Easy Batman Hand Spinner Fidget Toy

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Ever since I saw the hand spinner fidget toys popping up everywhere I wanted a Batman version.  Fellow You Tuber Ray Pena machined some https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2TsJVGdm3c  that were awesome.  I liked the idea of trying to make my own.  So after a little research and much appreciated advise from Peter Brown https://www.youtube.com/user/kludge1977 I gave it go.  In this video I make a Batman logo hand spinner using a cookie cutter as a mold.  The body is made from a casting resin that is very easy to work with it.  It mixes easily and sets up fast.  I made a prototype that went fairly well.  The process is fairly simple however I did run in to some issues.  Since I used this as a chance to experiment with the casting resin and try a few things varying results were to be expected.  One thing I noticed was that it seemed like with each session the castings were harder and harder to remove from the molds.  I'm sure if I used a silicone mold or a release agent that I wouldn't have run in to this problem.  I plan on doing some more research and give it another try.  Perhaps look in to making my own silicone mold.  Overall I am happy with the end results they aren't as nice as a manufactured or 3D printed one but I still like the way they came out.  Also the casting resin was a lot of fun to work with it and gives me plenty of inspiration.  Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed the video.

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The Casting Resin I use:

The Batman Cookie Cutters I used:

The Bearings I use:


These are the caps that I used for the holes they are called "hole plugs" the ones I used are 5/16 inch size.


Ashok Kumar Meher
good video! !!!
Trying To Make
I saw this video and I will try to make it
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so funny sound
M Talha Ismail Mayo
Nice work do it
Make It Soph
I love this so much!
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Nice man
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Quiero un molde de bacman
anbarasan appavoo
good vudia
anbarasan appavoo
good vudia
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Deadpool Kenobi
I heard some sounds like Robuxan
Indian Boss
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Dood amazing mic video I am a subsy
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Mandame esas ruedas porfa
Adil Khan
Plz plZ plz plz star spinner plz plZ
we have really similar names ...
aditya verma
what is that liquid plz tell
Malini saha
Thankyou for you I just remembered that I got bearings in my old skate board
nout bote
que es lo azul?cinta?
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johnny arias
I like that one a lot super awesome
Raj Sachdeva
I would like it without bearings
Mirella Santiago
eu quero esse Hande spinier
The Legit Fidgetters
experimentos caseros cuidado
Very good video I will make the star and I will paint it as black as it is
Killing_BEAST 333
When I came their was 911 comments just like the time when the twin towers got destroyed ILLUMNATI CONFIRMED
Elisangela Costa
onde vc arrumou essas formas?
mo koko
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Like para quién lo iso 👍
Your skills are Impeccable......Good job! 👍
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komon spinar
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now put
Jassi Jassi
Dan Is the Maker
Sobertank Tank
very satisfying sound
Beginner Life
guys go to my channel for awesome fidget spinner videos, lets enjoy :)
Rumana Shaikh
shaikh sufyan.don
Muigle Diaz
it's figite spinner
Vanubia Oliveira
Kiki Riki Games For Kids
Wow, great!!!
Arnav Jain
Please watch my video
Great video. Now do you need the Del Dixi brand jar to degrease the bearings. Lol.
Great video. Now do you need the Del Dixi brand jar to degrease the bearings. Lol.
Great video. Now do you need the Del Dixi brand jar to degrease the bearings. Lol.
Sss Sss
many spinner
Ali Ali
King Teao
You can just buy bearings and those sound were annoying so I stopped
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