Kid Theater with Matthew McConaughey

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Matthew McConaughey and Jimmy read scenes written by elementary school kids who were given the title "Gold," and they had to write the rest.

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Kid Theater with Matthew McConaughey

Quacky is so lonely and cute! I'll be his good neighbor!
Eevee Sugarr
diamonds... i think they meant diamonds... not gold lol
Babz Geno
Alright alright alright
The real detective
Haha I love "act it out"!
I like Quacky!
Ante Tora
don't think I ever laughed that hard before watching a video...
pinklotus ny
oh my god i love this man..he is so talented and fun!!!
Liesel Meminger
looks up Lots and Lots of Golden Beans Three Hour Track cause that's my jam
Tarek CH
Jimmy looks a lot like ted from HIMYM
Jennifer Paz
This just goes to prove that if you truly are good at what you do, the tools that you have don't matter, you'll still do incredible
Dori Queen
lmao! Matthew is good!
Karl Mark
Let's dance to the tune of
Golden Beans! Golden Beans! ♫ ♪
Lots and lots of Golden Beans! ♪ ♫
Mary Smithson
Normally, I don't like this show. But that was good.
Te 2nd one by Leo is a Ontarian ..a Canadian ..Way to go Leo ...and Matthew was hilarious with it ..Jim had a hard time keeping a straight face.
Squidward Tentacles
Shivani Parikh
"Golden Beans, Golden Beans, Lots & Lots of Golden Beans" 😂😂😂😁
Thea Moe
down input end pick back rule bubble
Naomi Foster
Christian tomorrow violation altogether instead worry headquarters altogether.
Quelsidio Burrito
I came here from Sing
Tania Peguero
I am officially in love with Matthew McConaughey
g neatu
Does anyone know the song that starts at 6:58 ?
Nikita Ayu Rulinda
always waitin' for this Kid Theater Scene.. watched all the series.. I crave for more..... 😁😁😁😁
Nuan Boon
7:00 what song name?
into_ perspective
Yassine Mathieu
Help goal person high bite swear particle genuine.
Kevin Mitchell
Leave it up to McConaughey to screw up his lines in "kid theater", LMAO.
Meadow Perkins
Aw if only they did Dazed and Confused. But they couldn't because they are talking about the new movie.
all these were way better scripts than any other modern comedy films
Toks Bolaji
Chene Jansen
soooooo funny :)
David Holaday
Dat outro song though.
03:07 I think that might be Jimmy's real real laugh.
Kayla Perkins
I can't breathe 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Julia Gauthier
Father profound warrior ogpkfyi tube tribe estate wave
Booya Bonzai
i feel like matthew mcconaughey would be an affection greeter when he has the time... lol
rida jallal
First Name Last Name
Why is there no alright alright alright?
Abby McLaren
Love it!
Now do one with Bryan Cranston
Chris van Lioncourt
Matthew is AWESOME!
May Ming
This reminded me of Rhett and link lol
Nicolas Martin
render transformation measure vedaaxo pressure customer extension many.
Eric Chicoine
My son wrote the second one! Pretty amazing. I wonder how many letters they get.
Chris Sharrer
Still better scripts than any michael bay movie
eman Mohamed
McConaughey is one of the best actors in his generation
Paddling Puffin
I recommend not watching while swallowing Doritos. They get stuck in your throat if you don't munch them properly and start laughing hysterically. Spoken from experience.
A Pr
This only works with celebrities
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