tennessee whiskey amazing cover!!!!

check out "kris jones"channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZSL5Qk4-XTm2A4U-cdloCA to watch more and catch up with the latest songs!! couldn't monetize on this account so pls check out his channel &' facebook @jones destinie !! also on twitter @daylafulla (i am his daughter )

Kyla Sneed
He totally made me a fan
Happy House Wife
she is proud of her father what a beautiful daughter kris you can song wow
Melissa Casey
Wow.. how proud is the daughter :)
N dad.. u can sing 👌🏿
yall are adorable i love it he deserves to go far hes better than stapleton
Najattaaq Olsen Jensen
what is the name of the song?
Leah Doke
He sounds amazing. I would like to hear what the daughter has up her sleeve. Thumbs up if you agree!
Bruce Spivey
I love you guys. Such a beautiful relationship. Please cut an album. I will buy multiple copies for my friends. Please go on The Voice or AGT. Dayla, you are such a cutie pie and it's so nice to see you so proud of your dad.
Heidi Klippenberg
so amazing, love it.
Teresa Penalver
Came across this video...Wow had me dancing all by myself♡♡
Manuel Ruiz
Wow, nice job!
Ruth Hegarty
That's beautiful I have not even heard about this song but I have to search it because your dad sounds so good can't believe he is not out there making music with that beautiful voice .Thanks for sharing.
jordan oliver
Watch him on the voice next season !!!
Jackie Galloway
Hi I'm from a village named Kirkliston, Scotland absolutely love this watched it countless times you can tell from your expression how proud you are of your Daddy and quite right too fantastic voice xx
Great voice
Bravo amerikanec Ti si super Maistor !!! With love from Bulgarian!!!
Mazen Mazen
Better than the original
Crazy Danish Viking
Thank you for this song, he sings it so good, that i'm just blowen away and she is so gorgeous, it all just feel so real, thank you once again :-)
Misty Morgan
Erick Zamudio
half way to views as pewdiepies subs
Have a blessed day on that note!! Man with struggles keep ya'lls heads up !
Brings tears to my eyes .
Minds of me and my girl. Bumping it. This BIG DADDY KILLED IT!!!
Easy Sing Along
This guy's version is much better and more powerful than Chris Stapleton or George Jones (no disrespect to the originals, just my opinion).
Guv jazz
pleaseee sing who's loving you by m.j
Deadlyjaffacake Gamer
Ah man, what a singer! I just listened to that 3 times straight!
80s baby
I clicked on video thinking it was a girl making fun of her dad, lol was I wrong. Stay underground or sign with a small label is my advice. Them major labels will ask you to do too much weird shit,
Cindy Gonzalez
im in love with this guy hos version is way better
Marvin Li
Reminds me of my daughters. What a great moment to share. Thank you. Great team!
Joshua Robinson
Country Blues I love it, you're awesome.
Dboy D
THTS a proud proud daughter of her POPS. THTS beautiful to see. Whoooooo! POPS got a voice n he's singing in the vehicle off the head. Somebody sign him
southern gunner
this guy's sounds better than the original singer. he knocked it out the park
Lane Bøy
I long for a dad like this. Too beautiful and emotional. 💖👏
Amber Fox
My heart. Such a gorgeous father and daughter relationship. Can't stop listening/crying to this. <3
AWESOME! Beautiful! Amazing!
Willie Santos
amazing I love this song
Bill Tusim
i cant stop watching this video. what a great father daughter team.
Great voice...great tune...but the greatest scene is the adorably proud daughter & her Papa... Priceless all the way around
Leanne Trevino
awsome my wija n me were the same
Amanda Rayne
Can you get him to sing Earth Angel or Daddy's Home? He would sound perfect. Beautiful voice. :-)
Leanne Trevino
hay just because were Hispanics don't mean we don't love country we do
Leanne Trevino
awsome girl stand by you man
Oralia Villarreal
Wow! Your dad can sing!
do more vids
Kevin Brooks
I've listened to several covers and yours is the best
Bubba Jay!
Wow...What a special relationship. Thank you for being so real! 😎
Ten Point
Chelsea Bilbrey
Wow!!!! Amazing!!!❤👍
You are on my CD in my suv. Love your misic. Keep doing what you doing. You will be among the stars. Good job girl! Do that thang for daddy
joe breazeale
and he parks it at the end right on
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