PUKE Fruit Challenge! GROSS!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote takes the Puke Fruit Challenge! 

Puke Fruit? Well it’s not commonly known by this name but the Noni Fruit absolutely should be! These bizarre and supposedly nutrient rich fruits give off a pungent “smelly foot” odor and believe it or not taste even worse! Seriously, these little stinkers are RANCID!

That said, after discovering a smelly tree filled with them in the rainforest the Brave Wilderness team decided it was high time for Coyote’s next big challenge...which of course would be to eat one of these foul beasts raw! 

So can he do it?

Get ready to get GROSSED OUT…and oh yes, there WILL BE PUKE!

Big thanks to everyone at Kids Saving the Rainforest for hosting the crew at this location. To find out more about their organization please visit their website - http://bit.ly/savingtherainforest

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Zilla 199
coyote we have that in philippines but we dont eat it we thought its poisonus
He reminds me of Jason day from pacific rim. All the time
He threws up 2:47
Erica Madrigal
Funniest Episode Ever.
Laura Rodriguez
not even a loan fish
my grandma had that weird juice and I drank it it wasn't that good
good guy
Nebby Fin
Coyote git stung/bitten fire ants, harvester ants
, a bullet ant, tarantula hawk, velvet ant and a gila monster... but who defeated him? A fruit
Izaiah Sheedy
xD Lol
Kawiisheep Moon
the inside looks like the inside of a kiwi but white...
Lycaon Pictus
I get really anxious in situations involving vomit... how bad is it? I've been trying to force myself into uncomfortable situations but I wouldn't want to have a panic attack or feel sick myself.
my names coyote peterson and im going to eat a fruit made out of poop and puke
Hannah Zhao
That squelching noise when he bites it is just....AGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH
Katie Trivette
Minecraft Is life
One question: when he was puking why did they get a close-up????😬
FugalFive 4798
(Dramatic music) One... Two... Three...
(Cute kids jungle song plays)
(Me thinking) T-T
Amelia Cheng
I watched this so many times! I laughed soooo hard every time.
Video Central 1234
the look like hairless kiwi
Ellen Jones
It luokes liek a kiew
foxy & mangle
poor poor coyote
Diamond City Gamingzz // Diamond C
Not so tough now r u ? LOL
Lobsters Pasta
I love how he's suffering and everyone is laughing at his pain
I had to drink that when I was sick... I threw that out the window when she wasn't looking. It smells like barf mixed with stinky feet, infected with athlete's foot. DON'T UNDERSTIMATE IT.
Addison Barrera
at 5:36 I was like wow and ew
I farted on a cow yesterday!
Every one is iust cracking up while cyotes is dieing becuase of that fruit
Torria Woodard
i feel bad for you
Angel Martinez
You alright man? Did it get ya?
D_ Dreamer
Coyote you should eat insects as a challenge
Carlos Villanueva
We eat noni all the time in Hawaii. Though a friend of mine once said, "It makes you want to lick a dogs butt to get the taste out of your mouth".
i had so many questions while watching this video...first of all why was i watching someone PUKE? secondly why on earth would he touch his puke with his bare hands;; and also im pretty sure coyote offering his puke bucket WITH his puke in it..didn't help at all that poor cameraman !!(no hate but that was one of the most disgusting episodes)
Luna Dog
Mark: is the fruit ok?
Elle chan
Its like its a game where u have to bite it and spit it
skinny jason
i wouldnt watch :[ i almost yacked hearing him gag
The Comstock Family
i feel sick
I live in Hawaii and those grow a lot of places, sometimes you'll walk by some that fell on the ground and I swear it, they smell like straight dirty booty
Team Beast
I officially will never eat it
Joseph Reed
OK so he has a weak stomach yet he throws up in the bucket and then REACHES IN AND PICKS UP A HANDFUL OF IT 😂😂😂😂😂
This is like me with green beans.
LegoMaster (NLC)
After surviving the world's most painful. I would have never guessed it would be a fruit that would defeat coyote.
Lori Dowell
I'm sick and my gag reflexes I gaged
PigBoss Mark4o
that is like a big baby tying lemon fore first time lol
Jerry xu
Bear Grylls would eat it 😂
Diamond and Gold
would get bitten by a T-REX, but wont eat a stinky fruit
Diamond and Gold
camera man- Are you ok?
I know it's kinda offtopic but I wonder where Coyote got his bracelets?
Lord Pepe
"Come on, swallow. Swallow!"
JLR Kane
I fell bad
JLR Kane
Fell better soon ok 😌
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