James Arthur - Secret Busker - BBC Radio 1

See what happened when Grimmy sent out James Arthur (cunningly disguised as an old man) in a busking battle with our Radio 1 Buskers.

Artistic Stormtrooper
he looks like an old guy thats in a lot of fantasy moviesm
Daniel Kandi
fkn bralliant arksent! :D damnit i luv'd this.
Nikki Sunley
I've never been a huge fan . but my opinion has changed after this video . his voice is amazing
I guess were all gonna miss that horrible handshake fail at 8:32?
It's when he's hits the high notes when he gets me
But either way he's amazing in love it
well done james congrats 👏👏
G flame
At 8.33
he was like shake hand?
james was like : Pfff
Corey Axelsen
The handshake part was hard to watch.. Played them off well with some hugs 😂
why the fuck a Scottish accent?!?!
7ima Beans
A summer vibe for Impossible? Yeah, let's take a depressing, meaningful song and fuck it up the ass.
Chevelle Manson
James i love you
Jerry Rosende
6:30 - visit Philippines. proud filipino here! :)
Maria Uiao
james arthur 😘
Karemoana Busfield-Daniels
Awkwardness starts
yana hermans
how can you not notice that it's james his voice is so recognizable
Le Brogile
i came here just to see tht epic shake hand
I see that awkard handshake (calling pewds)
Jesse Montez
I dont even know who James Arthur is and i woulda known it was him! 💯
trevor smith
that old man sounded just like James Arthur
Shame he's a knob.
you can tell it's him bcus of his voice lol
Stefani Cardona
this kinda reminds me of Niall Horan
Jeybe Zxc
last part though hahah everyone knows its james
Nico Mia Ornelia
he looks like an older version of the guy from Nickel Back
waste of time
Live Forever
It's time for some big willy
Mark paulowen Villabeza
whats the title of the song james sung first before impossible
Mark paulowen Villabeza
whats the title of the song james sung first before impossible
Mark paulowen Villabeza
whats the title of the song james sung first
Mark paulowen Villabeza
whats the title of the song james sung first
Mon De Guzman
He looks like a "Hillbilly" klay thompson 😅😅
Charm ming Duck
I see the "it's more fun in the Philippines" Ad in 3:01 :D #ProudFilipino
Irun Mon
£30 for a song? fuck my job, I got $5/day
Alma Salgado
obviously people can recongize his voice, what do u want him to do change it???
Sammy Hoffman
That's when I found out he was gay.
id be able to hear this rubish anywhere
Bulldog Wa
I watched this because the idea of the video is good, but let's face it, jame can't sing, worst performer ever. James sucks, the trio on before hi. Are so much better then him.
The second song was just "Someone Like You" by Adele..
Dante Simpson
why all feels so gay ?
Theres somethingoff about his eyes
A monkey having a radio one filming crew around him would attract loads of attention. That would be the first thing, the second point is if that was the best busking band in London, than Ireland is soooo much better at this. I'm sorry, this is by no means a hate comment, it's just that I actually live off of busking and I understand the way it actually works.. by the way, 30£ isn't great at all considering the place and the filming crew around
i would know its him straight away when he sings say you wont let go and i'll be screaming and hv some selfies hahahaaha
This was crazy good
thrirtyyyy.. three pounds.. what?
Gregory Fabre
Sorry, but I had to google his name didn't know who he was. Shouldn't the person be famous for this type of setup to work?
2:50 the girl is taking a picture 😂 haha
Josh :/
Wow he looks like a drunk santa clause
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