Lauren Comer
It's so good I'm crying
Margaux Houenou
Beautiful and amazing. BRAVO 👏👏
Ferb Tresmarso
My best breakfasssst ever!!!!
Jaiden Wilson
Jessica Gibbons
sky peters
She's full of talent. Better than Emma
Love this group
Victória Christina Simões Pinheiro
My God! That's really good!
Gavin P. Brown
These people are really good! Havent heard these songs since I was a kid, so its a blast from the past with a modern beat/accompaniment to back it up :)
Alisia Wolf
I'm crying. So beautiful
Jean AA
the entire time "I'm thinking 14." specifically age 14. 'cause I don't know but she looked that young. I go into the comments and the first one "still cannot comprehend that girl is 14"
abbi_05 _with_an_i
You guys are amazing!! Love your creativity and talent
Evan Price
I feel like Vocal Point has really fallen from what they once were. SOOO much treble.
just dee
I aam so addicted with the "Be our guest" part
Bekah Jayne
This is amazing!! 😍😍
Nilzelina S.S
Será que tem Brasileiros assistindo isso e ficando encantado com tanto talento num só vídeo👏😊
Parabéns vozes perfeitas 👏😍
Simplemente amei 🤗
karate girl lara
Lexi is going to be a great and famous singer
Jose Lucas
Salvo nos favoritos !
This was amazing! Are they on tour?
Brenna Wooten
Her voice should be a bit higher👎
Manya Bansal

I can only of how the heels dont fall off.
디즈니 님께서 생존을 허용하심? 안드로메다에서 상영해도 다음날 소송 걸릴만한 동영상인데...
Natasha Eliza
i swear i got goosebumps 3 times by the end of the video
Logan H.
Lexi Walker you are a star.
Isa's Channel
Omg I remember her singing the nation anthem when she was 11 with her cute voice and now she is 14 she has a mature voice now
Jasmine Nguyen
Lexi is a teen now the one we knew she was 11 like she'll stay 11 forever or something like everyone ages 😑
Metta Kristy
so beautiful... thank you, I really enjoy this :)
Daisy van der Haar
That's really cool😄
brad choi
Patrii 19
Chiillls everywhere
J.R. W
You can really realize your talents when you don't drink or fillander.
Fink Christian
T und die anderen seite und die Kinder sind wir in die Hand 🤚🏻
Emily Herrera
Wow she has talnet
Moto Myki
I did not want this to end
Rafael Martin
So perfect, I am amazed !
Maegan Joy
Shes so talented!✨
Sav M
don't think i've ever loved something as much as I love this
Lolito Bregildo
Ros Flom
Omg tan pequeña y un gran talento. Estuvo perfecto 💃
Family Shenanigans
This small cover was better than the new beauty and the beast that just came out.
Annica Danielson
I just played Belle in Beauty and the Beast a couple weeks ago and I wish I was this good ❤❤ Honestly I love this video so much. Such amazing voices
Lumen caelum
Oh my god' I like girls nature ( How rich baby looks. )
Wow.... it´s Magic ... <3
very beautiful ;) :-)
Julieta Cisneros
That's si amaizing
Kelli Lynn Oros
This is amazing! ❤️❤️😍😍
Christine Halliwell
this is amazing I love the dress that belle wears
Kelsey Oden
omg! I literally had goosebumps at the end! The girl is AMAZING!!
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