James Arthur - Secret Busker - BBC Radio 1

See what happened when Grimmy sent out James Arthur (cunningly disguised as an old man) in a busking battle with our Radio 1 Buskers.

Hayze Tebb
What's James first song called?
100% yugo
Whats the name of the first song that james sang?
John Reo Esteban
Gandalf the fat.
Tran Twins
Good one
plamen bozhanv
let him sing and shut the fuck up rofl
I mean all the people up stairs heard the reporter and the whole discussion, so of course they called friend or other people heard those who actually heard the reporter and James, so in a couple of minutes everybody knew it was him
Kennedy j-b
what is the point of this show?
Yeah dead secret with camera crew and Nick Grimshaw explaining the gag to cameras while being recorded on iPhones....
word ery
forget the train woah! They just want to stand and gawp!
Trendy Blue Plus
it would be so much better if we didn't have commentary
Aryan J
I thought that was Bloodborne soundtrack for a second there Jesus Christ on a bike
I don't even know who the fuck James Arthur is.
Grimes is a twat to be honest.
Odd Curency
Everything 120
u should get ed sheeran to do this
sdq sdq
who da hell is james arthur? haha
Mark Smith
Anyone get a legend status with James. Especially his voice. He has a true gift, it's more than just a voice it's an ability to convey emotion, pain and anger. He shits over anyone on the emotion front
Yaya Cefiou
why are they always talking ?? we just want hear him singing that's all !!
Busker Buddy
Larry Rogers
Big Willie is Da Man for sure!!! I love his music sooo much and his amazing talent. Big love from your fans here in New York, Mr. James Arthur.
billy holly
There's no missing those eyes, quite obvious it's James. What a talent to come out of reality TV!
Ronnie Meagher
He looks like a homeless Liam Neeson lol
josephine vargas
Gonçalo Carvalho
What's the name of the first song James sang?
Dimas Setiyawan
Tim lefa
i gave it a try, but I dont like his falsetto or singing style
not everyone gets to the train station within minutes of taking the train people get there 20 mins before you pleb
that group came to my school and talked about drugs
Ronaldo Lopez
james arthur
Rylee Owens
i'd love to see Florence Welch do this. Who wouldn't recognize that special voice?
Jay Wan
"I appreciate it, give me some money"
JimNe Jaems
BBC Radiko 1, you are an idiot. You were yelling out his name in front of people. They didnt work it out. You told them. Moron.
Those three were trash af😂😂😂
A Pimp Named Slick Back
You know, the beard and disguise is pretty pointless if he is wearing tight ass designer jeans.
no one could fake such a raw and talented voice, good job
Reward Dania
So he just left with out signing anything
or giving a autograph?
geff edwards
class guy respect
When Ed Sheeran?
They could've changed him out of his skinny jeans and shiny black shoes
The voice just fits nothing to the disguise. It sounds way younger than the man looks
Innaya Horan
he looks like Smallishbeans or joel lol😂
Yeah man :D
ranjit binning
Darren Cleary
No need for the disguise no one gives a fuck
Old Man Ghiuro
Hey everyone! I just posted a cover of Say You Won’t Let Go on my channel. I’d really appreciate it if you’d all check it out and subscribe if you like it.
Dimitris Mavrakis
Just stfup and lets us listen to the song
That hand shake tho
marco pacheco
song 4:00¿?
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