Donald and Melania Trump Cold Open - SNL

Donald Trump (Taran Killam) and his wife, Melania (Cecily Strong), clear up some of the misconceptions about him, like that he hates women and immigrants.

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Roger Williams
SNL You Suck!
Ayush Chaturvedi
Trump is a stupid
Kinsella Finn
Horrible Trump impression
Tholo Nkadimeng
"you can be gay you can have abortion he dont care.."
Alex Galuppo
where the fuck is alec baldwin
kishore almaji
Laura Benanti is not the best Melania impersonator.... She is THE 'Melania' herself. Cecily Strong is beautiful, but her Melania doesn't kick as much.
Kungfu Panda
That's what sugar daddy do. It's sad her sugar daddy has refused to die
she is very hot just like her accent
Manveer Singh
saturday nite liberals really make me laugh TRUMP 2020
Ryan Smith
daniel rushing
this guy ain't funny
What an amazing trump Impression
Jose Gomez
Ok, this is funnier after 2016
Krista Shafer
Amusing, but Baldwin's Trump impression is far superior to this guy's.
wandering star
my is sore from laughing!! Stop it!!!
magical kitten
Trump also said I like women I respect them. And then he interrupts Melania.
magical kitten
Melina says ohh trump so smart. Then trump says we will cut taxes then add money πŸ’° to salarys. And build a wall and china will say I like that wall.
magical kitten
He's so dumb. And it's so sad that he's president of United States πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
Ahh, those facial expressions. Echte Donald.
ElectroGamer HD
Love you Taran
Aamer Tahseen
Am I the only one who sees that Melania trump looks exactly that like the porn star Madison ivy???
she is hilarious
Helane Anderson
This is not funny it would never be funny. I love good comedy this however, is not funny it's just stupid.
Tammy Marston
your pathetic snowflakes
She sounds more like Gloria from Modern Family
Only Alex Baldwin can do the best Trump immitation. Please don't ever try to imitate Trump again, you suck at it!! SNL, WISE UP!
robert rob
She is georgeus 😍😍
Tina Craven
Much better than Alec Baldwin!!!
donna werkhoven
would love to see Melina singing emotionally Stand By Your Man
ALEX J. Scher
What is this?
God of The Upsell
Alex Baldwin should be the only person allowed to impersonate Trump.
snl I cannot wait till your off the air forever, the same shitty jokes and material for years. even the sheep you pander too will get tired of your trash eventually.
Sholpan Belbayeva
Melanie is too confident on this clip.
christian caballero
trump fuck off!!!
Manveer Singh
i am a republican and i approve this message
Eric Lafontaine
Man Cecily is so much hotter than that FAKE FIRST LADY!
Suheil Ennab
jordan nikolov
She sounds like Gloria from Modern Family a bit.
I wish I had lots of money and a big dick like Trump so I could get a woman like him ....oh, I eh, I just mean lots of money.
Joel T135 EAS RSMV
Baldwin/Killam 2020
Emily Balconi
i love taran killam and cecily strong!
Charlene Cummings
at least get a woman 1/4 as pretty as Melania also get someone who can do the accent. pathetic
Marleo Ca
Man, since forever they are impersonating Trump. Not tired of doing it yet??
Cecily is so insanely hot
emily hunger
That woman is so much hotter than Melania.
LC De Commander
If it ain't Alex it ain't Trump
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