James Arthur - Secret Busker - BBC Radio 1

See what happened when Grimmy sent out James Arthur (cunningly disguised as an old man) in a busking battle with our Radio 1 Buskers.

hrs fucking shit
Jodi Holt
emptys wallet into guiatr case
Corey lulz
Liam Neeson?
what a load of crap.....
chira mitterbacher
song at 4:44 sry but dont know james that much but his voice is amazing
Just sevenn
pls. do this with Charlie PuthπŸ’•πŸ˜
Aljhun Judiel Castro
what is the tittle of the first song that james was singing?
The Joker
song at:4:06
Tesalonika T
That was TOO obvious... Like what the hell r the BBC crew doing in there... Like u guys made it TOO obvious.. the host even mentioned James's name out loud like wth.. -.-
siyuan bian
looks like Liam Neeson
kyle aston
omg why didn't they call it ghost buskers?
whats the title of james arthur first song and third?
Kacper Pecyna
gimme some money!
Jim G
At 2:03 "it's time for some big willy"πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Birna BjΓΈrk Krebs
wait why did i not know this was a thing?
Cinderelly Quinn
06:31 Philippines App😍
Bill Folokis
name of fist song?
kawaii Hamster
I hope to see James Arthur in real life
kawaii Hamster
OMG I love his song say you won't let go
Clorox Bleach
Impossible isn't a happy song.. Wtf is wrong with them
E_ Yeahhh
They got a private concert from him :(
Diannie Martinez
he stills looking hot πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
Bandering W
looks like hendalf )
Lonnie Christopher
...he's got my Martin......
Cassy Mutch
be so much better if James walked up to tailor made and said hey can I give it a go?
Felix Ojeda
does anyone knows the first song that James sang?
Paxton Young
Omg he looks like Liam Neeson
Michael Jackson
whats the first song Big Willy sang?
Austin Klink
what busker has a martin
Olga Pasternak
8:33 ughhhh the cringe is coming
anoop prashar
until now i never even heard of James Arthur
James Melton
Does anyone know the first song james sang was?
Kevin Antonio
I just saw my country in the big screen lol. πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ 6:31
"What year is it?"
-Robin Williams
boobby billingson
Looks like Liam nΓ©e son lol
Aji Shotayo
what is the first song that james arthur sings???
Thomas Thaxton
I liked James better when he was less famous and didn't have a nose job
Paul Robinson
no one thanking Adele?
bizzle stan
I need Justin Bieber to do this.
Of course everyone would know it's him. His voice is so unique and he's so talented.
Cody Hewitson
Anyone see that girl take a picture of them
simon cao
what was the first song
Richard Lambert
He looks better in the make up, he's got one of those faces I'd just love to punch
MissGemma 3
he reminds me of Rod Stewart his voice sounds like a bit
hi rachel
the way he swing his body when he sings and HIS VOICE really shows that it's him.
Jay Jay khan
Lmao that made him look like Klay Thompson πŸ˜‚
david lehan
they should do rag n bone man but don't no how they would discise him
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