PUKE Fruit Challenge! GROSS!

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote takes the Puke Fruit Challenge! 

Puke Fruit? Well it’s not commonly known by this name but the Noni Fruit absolutely should be! These bizarre and supposedly nutrient rich fruits give off a pungent “smelly foot” odor and believe it or not taste even worse! Seriously, these little stinkers are RANCID!

That said, after discovering a smelly tree filled with them in the rainforest the Brave Wilderness team decided it was high time for Coyote’s next big challenge...which of course would be to eat one of these foul beasts raw! 

So can he do it?

Get ready to get GROSSED OUT…and oh yes, there WILL BE PUKE!

Big thanks to everyone at Kids Saving the Rainforest for hosting the crew at this location. To find out more about their organization please visit their website - http://bit.ly/savingtherainforest

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Emmo Pimentel
6:15 he looks like he's eating her😂😂😂
Thecoolvits 16
Me:coyote no no no " I puke
Thecoolvits 16
kelsey desiree
Coyote sounds kinda like a dino when he puked XD
Brenda Rascon
Bullet Ant vs Nomi aka puke furit
MagmaPlayer ROUSSETT
about 6 or 7 secs good job coyote
Kylah Murray
Looks like kiwis which Is amazing
Pratama C. Rhamdhani
Noni? If I’m not mistaken it’s called mengkudu in Indonesian and it does smell really really bad like BAD bad. Like the kids used to use the fruit as prank and stuff. And it comes from someone who loves durian. So, yeah they’re not over exaggerating. I will puke as well if i put that thing in my mouth.
Katelilymilly msp
Diamanate King
Looks like a translucence kiwi
Helainna Linton
you barfing in a bucket is disgusting! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Helainna Linton
I chose a
bL x pandaa
It looks like kiwi but god knows it’s not
food unlimited
I don't know what it is with american people, but they puke so damn fast. Some do not even like the most basic foods, like cheese or something or soft boiled eggs
Julia Paige
Never eat noni without washing it first, particularly in hawaii. There is a slug that when you ingest its slime, can make you permanently mentally ill.
Mohdsharizad sharizad
Memberi gali
Just Jake
Why are you taking such big bites lmao
Gina Khan
I'm sick and bed ridden, and I'm becoming you coyote, my buddy's came to see me and they see me puke while watching this!😁
I wonder if he had to choose, if he would eat this...or deal with the bullet ant/warrior wasp again. xD
Savanna Rivera
OMG laugh so freaken hard
the MilkMan
9:00 I told u guys that would be the end of the vid
Kaiden Redmon
Did they have to put a camera up close to him when he was puking
Madison Palencik
How dare that lady say he's not a real man he gets stung by like everyone
Ryan Pearlman
Chona Rivera
I think that uhh 🙄.....someone eats that in my family..
Alexander Padilla
I feel his pain I was sick and I keep throwing up for the whole night the end
pro0620 a
He keeps putting the noni in his mouth, and then he transfers it to the bucket.
Bart Van Wunsel
I've been sick this morning too. In fact puking is not a bad thing. You're getting rid of what your body thinks isn't healthy. I hate puking tho...
Kayleigh Van Gelder
Don’t make him eat it if he doesn’t want to eat it
Master Nicolas1221
Well ok so...(he throws up)
WTF IS GOING ON..(he throws out again) OK THAT IS EN....(yet again he throws up)
daniel yi
sounds like a pig when hes puking
Grant Watson
I nearly vomited watching coyote eating it
Eternally Kiwi
My cousin showed me this video and when i saw you puke i almost puked infront of my cousin and my sister i have a weak stomach 😵
Dimilo Games
Inside looks like a kiwi
Dara Her
Mark:do you feel healthy?
How the f do you feel healthy when you puke so mich
Dara Her
Hmmmmm what about dung beetles in crap.
Dara Her
Puke fruit? Well looks like a greenish-white spotted potato.
Ardiyansyah 1622
It is pace from Indonesia
Zakiya Wimberly
He stuck his hand in his puke 🤮
Zizka Trinity L. Aznar
I can't believe that you've been beaten by a woman and fruit. And you've been stung bitten and felt a lot of pain. So its really weird
Grace Needham
Watching him throw up made me want to throw up
Jana Laufer
Coyote~ We just love watching your videos. I appreciate all the suffering you do for your fans. Funny as Hell!
mahleia sawma
Alex Leyvas
Alex Montano
Here 6:06
Kaleb Girard
I feel bad
cuphead and mugman fan
Peter when I watched it I was a bit sick so...I didn't throw up but I felt a bit sicker 🤗🤒😇👍👍👍
Its very healthy it gives you diabietes heartattack
baymax lover
The only way to defeat a wild coyote peterson
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