Rising Sun bestes Pferd der Welt
Isn't she cute😊😊
Vanessa Rodrigues
Vanessa filmes
Mia shields
2:00 Hermione Granger and Newt Scamander kissing.
QuidditchPlayerSport 04
My Week With Marilyn. is that Newt from fantastic beast?
my nguyen
khuôn mặt ko mấy thay đổi so với hồi nhỏ
Apple's lover
she was born to play hermione only
Leo Mingo
The only thing that has not changed is her confidence and prettiness.
Siria Bertolozzi
you are fantastic,you are very beautiful.I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love her so much
Karen rozier
i love Emma
Althea Lumabe
I want the part that they are both in the bath tub😂
XtremeSports 090
I love her
Animal Animal
Emma is realy very beautiful :)
Creeperboygaming 64
Emma Watson is so hot
emma watson the crush of every one loveeeee her
Long Time
You are very beautiful Emma.I think i love you
Adrienn Alina Komoróczky
Love you!
what you do !!
y love you
Hanna Narleit
Harry Potter!!!!!
El Gertrude
and now she's a feminist :'(
random stuff
emma i love u, u make me cry
The blue Raccoon
Wait she said the F word 😦😮😮😮
Gabryele Patricia
love yuo emma
A telepathic carrot
My favourite movie (Harry Potter)Has EMMA WATSON!!!!!!
Carlo Montano
i m fan emma watson
Tassos Fourt
no doubt that she is beautiful
Cella's Biokinesis
she is a strong inspirational woman ❤ i love her
you wrote an essay in the description X)
theperkyvibe -
her upcoming movie - BEAUTY AND BEAST
The goodie Goodie
The goodie Goodie
well I think sometimes if your "ugly when your little" when u are bigger u will look fabulous
example me on I'm not bad looking but when I grew up my hair is gonna fall of coz it's weak I have freckles and once I'm big they will be too
my sister doesn't look that good but when she grows " everyone has already said it!" she will be a celebrity
Jilan Zerlina
kookie's ideal type)):
Colonia è bello. :)
Noah Lövkvist
In The bling ring was she playing some kind of pornstar beacuse i got fucking scared
nibble peaches
I just love her lips, they are such a unique shape. They are PERFECT! The rest of her too.
nibble peaches
Her features are literally perfect. It's like she was chiseled out of a magical stone in Heaven and dropped to Earth for us to stare in aww.... She has those soft warm eyes that just melt you to pieces. And that sensitive charm uhhhh..... her sensitivity moves me.
Alex Wang
A handsome girl.
starting from 2007 until now she never changes
De Challengeboys
the tale of despereaux???
xSammy [hiatus]
Emma <33333
Thank you <33
The Crimes of Grindelwald Fantastic Beasts
Emma Watson deserved a Golden Globe nomination for The Perks Of Being A Wallflower and a BAFTA nomination for Noah.
The Crimes of Grindelwald Fantastic Beasts
Where is:
The Tale Of Despereaux, The Vicar Of Dibley & Regression.

She also has upcoming films (as well as Colonia):
The Circle
Beauty and the Beast
The Queen Of The Tearling.

Plus you barley gave Emma Watson justice with the scene you chose from "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower".
عابد فهد
طول عمرا حلوي
MathixX LGBT
COLONIA !!! 😍😍😍😍 vivement sa sortie en FRNACE 😍😍😍
Tamkeen Iqbal
I love her she is the best actress she is beautiful ,fun , creative, and she showered with alot of talent. there are so many amazing qualities of emma .I love her so so so much .best actress
Nova Lockhart
Emma Watson grew up to be one amazing actress & also grew up to be one smokin hot goddess.
Camila Hidalgo
silence emma said the f word
Emma was a lovely girl but she has become the hottest slut
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