April the hormonal giraffe kicks the vet

She didn't wanna be touched. And I hope that he's ok ♡♡

Captain Gizmo
I think she was just walking fwd to follow him and kicked him by mistake.
Deana Sis
If she kicks the vet is because she doesn't feel confortable with him. He is not empathethic with her, so she hates him. Something is wrong with him.
Deana Sis
If she kicks the vet is because she doesn't feel confortable with him. He is not empathic with her, so she hates him. Something is wrong with him.
Lena Redhead
That's nothing compared to the "giraffe karate chop" she gave him last night when she got scared he was too close to her baby
Lindsay Hill
Omg lol poor vet
Stephanie Sutton
I would be ready to kick something too if I had just spent 15 months being pregnant and pushing out a 150 pound baby. ❤
Nolan McL
Yes 100 th subsribeer can you subscribe me plese
He sure pissed her off real good. Lol 😂😂😂 she's looking like get the hell outta here.
Mandy Lee
She's a #SAVAGE!!!
Brittany Pidgeon
this is not copy right as this wa posted along time ago. BEFOR THE COPY RIGHT STUFF CAME INTO PLAY
Cathy Perkins
If she had wanted to hurt him she would have broken his leg or back. That was a warning. Who hasn't wanted to do that to a doc?
Trina M
Near the end of my pregnancy, you tend to lose your cool. The poking and prodding gets pretty old and tiring LOL!!
Carri Lapham
complete accident and you can tell she got a fright after it and not trying to kick him again...
Jump ahead to 0:35 if you're impatient.
Mistah Austin16
+Brittany Pidgeon leave April alone!
I collect Pokemon cards
Jordan Fry
I love reading all the comments of people trying to act like it was 100% all of the vets fault and the conditions it was in at the moment. Maybe she really was jut hormonal and quick frankly acting a bit bitchy because of it or maybe it was just an accident and she didn't see him. I'm willing to bet it was either of those over it being entirely the vets fault and her conditions. etc.
I am pro-vajazzle
I think she was trying to walk in front of him
Professor Strudel
What a bitch.
Poor April....getting a bad rap for being a little bitchy during her pregnancy. LOL!! If she wanted to.....she could have made it very uncomfortable for the Vet. That was just a little love tap....saying....Back Off, I am DONE!!! I am sure the Vet does not hold it against her. :-)
Daniel Brown
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Masculine Buddha
I wouldn't call that much of a "kick" more like a hard push.
whens it gonna give birth "april" the first. im calling bullshit lol
Rene Siracusa
"I have had quite enough of your crap for today, thank you."
Pam Hopkins
I guess she told him! LMBO
darrell kirk
Sarah Glorial is a MOD in April room who deleted half off the people that come in that room said
3:28 PM
Sarah Gloria​I am starting to think she is just fat. This pregnancy is a cover up because all she does is eat and sleep 😃
ukusa 300d
Hahaha....She Bent it Like Beckham on him. April the Giraffe 1, Vet Nil.
Star Hawj
He probably had cold hands *smiles
Ryan Moore
she does not
kick the vet
Margaret Alfaro
D maybe he feels he has to hurry with her because she is getting more irritated by the day and hour. I know we women did not want to be touched later in the pregnancies and labor. He has to push hard to feel where the calf is at in position, maybe .
Margaret Alfaro
Aaah the poor vet! I wonder how hard it was and if it left a bruise and the vet sore?
Thanks for grabbing this, I didn't have the patience to go back through the live stream to try and find it. :)
Brett Deriso
Most animals develop a completely different attitude toward the vet than anyone else. My last dog was Miss Congeniality, and her vet was always gentle with her, but she hated him anyway. Bedside manner doesn't make a tenth of the impression that a needle does :P Giraffes may have a 15-second attention span, but I'll bet my whole paycheck she instantly recognizes that guy as Mr. Poke and prod, LOL
Jayke Allen
He has really crappy bedside manner. Do these vets really know what they are doing? In Africa we spent hours upon hours with our babes while in labor even before hooves appeared. When baby is doing a lot of kicking and mom is getting enough rest we comfort them and talk softly to them give them gentle belly rubs neck rubs and when they are laying down we gently rub their backs. We have plenty in our safari and they are not kept in enclosures with cement floors which is horrible for them and painful when pacing back n fourth. Feeling very sad for this sweet momma and hope she has a smooth delivery and soon. She needs a lot more interactive attention.
john L
Thats the most direct way of telling your doctor, the exam is over.
I think april felt bad afterwards
I wouldn't have to be pregnant to kick back against anyone touching my private area without my permission. LOL Thank Goodness he doesn't appear hurt.
Ouch bet that hurt. p.s. I hope Christy gets her dream wedding dress 😉
Lmbo off look at her give him the stink eye. Get out of here doc. I heard that he is ok. Want both of them to be one.
R. Lara-Moore
wow...hard to say what's in a giraffes mind... she wAS poised to take her next step with that foot... i almost get the impression she realized last moment that she might "step on" him ...and so lifted her foot more up and out rather than down to avoid him and/or push him out of the way.
christy peck
If she wanted to she could have kept going and really hurt him badly. Hope all's okay with April and baby's in position.
Feisty mama
Any chance April is expecting twins?
shirley polomczak
💕💕 our whole family just loves April baby and Oliver.... We also love Alyssa. Keep the good work up!! 😘😘💖💗💟💟💞💞
I remember wanting to kick my obstetrician a few times. Hahahaha.
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