Nevada Is Out Of Weed And It's A State-Sanctioned Emergency

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The average emergencies requires a call to 911. The appropriate number for Nevada's state of emergency, on the other hand, is closer to 420.

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Witt B Litty
Your an annoying cunt Colbert
Franz Farmer
Weed is so boring
Andre Mendoza
The clip where he make fun of the church currently has 666k views. I'm dying
Jim's videos
He is risen... jesus crust
Will Scura
Terry Gilliam says hi.
"Of course you can't have the body of Christ without gluten, he is risen" I'm literally in tears that was so funny 😂😂
Tristan Svoboda
2nd commandment?
Of course a Catholic would joke about veganism, since they betrayed Christ and the early Christians, who were literally communist vegetarians. It's pretty unambiguously clear in the Bible, though, that vegetarianism was the diet approved by God ever since Genesis.
Victoria Kim
I wish he didn't do the whole "God" thing.. I love his show except for that it is a bit too religious
way to many people cheering at the question about if there were any catholics in the room
Betty Owens
you need a lot of prayer
I am so fucking tired of celiac disease being treated like a fad. It's a medical condition. The Vatican doesn't have the best track record already, but this one is ridiculous. They're already losing the next generation; may as well alienate everyone!
Eomma KPOP
God likes f(x)???? Who knew? Love is 4walls...😂😂 Krystal used be god's BF
I must be misinformed. I thought the Eucharist was supposed to be a reenactment of the Last Supper where Jesus, being a Jew, was eating UN-leavened bread for Passover...?
Seems like a piece of a flour tortilla and a sip of sangria would be more appropriate than a croissant and champagne.
Grae Hall
That Paleo joke, daaaaamn. Stephen and his writers just continue to impress.
I can't believe how such a rational, defender of unfairness, pro-people and truth-seeker man can act like an idiot and be on the side of the stupidity of his religion and against the people when it comes to his religion, wow, how disappointing
Feel like Pillsbury Pope Boy sounds better. but still funny af
The god bit sucks. Get rid of it.
Jonathon Baker
It actually does suck really bad. I haven't been able to get NYC Diesel or Starkiller at the dispensary 8-(
Wine on an empty stomach makes the mass go by faster? Dude. As a Catholic, you should know that Communion is almost the last thing that happens in mass. I haven't been to one in 10 years and I know that. Unless you're talking about arriving drunk, which is another story.
Rotten Head
I need to blow that joke writer of the "he is risen" bit.
I can't believe he's really a Catholic, I thought he was bullshitting about that for the past 20 years, I thought he was smarter and more evolved spiritually than that
I think I like Colbert's God better than the one in the Bible. That one's a dick.
W Kan
what happened to colbert? what a dick he's turning into...
ROG Music Africa
not cool guys jheez
Michael Lewis
Celiacs can stop worrying. Don't they know that when they eat that bread, it magically stops being bread and becomes the body of their good buddy Jesus®!? It's all flesh now, no gluten. So you're safe.
Worlds of Mass Creation
Early catholic art including pictures of the last supper imply that bread had nothing to do with communion and that it was instead mushrooms. Check out The Psychadelic Gospel for full high resolution photos of early catholic artwork (which the pope commanded be the way to teach the illiterate) over and over showing taxonomically correct psychadelics.
The Governor was high when he declared the state of emergency...
Taylor Conrad
I really hate the god segments
Schoppe Petzer
Fun fact: if you'd do the god bit with Islam ie Allah you may lose your head. So much for religion of peace.
just when I think Steve's ok he goes and talks about god again. jokes or not he needs to take all the religious christian bullshit out of the show
Louis Peeters
Disappear sea landing loud slice depth evolution statue bay hidden.
Gondors Boromir
In some parts of the country you can legally buy and enjoy weed.
And in other parts of the country, you can go to jail for decades for dealing with it.
The USA is really, really messed up.
Religions are outdated.
weed shortage IS an emergency....

for those of us who smoke 1 gram+ a day.
God loves meatball subs, and so do I.
Jordan Rangel
love it when God and cartoon Donald Trump come out. :)
mohin pat
Man, is Stephen finally vegan like his great pal, Jon Stewart....there must be God after all
God was on point in this one.
Me too, disruptive music man. Me too.
Samson Biggs
Nevada's legalization is huge victory for stoners everywhere!
Di Koehler
It's all good now , I bought weed and edibles on Saturday afternoon in Vegas!
I'm lost. is Vatican City that little place where they sheild child rapists from justice in this life and the next?
Valerie Taylor
Stephen sure loves blashpemy for a catholic lol
Alex Gowers
It's so disappointing Stephen with his great analytical and reasonsing skills still believes in mythical sky creatures and wine and bread turning into flesh and blood! I mean that's mental, yet he seems so well put together in many other ways.
jeff mercier
you know, considering that Nevada is a kind of modern Babylon, legalizing pot is effing genius.
I wonder if they are coming out with a new set of commercials for Nevada tourism?
what happens in Vegas, you'll forget about in las Vegas.
Veni. Vidi. Reliqui
That is weird. My church has offered 'gluten free' Eucharist for several years now. I have to read the explanation for this silliness🙄
Anders Strömqvist
As we can se the criminal sector have much better organisation they would never allow this shortage, unless it is a temporary one to drive up prices.
Caspar Tavare
Why is God white?
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