James Arthur - Secret Busker - BBC Radio 1

See what happened when Grimmy sent out James Arthur (cunningly disguised as an old man) in a busking battle with our Radio 1 Buskers.

James Thom
Dimitar zlatanov
first song. Id? please x
Garvin Boateng
Best part is always the reveal which didn't happen
Panic! At The Black Parade
This is such a good idea!
kunal minz
awkward handshake moment 08:37
jm linayao
that shakehands 😂
Adja Jeanne Camara
What was the first song pls?
Not much difference lol
Emily E Jones
She's been a very good girl.
oh my lord that rejected handshake in the endddd
Mikey Jamez Music
This is so awesome. He's incredible without a studio behind him. Just the fact that he can do out there in the cold without anything other than a guitar and his voice and sound that amazing blows my mind. He's incredible.
Carlo Paguio
It's More Fun In The Philippines
Doggo Gameplay
PLEASSEEEE someone tell me the name of the song at 4:05 PLEASE D:
I would recognise him :P
Fuck me why can't I sing like this
big Andy
Maolen May
he looks like a doll so cute lol 😂
" I'm SOOOOOOOOOR ready" i said it so loud I woke up my mom😂
Regan MacNeil
He's right though what are they all doing in a train station if not rushing for a train? Maybe whathisface and I are the only ones who have to make specific connections that are like 5 minutes apart.
the three stooges sounds like a stupid church youth group singer. -.-
John Mascardo
Melania Kontos
I saw James Arthur in Starbucks in London Westfield 😂👌💗
Would feel kinda awkward putting money in front of 150 people watching
I fucking hate Nick Grimshaw! IT's even worse that I'm paying his wages.
Please keep James Arthur off our screens and radio. Thanks. That would be great.
Irene Jáudenes
all has to do with looks increible
Great Video but would not get tired of punching that Grimmy in the face. What a cunt....
this is such a joke. look people were already standing and waiting for him to start. no wonder if they use big cameras and show that something special is performing. shitheads!
Jenni MacGregor
I don't like grimmy whenever he talked while James was singing I was like SHUT UP I WANT TO HEAR IT
The busking in disguise was cool but that's a weird competition to have.
8:31 to 8:35
marko marin
plz do with ed sheeran !!!
i think id be suspicious of the cameras and grimmy stood on the stairs
an old person with skinny pants tho
8:33 well that was awkward as fuck
Marie Brunner
Racism gravity essential tiny complete barely expose communication.
Cookie Lover
Who the fuck is James Arthur 
RafPo B
8:33 LMAO
Snoopy Poopy
Good idea, incorrectly implemented.
joshua joshua
lul everyone didn't notice one bit 😂
Reiss Robinson
I'd fuck the guitarist of the taylormade
Rayane 1D
can someone please tell's me the title of the first song that james sing it start with don't you stop me i will but i don't find it :/
Don Domingo
that awkward handshake bro 8:32 haha
Gaute Robertsen
8:33 my life
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