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@Edson M.C its natural man like ffs its been happening for millions of years and you know if he let the dear escape bears are fast af and strong as hell the will destroy the guy
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@Corey Hughes yea kill an animal and get a year in prison just to stop nature lol idiot
Syncron Games
@Kylie Jarrett Are you fucking dumb you do know bears can crush a human skull with one strike right and its nature man ppl are idiots these days
Poor deer...I know it's nature, but damn being eaten alive must be a horrible way to go out
Riot Ghostz
Funniest thing I've seen todayπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Nilesh Darunde
Man i hate dubbed animes.
Hunter W
Everyone talks about how wonderful nature is. Really? Take a fucking look at it. We've got parasites that want to kill you, bacteria that want to kill you, predacious animals that want to kill you, other humans that want to kill you, toxic plants that will kill you, fucking natural disasters that can kill you. These deaths are almost never short. They're drawn out horrific deaths. Fuck nature.
Why didn't the bear just go to Whole Foods to get a quinoa salad
I watch you at night
My ears were not ready for the sonic assault that came from that deer. Jesus
Juicey green Lemon
This is sad like if you agree I saw one yesterday but it was a baby one with its dad or mom AWWW
Raymond Allen
The bear is actually fucking the deer not killing it
it would have been in the bear free zone
Panda Sloth
Like for the bear
Alpha Deer
Why did you rape my wife?
Kylie Jarrett
Corey Hughes
why don't u go inside and get a gun and shoot the bitch!? Cant stand u all!!!
michael gehring
put a slug in the deer for fucks sake
Crystal Smith
Jesus Christ! Imagine hearing that shit in the middle of the night! I never even knew a deer could make a noise like that
This was some good action. When you record control your excitement and document it. JK I would have been yelling "World Star"
Mike Hamilton
I love bears
missky k
It's like who the fuck do I call ghost busters shit!!
Chloe Lal
The deer drew an oval instead of a circle
Bears have to eat too.
Edson M.C

the guy recording: ...
this is going on youtube
Awwwwh! Poor thing! :(
Ella Mishap
I fell soo bad for the deer
Why not help
Benny Wave
Bear : rips into deer neck
Deer : faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkk !!
Bear : continues to rip into deer
Deer : ..meeeeeeeeeeeee
never knew deer could scream like that
Ninjaflyer does everything
I hope that deer survives πŸ˜₯
Legend has it the deer is still screaming
Sinbad Kaminari
i live in we dont have bears walking on street..i wonder how these people live with bears on street or entering houses like it be a park ?? idk someone explain me why they let bears be with humans ?
Gary Grandy
Man Im hungry now
Samantha Evans
help it u fuckerz
Ban Meddo
"Worldstar hip hop"
Iraq Shrimp2100
You can tell this is fake
looks CGI to ke
Josey Wales
that's got to be a dude screaming
javidan r
Thats crazy. bear could have attacked their kids or even themselves. Better watch out and do some precautions
Sonya Valdes
Winnie the Pooh gone savage
itzjuliana 4ever
guys, i know is hard to see and most of u would be saying "WTF! Y R U RECORDING INSTEAD OF HELPING THE DEER!!??" but guys, lets acept life, an animal would NEVER kill someone or something if they dont need it, now if for example an animal attacks, it is NOT because they feel like it, is because or they feel theeathend or they have offsprig close by and they want to defend it or they are protecting their territory, so REMEMBER if an animal ia attacking something dont try to stop it, is the circle of life (now if is ur dog or cat etc.. u can obiously stop the animal that is hurting ur pet), now remember ANIMALS DONT KILL CAUSE THEY FEEL LIKE IT, IS BECAUSE THE NEED IT TO EAT OR THEY FEEL TREAHTEND, OFFSPRING CLOSE BY ETC...
the wolfs would have a new enemy
called hanensah
real fast
they would have to addopt
only where they will have, is bears and wolfs, poler bears
they would be the next killeroing redtaor
i think they would addtop to our weather
they would scare off the bear and eat his meal
just imagine, if you let lost, a proud of henynas
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