tennessee whiskey amazing cover!!!!

check out "kris jones"channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZSL5Qk4-XTm2A4U-cdloCA to watch more and catch up with the latest songs!! couldn't monetize on this account so pls check out his channel &' facebook @jones destinie !! also on twitter @daylafulla (i am his daughter )

His daughters reaction is priceless! This man can sing! I also enjoyed the cover by Alo Key.
Vukac Vukajlija
This is amazing WOW! im amazed by the voice, and how proud daughter is wow
елена зарипова
класс!!!!!!!!!! папе 5 баллов
james moscoso
Great voice well done
pete Killingbeck
WOW he is good. Sounds original, He Crushed it!
yves rottschafer
this is gold
Sean Rasta
WHY IS THIS GUY NOT FAMOUS?????????????????????????
He's voice is amazing
Misty Lingle
man I love to hear this guy sing
Tj Fresh
Absolutely beautiful 😳😳😳💁 sheesh
his daughter should sign backup with him -------
Madel G
omg! this is soooooo good!
Katie Vann
Awesome voice
Adriana Torres
Oh my lawrd I can listen to you everyday... beautiful voice
Adam Lee
whooooo he getting down.... You did a good job....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam Lee
Man I luv this song......
Pedro Santiago
good job!
Ramsay Crausby
I have watched this video so much that I know it now. never heard it before this. he has a great voice and is enjoying himself. and his daughter is like yup thats my dad. love it!
Roshawna Robinson
loved it, good job and baby girl Is loving it... 👊💯😍😘
Tvzblaze Ggg
holy cow! that man can sing!
alec jackson
You sir have an absolutely amazing voice, it's really touching and soothes the soul. You have a beautiful daughter as well.
M Carlino
Thanks for sharing.
M Carlino
The dude is bad ass. I didn't know what to expect but the dude can sing. Awesome take as his daughter enjoys the moment.
Caitlin Goings
He done a amazing job on this song I could listen to his voice 24/7
Melissa Teague
is he famous yet
Buda Nova
Just can't stop watching and listening to this
Jake Gaines
keep it up
Awesome cover!
Chris Goins
The father and daughter look like they are just enjoying sharing this moment together.
Brian Zaborowski
Just tried to check out his channel .... Why was it terminated?
Julie Bordelon
that man needs to go audition for the voice
Nancy Red
sweet look out c.s
He E
My dude. I can listen to your rendition anytime. I'll buy this version. Good job
Nicky Sydor
why the hell has this guy not auditioning for the voice?! who ever this guy is what a voice !
Yessssss! I loved everything bout that especially the smile on his daughter's face....The love for her dad singing his heart out! Brightened my day! Keep up the good work! He needs a record deal!
James Murphy
He is a beautiful voice
Milan Stefanovic
man is SINGING... Awesome
Darryl Moore
All I ask, can we get more songs..
Josh Creel
Amazing some one find that man and give him a deal
Hadasha Patterson
Incredible voice go,go head sing that song....🤘🤘
April Bowers
Love your voice
Josie Turbeville
omg dude you gave me chills
Sophia Northup
ur dad sounds amazing
Leslie Hernandez
Great voice! Love this and how proud his daughter is!
Tamika H.
I love this song..this song brings out the pure essence of how u feel being in love!
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