Kid Theater with Matthew McConaughey

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Matthew McConaughey and Jimmy read scenes written by elementary school kids who were given the title "Gold," and they had to write the rest.

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Kid Theater with Matthew McConaughey

This is so fucking childish and stupid. Comedy at his worst. I hate jimmy Fallon.
Fl*r A
Oh my God this is so amazing! Got my dose of love for the day!!!!
Rishita Ghosh
the improv is appreciated
Gabriel Garcin
love it
Thorki Hiddlesworth
2:27 I cant even....He sounds like a creepy as pedo XD
Ahmed Alkhater
Alright, Alright, Alright!
Every time I see one of these I just imagine some 9 year old screaming at their tv at home like "THAT WAS NOT MY VISION"
Bilge Γ–ztΓΌrk
God i love mcconaughey man even his surname
Damn he's good. Watching this the third time now and just can't stop laughing
Thompsons Vids
it is so weird and funny at the same time seeing two grown up men in suits sitting next to each other and reading scenes written by kids... I mean have you ever thought you would see matthew mcconaughey pretending to be a duck and saying 'quack' several times?
Dhoick Ahn
5:33 mcconaughey scream is the best
this is why kids are so friggin awesome!
Drezz Rodriguez
prefer creier lupii :X
Pardon Me
Jimmy still reads lines like he's at SNL. Just talk to the guests like regular people.
Nikki King
omg when Elliot and quacky had the same voice πŸ˜‚
Sheena Jackson
Lots of golden beans! Quack!
I would like them to do bad grandpa with zac efron
hahaha,those kids have talent! & per usual, mcconaughey slayed it!:)
Hotlook Man
100% agree with Mcconaughey .
That feeling when 9 years Leo is better scenarist than 90% of so called "professionals" .
Tiesha Alanis
Matthew needs to shave I don't like it πŸ˜“
Katie Gibson
6:13 lmaooooooooooo im dying
pnutbutta jelly
when you have a bad day and you come To kid theatre and your whole day Changes :D
I find it hard to believe kids actually wrote this.
Faye Buckley
What a legend.
21phansathedicso Lolilovemyname
It's midnight and I'm watching this instead of sleeping
Phuck Ducky
" I'm crying so much " πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lmao after that I really was
Jake Thistle
Press play and press nine really fast! lol
Kim Currey
Golden beans 〽️
McConaughey is so talented!!!! the funniest one so far
Kristian Upper
Quacky...a better version of the great gatsby
Alehector R
Anybody else think the subtitles ruined it
Someone fucked up Matthew's suit lol. His right side is cut way shorter than the left
Abby Pickett
Matt and Jimmy are so good at this!
Victoria Rea
on a total mad lib being! never seen this segment before.
man I love kid theatre so much
Quacky sounded like Kermit lmao
Fuck sakes Matthews dance at the end LOOOL
jason tovar
Whats the name of the theme at the end of the video?
C. Nivasi Speaks
LOL cute
Matthew Savoy
Matthew really wants this movie to do well
Sandeep Sathyan
Darold Nugget waking up screaming was Hilarious. Mathew McConaughey just killed it right there...
Marjorie Earl Dean
They shoulda used these kid writers on the 2nd Season of True Detective.
Quacky is so lonely and cute! I'll be his good neighbor!
Eevee Sugarr
diamonds... i think they meant diamonds... not gold lol
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