Jumong & SoSeoNo


a picture collection of Jumong and So Seo No.
first song: Ha Neul Ee Yuh Je Bal by Insooni
second song: Haplos by Shamrock

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sooho lee
04:22 I want to know this music title. It is so good~!
Алуа Сулейменова
0:26 какая серия
Althea Krystina
this made me want to watch jumong once again.
Tae Hee Kim
Thanks. Finally i understand jumong still loves soseono. He always, always loves her whatever. I have thought he didn't love her until i watched this scene. True love will never end between them. I'm crying...
Joy Ugoh
I hated Yesoya's character with a passion. How can a woman be so weak. Jumong's mother died so she could get away but she couldnt do even that right.
Tae Hee Kim
I'm crying again :'(
hadi Uzbek
جوموگ & سوسانو
SSN is the besttttttttttttt
house house
I like this drama
Alireza Ghasemi
it was not a good finish for this great film
Tae Hee Kim
It broke my heart 😭😭😭😭
Tae Hee Kim
I'm so sad :((( Jumong and Soseono :((((
gory ryemack
if Soseono had not left Jumong, there must had been a big war between people supporting "Yuri" and people supporting Soseono's sons which would had broken the "Corea(Gorea)" into two kingdoms. Soseono loved Jumong sooooo muchso that she had given up making his sons "the great king(태왕)"of Corea(Gorea)" and had left Jumong with people peoplesupporting her and her sons. Seseono had kept moving down and down to south and she founded the great kingdom with his sons called "BaekJe" which means "the united hundred kingdoms"(Baek==hundred, Je==kingdom)..BaekJe is closely realted South Asia and Persia(currently Iran) whether u believe or not.
Soseono had two sons...one is called Biryu, another was called "ohnJo" Biryu went down to current Iran and south central Asia,,, OhnJo went down to South Asia whether u believe or not...Corea and BaekJe was really big country at that time,,,even though right now is gotten small inside Corean peninsula.
Meryem Demirhindi
Bence Jumong ve yesoya bir birlerine saha çok yakışıyor
Argo Born
бля со со но әп әдемеіғо мен соған ғашық пын
Chompoo Jutarat
Gghjncc Fffddghh
nice jwmong l love you much
novl molar
Suwat Suwart
ธัญสุดา ดอกรัก
jane zii
Serik Mansurov
Кто исполняет
Serik Mansurov
как найти эту песню
Erafanee Yaleh
what's name the last song?
ana bokhua
What's called this music???
I know that jumong really loved SSN and I feel like just bc SSN is a very strong woman, he doesn't hug her or comfort her as much he does to his first wife (she's a weak person IMO) I know he loved her out of obligation only. Such a great historical drama.
I Sing
Hands down, SSN is the best. Her principle, integrity and strength of character is even more admirable than JM's in terms of self-sacrifice and unconditional love. She just married WT so as to not disrespect JM's memory (they all thought he was dead) by being DS's concubine. She doesn't say it but everything she did, she did for JM without expecting anything in return. Those riches to build a palace and a new nation were not a joke! I view YSY like a chance passenger that reaped the benefit of being JM's first wife and the mother of his son. She suffered but then that's also because she had a weak character and didn't know the world like SSN did. All the while, it was JM's mother who guided her. It's so unfair because SSN also saved JM's life and did so much more than that, to not be his first wife nor the mother of his child. That's the sad part. In any case, I just hoped the writers created a scene where JM hugged SSN for the last time (like earlier on) or showed the viewers in a better way how much he still loved her. I also hope they gave more reference to the jade ring he gave her since that was his mom's. =(((
Rufelia Abadiano
For me jumong and so seo no forever and ever ! khit na sad endinq . Atles kinasal pa dn cla. Nkkakilig tong video nato. Dapat pure jumong and soseono wlang halong soya .
Until now watch ko pa dn tong jumong da best . Memorable 😃😃 sana may next pa 😁 i miss yooo JUMONG & SO SEO NO 😳😳
Noel Cruz
what episode is Jumong and Seosono's wedding ?
Ppl keep saying that lady yesoya suffered more ... but I beg to differ ; and how
Suchat Saekong
zmaster 4
Bestial de frumos serialul si actorii :)
Noeline Myaing
love this drama
SSN was Jumong's true love, one who stayed by his side, has his heart and helped built his kingdom. It's unfortunate that "fate" did not allow them to get together earlier, and hence Yesoya had a chance to enter Jumong's life as his benefactor, whom he felt a duty towards, all her life. (I never understood those who thought J loved Yesoya???)

The series handled the love between J & SSN delicately. Towards the end, we know J & SSN love each other but for greater responsibilities, they have to part. I cried at the part when they sat down and told each other their younger days together were the best moments of their lives.

(Thanks for posting these most memorable parts of the series. Great selection!)
Gemma Tran
bộ phim mang lại nhiều cảm xúc nhất :) chuyện tình buồn của so seo-no và jumong....thật may là họ vẫn có một chút duyên đc làm vợ chồng của nhau trong 1 thời gian :)
linz jhoon
i still cant forget this drama. this is the best among those korean drama ever.
Tanya Villarin
One of the BEST drama! The Best HISTORICAL drama ever!
teetawat ple
It' s very... so sad.
What episode is in 1:21?
Ly Tra
so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MeMe S
There is a saying: Every Great Man has a Great Woman beside him. SoSeoNo was the woman beside Jumong. She was the woman behind his success.
MeMe S
I know many wanted Jumong & SoSeoNo to have an happy ending but it did work out that that way. As long as they both knew they loved each other in the end. This saying/quote is so fitting for Jumong & SoSeoNo. True Love doesn't have to have a happy ending because True Love Never Ends. Jumong & SoSeoNo=True Love.
MeMe S
It was so sad when SoSeoNo left Jumong but I understood why she left. She did it to protect Jumong and her children. That last scene was so powerful. It showed that Jumong truly loved SoSeoNo. Instead of stopping and watching her leave I wanted him to get to her and tell her That he would always love her and that he understood why she was leaving. I guess the writers wanted to make it more heartbreaking by having Jumong watch her leave from a far. I guess that made it so much more powerful.
MeMe S
Even though I thought it was sad she left him, I was glad SoSeoNo did not become Jumong's concubine. She was so much more than that to be reduce to being his concubine. SoSeoNo was ambitious and way a head of her time. She built two nations and made two men kings of those nations. That was amazing. I am hoping they do K-Dramas based SoSeoNo and Biryu & Onjo about after they left Goguryeo.
MeMe S
Jumong & SoSeoNo loved each other so much. I was mad that their marriage was reduce to a political marriage. I am like seriously writers? They loved each other so much. To have them get married for political reasons was not right. I do think they married for love and political reasons. Their lasting love was the Foundation for their Marriage. Their Marriage was the Foundation for the Nation.
MeMe S
I liked both couples but Jumong & SoSeoNo was the best. Jumong & SoSeoNo..... OMG!! They loved each other. They fought together. They built Goguryeo together. They were what we call a Power Couple. They were so good together. They knew each other thoughts and understood everything about each other. Jumong & SoSeoNo was First Love/True Love.
MeMe S
Yeah I agree. Yesoya got hurt but in the end she got her husband back and her son became the crown prince. SoSeoNo got hurt as well. Do you know what happen to SoSeoNo after she left Goguryeo? Her older son Biryu started a war against Onjo because he would not make him King of Shipje. When Biryu failed, he committed suicide. Onjo became the founding King of Baekje.
MeMe S
She could have walked into there before they got married but she did not. Jumong and So Seo No loved each other so much but circumstances always got in the way. They finally got together but in the end they did not end up together. It killed him to let So Seo No go.
I like yesoya more, she was the one who got hurted the most. and she sacrificed for other
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