tennessee whiskey amazing cover!!!!

check out "kris jones"channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZSL5Qk4-XTm2A4U-cdloCA to watch more and catch up with the latest songs!! couldn't monetize on this account so pls check out his channel &' facebook @jones destinie !! also on twitter @daylafulla (i am his daughter )

Kylee Abramson
I'm as proud as his daughter lol brotha got soul
daniele ladereche
que espetáculo!!!!!
Elton Howard
Elton Howard
omg! hE needs to sing with CHRIS! SO COOL!
Jon Jones
That will be a highlight in her life forever.
Christian O'Neil
wow. Beautiful
jesse sanders
Robert Poteet Official Food Reviews
I bet she can sing
Patty Flynn
oh my what a voice!!!! I"d buy your CD for sure!!!!
The American
Aside from the fact that this dude can sing, the relation ship between father and daughter is awesome. A true daddies girl. Great job dad.
Cindy Gooler
Please sign up for americas got talent the world needs to hear you your amazing
Samantha Baier
beautiful! loved it! u have an amazing voice! makes my heart melt to watch ur daughters expressions. she's so proud of u!
Mae Semple
Coral Bonnín
Gracias, chiquita, por darnos a conocer a tu padre. Es un fenómeno. Y emociona la manera cómo le admiras. Precioso!
gareth mason
wow me and my girl friend think this guy is ace love the song to :) good luck hope your dreams come true!!
R Brown
dame your dad come sing to me anytime puts chills all over me n he is gorgeous just look at him n yes ma'am the proudness shows on your face tell him to sing Tracey chapman -give me one reason now that I beat would be good also
Jennifer Vann
love at its finest. awesome job! miss my dad. brings back great memories of Sunday drives singing in the car.
Jennifer Vann
love at its finest. awesome job! miss my dad. brings back great memories of Sunday drives singing in the car.
Eric Sneed
Love this song and this version.
Richard Richard
churr churr bro
Melai Valdez
Awesome...soulful...beautiful cover of this country classic
nathan foster
haha wow what a singer dis man is getting a new truck!
Lilla 76
Great! Best wishes for the best!
rodboy rodder
oh yeah!!!
Benny Blanco
This video brings tears to my eyes. It reminds me of my daughter. ❤️
Marc Damico
I have three daughters and one granddaughter and all I have to say is she loves her dad.what a beautiful video
Sandra Garrett
Oh boy sung that!!
ebeck 19
Compa , mucha vaina buena en la vida.
Gambit T Andreas
well done
Dawer Pérez Cañete
You both together made the sweetest cover ever! Tell your dad this: "I want to be a beautiful father like him to my children, in that way I can have a beautiful daughter like you! God bless the two of you :) Thank you for the inspiration :)
Slim Rouai
i jiust don't undrstand the 2118 bad notations.....i train every day driving my car but this guy is too strong:)
Joy Donato
Manuel De Anda
Props and love from Germany! Awesome voice!
Teanice Lester
Amazing! So nice to see that a daughter is proud of her daddy! U guys rock!
Kendall Delevinge
Amazing voice !!😍
Mark Pochaw
I've heard several versions of this song. This guy's is my favorite.
Lon ShotgunShiner Stewart
You two are amazing ,the love between a father and daughter is immeasurable,my daughter and i do the same but i don't let her put me on you tube Kudos to you both ,i'm a promoter on the side and a drug counselor in the day time ,but nobody could do a better job than your little girl has done for you ,again AMAZING !
Douglas Cutlery
Please, please do more for God's sake!
Blaquemagic Women
This is beautiful
Mike Richards
As a general rule, I do not care for country songs that are recorded by r and b or pop artists, but I must say, this rendition is good. It is also quite remarkable that your daughter bears a striking resemblance to you. Good genetics!
den lyd
makes me smile ty
Shannon Bopp
just got two more fans!! go daddy go!
Luann Allred
I LOVE this guy! He is so good!
Stoned Hippie
THIS MAN IS AMAZING!!!! He's got a breathtaking voice. I'd pay him for that. Damn.
Lisa Ryan
I could listen to him all day long. I love this dude & I'm 60. R&B baby!
Israel Alvarado
Damn dude! You got that natural talent!! Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
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