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Would you like us to upload "It Won't Kill Ya"? :)
Jessica Winter
I love this song keep up the good work ❀😊
Rosemary Hernandez
I love this song
yc19 st
Rose & Lisa brought me here!!!!!!!
carlos rojas
That beat is so fucking nasty!!!!! I just threw up
nikky hereim
love this sooonnnnngggggg
Rida khan
I love the Chainsmokers!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍
Mario Guillen
The background picture looks like where me and my girlfriend would be in bed and we look out at the beautiful view then she gives me a kiss on my cheek
KittyBerries111 Kk
Haha, you know.. the song has true meaning, like, what gonna happen in the mornin' right? And i love it so catchy!!!!
My number one!!😁
This song gives me the nostalgia feeling kinda homesick ugh
Why Dont We xox
Um excuse me, but why don't you have 1 million subscribers yet?! You deserve it with your amazing videos!
2:47 is just..........magical
Rachid Ghanem
Rachid Ghanem
i want vidΓ©os
Landhawk 96
The beats is awesome!!!
Misty Eyed
the ambiance of this song's just soooo ❀❀❀❀
Inato Zhimo
love it😘😘
Srikanth 1215344
Osm.... Exelënt song... Bÿ. Cő.. 😘😘
Natsumi Kawaii
Love this fantastic picture!!!
EJ videos
u guys r killing these lyric videos, keep up the great work :D
Bella Cucci
Plz do the song low! Love you bye the way
Cool_ Rajasi
this songs amazin
susana Ibarra
great music chainsmokers
joseph albert hernandez
nice video so very nice just like1,000,000,000 lovely and nice graphics :)
joseph albert hernandez
can you try to mashup symphony by clean bandit and wake up alone please !!!!!!@! it woud be lovely
HArsh _Soni
Abhimanyu B. AJAY
nyce song
Chris Khambhata
nice song I love this song so much very very nice song...!
Rose and Lisa seriously have a great taste in music πŸ”₯
Anakha Dinesan
hats off to all ur works
ThΓΊy An BαΊ‘ch
love this song🀘
So great
Emma Bahena
i love old man who is a good luck with you
Emma Bahena
no its ok
Ushasree Vijayan
Alfonso Lopez
1:37 I will always think that the background voice says 'When the magic's.com'
Scarlet Naranjo
love the song just wish this had a video
Rhea Sylvia
where is drew???? alex?????
achmad putra
the best on album
Puja Erlin
love lu
#relax Being inspire!
good job
do you stay when it all goes ?
Leaja Seals
they played this at pinz when I went "vip" bowling as I call it because it never has lots of people in there because it's expensive and because it has special seats and a little bar and while you wait to bowl In the front of you there is a large wall with kids shows and movies on it not a small screen but a screen as long as a large bedroom .
Galaxy Star
who is addicted to that beat drop😍
Fox Nation
Will you care in the morning?
Meri Yindani
l like it,jika ada yg baru share terus ya
Diorene T
wish Rose and Lisa would upload a full cover on this omg
Isla W
thx Rosè and Lalisa
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