tennessee whiskey amazing cover!!!!

check out "kris jones"channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZSL5Qk4-XTm2A4U-cdloCA to watch more and catch up with the latest songs!! couldn't monetize on this account so pls check out his channel &' facebook @jones destinie !! also on twitter @daylafulla (i am his daughter )

Ivka Xristova
wish i could get this on Spotify
SpiralCalvary09 Garcia
Nice cover man great job!
Amazing Voice! 👏🏻
Dj Masso Jr.
your dad has an amazing voice
Yes, your daddy has the best cover as of yet on this song!! Amazing!!!
Jerzy Mierniczek
Elizabeth Kenneally
I Can't get enough of thsi Song sung by Kris.
bruno mudadu
Congratulations if very good pope '......
an admirer of the island Sardinia Italy
Christina Davis
The best version I've heard! Great Job!
Mike Olaviaga
Can't wait til you get onto The Voice and prove that you're a genuine singer. You seem like an awesome father as well. Your daughter seems to also love and respect you so much. Wish I will have that kind of relationship with my kids one day.
May God bless you with your career ahead.
Kale Maur
Yessss!!!!! 🙌🏼 Sing your lungs out! Amazing voice! Wow!
wallie dubs
Amazing voice!!! I love his daughter's reaction. She really loves her dad.
Sharon Murray
beautiful song you have a beautiful voice keep signing songs dude as for your daughter keep up the videos of dad singing lovely voice
Lashonda Gordon
My, my, my! You did that😉
Sandra Mullings
Daisy //Gamxamus
Wow!!!!!! Amazing talent.
Ebony Jackson
Singggggggg!!! Yes with a whole bunch of soul.
jonathan etsitty
this is awesome.. this song never gets old..
christophe gosselin
superbe coucou de la france
Sylvia Miranda
Listen to this song daily and it always give me goose bumps love his voice my God Bless him
Jeramie Luckadoo
Well done, Sir. Beautiful. I love that tune.👍👌✌👊
tammy ward
dauuuuum that voice
A couple of times there she looks like "My dad is crazy!... but it's that FUN kind of crazy - and that's why I love him."
Rosemary Celaya
Wow!!! Beautiful looking for this song to buy but none sound Iike this. He gave me chills. Loved it!
Chris Baez
932 people have no class
Linda Rodriguez
wish I could give 1000 likes thats how much I liked it! Good luck to this man on The Voice!
Cort p
WOW amazing!! I'm a singer and I love this song, brother you killed it!!! Don't ever stop singing!!
Larry O'Brien
OMG He is good
shawn hash
Johnson County!!! whooo
Jimmy Ayers
Extremely well done sir. Beautiful proud daughter. Great job
Jeannie Carmona
Wow so glad I came across this wonderful video and the dad is such a humble daddy and I hope he never changes his ways because that's golden 👍🏽
Stacey G
1 such a beautiful little girl!! And 2 why does this man not have a record contract yet???? Somebody please sign him!!!!
Leanne E Wallace
he good at sing he look like little girl
Rose Kisiel
I would pay to hear him sing. Amazing!!!
delina garcia
awesome im in luv😍
Great Job! And She is simply beautiful!
Jeff Guyberson
He should be making albums.
It's been a tough week, so I've come back again to this. Something about this settles my soul. The sound of his voice and that blazing smile.
Barry Nuzzo
How can anyone even give this a thumbs down??? That's talent right there!!!
Crystal of Twin Flames Enterprises
I'm so glad Ellen got you guys on! I knew this was way too special of a voice to slip through the cracks! :) YAAAAAAAAAAAY! Not to mention his amazing Spirit and Soul! <3
Moebius Bedroon
WOW great cover !!
Iris Rodriquez goggle Rodriquez
he sings so dang good!! wow!! AMAZING VOICE!!!.......DOES HE HAVE MORE VIDEOS..!!
Andreea B
WOW.. way to go dad!! you rock!! best of luck to you and may you stay blessed and guided in this life journey!!
Frederik Enenn
Wow! See u in Hollywood
Claudia Chambers
You two are awesome!
Toma Williamson
Troy Harper
I'm with you Bro' - I need some Kentucky Bourbon every time I go to Home depot - I hate that Place - lol - Nice cover -
John Doe The Baker
What a cool dad. You rock!
Ani Bell
Good on you! This made my day. I wish you all the success in the world. :)
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