james g
giraffe enclosure too small.
So, is she she basically with the 5 osicunes
So much to learn while they play
pamela caruso
The zebra is totally trusted by the giraffe. They do not seem to mind it's presents.
I think Giraffes can be happy in good zoos because they don't have to worry about being eaten by predators. The same with zebras. Both are like deer & horses so it is not like keeping other exotic animals cooped up. The baby is clearly happy, as the baby zebra looks happy too. Giraffes are the gentlest in zoos. I heard Joe Rogan remark how even around babies they can be trusted. Every time I have been around them, they stretch their beautiful necks down for a nuzzle or to see if you have food. Beautiful creatures giraffes & zebras. Love their exotic patterns. They are so beautiful.
TARDIS . Whovian . Awesome!
Diana Holman
So sweet!
It's me Again
Here in 2017. Lol. This is soooo cute 🤗
Tammy Schultz
Kamili is just having a blast running all over the place..so beautiful !!
G Wolfe
Precious 💜
Marika Salovaara
She is so cute❤
Poor zebra probably thinks it's a giraffe too..where are his pals?😞
why does that Zebra look like there are two different parts to its body?
lolaz wabby
no one mentions the random zebra.
The Rebirth Of Heavenly Tasting Orange Juice
This is beautiful.
Absolutely love this! How beautiful she is.
Iamgodof Humancollective
Welcome Kamili!
Soeur Nicole Lambot
Gopal Sharma
Phoenix Zoo
Wonderfully adorable! Greetings Kamili!
Doug Mangum
Aww, so cute!
Jennifer Seay
Beautiful! Houston Zoo, are there plans to expand the giraffe enclosure? It's so small compared to Dallas and other Texas zoos.
Kasey Enloe
It's moments like these that make my soul shine. :3 Congratulations on this beautiful little girl! She "is" perfect for sure. Cannot wait to see her- though she'll be pretty tall by the time I visit. XD Glade I get to see her this way though.
Kelly Mcgee
Omg....I'm dying! Too cute!
Alina Perianu Knoll
Adorable <3!
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