░L░L░ ░M░O░V░I░E░ ░H░D░
Brittany Williams
dylan is such a great actor with all these movies his making he's be a big thing in no time
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