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Would you like us to upload "It Won't Kill Ya"? :)
Majd Aldarabie
This song gives me the nostalgia feeling kinda homesick ugh
Why Dont We xox
Um excuse me, but why don't you have 1 million subscribers yet?! You deserve it with your amazing videos!
2:47 is just..........magical
Rachid Ghanem
Rachid Ghanem
i want vidΓ©os
Landhawk 96
The beats is awesome!!!
Maxine B.
the ambiance of this song's just soooo ❀❀❀❀
Inato Zhimo
love it😘😘
Srikanth 1215344
Osm.... Exelënt song... Bÿ. Cő.. 😘😘
Natsumi Kawaii
Love this fantastic picture!!!
EJ videos
u guys r killing these lyric videos, keep up the great work :D
Bella Cucci
Plz do the song low! Love you bye the way
Rajasi Waikar
this songs amazin
susana Ibarra
great music chainsmokers
joseph albert hernandez
nice video so very nice just like1,000,000,000 lovely and nice graphics :)
joseph albert hernandez
can you try to mashup symphony by clean bandit and wake up alone please !!!!!!@! it woud be lovely
HArsh _Soni
Pixl networks 300k+ subs congrats
Abhimanyu B. AJAY
nyce song
Chris Khambhata
nice song I love this song so much very very nice song...!
Rose and Lisa seriously have a great taste in music πŸ”₯
Anakha Dinesan
hats off to all ur works
ThΓΊy An BαΊ‘ch
love this song🀘
So great
Emma Bahena
i love old man who is a good luck with you
Emma Bahena
no its ok
Ushasree Vijayan
Alfonso Lopez
1:37 I will always think that the background voice says 'When the magic's.com'
Scarlet Naranjo
love the song just wish this had a video
Rhea Sylvia
where is drew???? alex?????
achmad putra
the best on album
Puja Erlin
love lu
#relax Being inspire!
good job
do you stay when it all goes ?
Leaja Seals
they played this at pinz when I went "vip" bowling as I call it because it never has lots of people in there because it's expensive and because it has special seats and a little bar and while you wait to bowl In the front of you there is a large wall with kids shows and movies on it not a small screen but a screen as long as a large bedroom .
Galaxy Star
who is addicted to that beat drop😍
Fox Nation
Will you care in the morning?
Meri Yindani
l like it,jika ada yg baru share terus ya
Diorene T
wish Rose and Lisa would upload a full cover on this omg
omg i love it!!!!like dis comment if u like dis song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
isla Wallace
thx Rosè and Lalisa
MLG Reacts, And more!
THIS SONG IS SO FRICKEN GOOD!! (I counted but I played this about 15 times☺️)
Monster Munch
i love your videos soo much the lyrics helps me soooo much to learn new songs (best channel GOING)
Ororo Munroe
Me when I fall asleep with my dog ;-;
Brittany Soares
How can I download this background artwork?? I love this pic so much!
timtam Masters
The pic matches sooo well with all ur vids
Meliodas Uchiha
2017 anyone?
Davis Mohilary
The artwork pleases me with the awesome beat and lyrics..nice work πŸ‘
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