Amtrak Snow Collision Compilation - Amtrak Crashes Into Train Station Snow-Mo

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Amtrak Train Crashes Into Pedestrians Plows Into Snow (New York) Amtrak Snow-Mo - Amtrak Train Collision Into Snow.

Amtrak Train Plows Into Bystanders With A Ton of Snow
Slow Motion and Real Time Videos Provided 
Slo-Mo Amtrak Train Crashes Into Snow Covered Station 

Train moving faster than usual plus fresh snow from Stella resulted in a more spectacular arrival than expected.

No One Was Hurt in the filming of this event

Nicholas A, Trains, Planes and More!TM
look at those jackasses just standing there...
Barney B
The woman at 0:33 just standing there like a dumb flag post while playing with her phone-dumb and dumb
the plow accelerates snow in forward sideway direction
Wayne andrews
This is not the u.s , its in Colombia & this is their way of delivering the days cocaine allowance to everyone ....
Lmfao... I love it! 😂👍 Next time pay more attention to your surroundings instead of staring at your stupid phone... it's called reality, and you might want to get a grip on it before it gets a grip on you... again!
The ones who stayed next to the tracks, They all had their cell phones out anticipating the event!
Dumb Amerikans.
why weren't the tracks cleared first of all and secondly why are these morons just standing there waiting to be smacked in the face by a mountain of snow? a pack of idiots for sure
outro song please?
ledufAkaDemy ledufAkaDemy
People are SO STUPID !
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