Signs You Can’t Commit


When the idea of “happily ever after” breaks you out in hives.

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Kellan Meador

Kate Tarakanova
God, I can't even commit to one country :( What is wrong with me??
Frederic Gray
This is why I'm staying out of the dating scene for a while. I'm just not the type to commit... :[
I don't know how to commit in relationships xD I'll start dating someone but after like 2 days break it off. When I'm interested in someone, my mind sways easily and if I see some other cute guy I'll start liking him. If someone can give me some insight into this, I would be very appreciative.
Zhané Ojuoko
This video speaks to me, I get bored of my hair after a couple of months so I understand this
some guy
kashmira tambe
that is totally me😅
August 25th is my birthday!
I'm sick of seeing all these whitewashed, cis couples portrayed in hollywood. No one is a straight white couple anymore. How about featuring biracial or not hetero relationships for once Buzzfeed? Or are you too busy to think about doing stuff like that because you have to pump out articles supporting trump?
Karen Grace
I love that phone case
oh the fake british accent...
Khloud Alshal
do anyone. know what's the name of that dark lipstick
Andrew Howden
she is the reason nice men have nitemares, she should walk around with a tabbard on saying stay away.!!
Colleen Sunshine
This is me
Ghost Toast
More like signs you should never date someone.
Lihi Aharonov
i love her!!
Deleted Account
Lmao she's me
Lovely Crow
Why did I think this said "Signs you can't vomit"
The only thing I can commit to is food
Adam Weishaupt
haha fake news
Kirtier Cruz
Basically this vid is about being lazy in a way
aromantic frustration
Michal R
When's the next episode of Fucked?
Boy i wonder if the genders were switched XD
Gaby Peixoto
hahaahah this is so me xD
Diamond H.
Is it bad that I can relate to this even though I'm not in a relationship
Carson Wentz
What is this chicks instagram she's so fuckin hot
Amara Ali
When the only thing you can commit to is suicide
Iman Naminami
When you realize you actually have commitment issues ...
Henay Kaokai
Speed Pingu
You spelled your title wrong it's signs you can't commit suicide and to help you commit suicide is watch a buzzfeed video
Me af
Lord Voldemort the III

the only thing I'm commited to is being a hoe
Why were they having sex ? They weren't married..

America is so degenerate
I work at the Apple Store. If you have Apple Care you can get that screen fix for just 29 bucks! IJS
Dana McClain
Her acting style lacks subtly/ nuance. It just shouts, "Hey! I'm acting!"
0 to 100 real quick
Didnt she get fired?
Sara Martinez
Aka being a saggitarius
The Komedy Brigade
When you can only commit to life necessities like food, sleep, and buzzfeed I would say friends or family but sometimes I say yes to chill knowing I'm going to cancel an hour before we hang out cause something came up
Zafrina White
honey I don't need a video to tell me what I already know
Where's F**KED?
Ahmed Mahmed
I can relate to that myself. i don't always want to go out or make plans in advance. Hence why, i usually would say, "I'll let you know" or, We'll see what happens.
Anyone else thing that the girl in the thumbnail looks like Olga Kay?
Let It Burn
Is this suppose to be comedy? If so, I think my sense of humor broke again
becareful people fake news at its finest.....
Patricia Seguel
I wanna meet his parent... like... right now if he wants
George Henry
Markellos T.
Who else read the entire conversation at 0:23? Haha, I'm so nosy.
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