Pat Fitzgerald
When is this book gonna be out?
Aishwarya Acharya
I love when actors take this seriously
Mike Mavy
6:25 *points to Jimmy expecting him to point back while saying "beeeaaannnsss" but just goes "nope" in his mind😂😂😂😂
Jillian Wilson
Honestly, the funniest thing for me was when Quacky turned the lump of coal into gold with his "duck hands" 😂
Wania Majeed
Made him bean dance in such a gorgious suit 😂😂
Ma Ja
I enjoyed Quacky a lot!
Isamanda Pariat
All Right All Right All Right!😂😂😂
Karins Hadi
damn...that dolan kid must have seen some real shit within his 10 years on earth
Dwait Bhatt
Weird coincidences: Right after LEO's story, we had NOLAN's
Anas Ibrahim
Man these kids are high as fuck no kidding
Somebody has to create an animation for these! Get on it Fallon!
These are all making me laugh cry xD
Tessa Maye
5:31 I LOST IT
I think similar scripts would be made by ppl after eating powerful weed.
Scout Weber
The second one was obviously the plot of Great Gatsby
Vicky Bryan
I don't blame Jimmy for staring into his eyes for that long lol
Rocío Foltran
Matthew McConaughey suddenly turning sad... Amazing. Loved Quacky
Fatin Amirah
'I squished the big lump of gold with my duck hands..' hahaha
E Alex
oh I squished that big lump of coal with mY DUCK HANDS
Jasey Roberts
The Quacky one actually had a lot of nuance for a 9 year old
Teague Anderson
Really good acting from Matt
Alright alright alright!
sammy boy
at around 1:00 i can't help notice a creepy eye looking thing under the curtain right at the center! is it just me???
never laughed so hard at a jimmy fallon video
Vanessa K
mollyy tsanadis
This was probably the greatest thing I have ever witnessed in my whole entire life.
Anita Cunningham
they should do this with Jennifer Laurence for the hunger games
Alexander Harrison
largely beautiful national fact gang slowly urban occasionally long-term
Vanessa Do
I choked on my Gatorade when he said "because...I have no pants!!!"
Amr Elagaty
the tom hanks one was waaay better
Gargee Sartorius
because i have no pants.. gr8 😂
3:43!!!!!!!!! ΤHIS IS OLD FUCKIN GREGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
William L.
McConaughey is a really good actor...who woulda thunk it when he first started
moomena yeadon
Love, sex, destruction, hate, but in the end... Beans trump all.
Tarun Mudliar
Alright alright alright!
I never noticed the Christmas decorations in the background until my 28th time watching this
This is so fucking childish and stupid. Comedy at his worst. I hate jimmy Fallon.
Oh my God this is so amazing! Got my dose of love for the day!!!!
Rishita Ghosh
the improv is appreciated
Gabriel Garcin
love it
Thorki Hiddlesworth
2:27 I cant even....He sounds like a creepy as pedo XD
Ahmed Alkhater
Alright, Alright, Alright!
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