Jasmine May Tubal
Isnt she the one sung let it go? In one voice childrens choir
I wish this had a download link or was on soundcloud. 😭
Alisha Good
Did anyone else get chills? I can't believe how good EVERYTHING was!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„#MindBlown
Olivia Niles
This video (and movie!) makes me so happy!! ☺️
Holy crap
Aulia Deta
Hi, is there anyone know where exactly is this place? Thanks
I was kinda hoping for a Gaston song.
Molly Martin
Lexi Mailloux
My name is Lexi and I'm 14 too!
Jon Mat
Diamond Rose
"Beauty and the Beast" was perfect! I liked how you guys combined the ballroom scene with the finale of the live action film. Gorgeous. And Belle's dress was perfect.
Diamond Rose
Man, my all time favorite Disney movie ever! Amazing mashup!
Jonathan Wayland
girl you have a future with disney
Jeffrey Bergen
Sooooo beautiful and amazing!!!!
V Reacts
What a lovely job you all did with this one. Great video. New here. One of my loyal subscribers asked me to react to your video so I did. :) It'll go up tomorrow. Thanks for the ear candy! Stopping by to show support.
Scott Griffith
What an amazing voice that young girl has!!!!!
chiara martorana
E voi da dove spuntate?? 😍😍😍😍
Miratsu Kayata
The Warblers are back in town! XD =3
Ge Yangon
She just nuked it. Now I just need to hear it thru my bose system.
Priscilla Smith
Amazing <3
Π“Π°Π½Π½Π° Π“Π°Π½Π½Π°
oh how amazing it was! It`s the best cover I had ever see
Veni Vidi Amavi
Lexi is 14?? my mind just blew, she's crazily talented!! meanwhile, I'm 19 almost 20 and people think I'm 15 but hey at least I play harmonica (yeah I don't but that'd be rad)
Tessa Brooksfan
She's so good like and reply if you agree
Haeley Johnson
you guys are so good keep up the good work
tete henkes
This is amazing! :)
Queen Elsa Of arendelle
πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜— super
Arabella Baker
Why does this bring tesrs to my eyes omg
Gracieli Valverde
Wow, just amazing... following my cover of The beauty and the beast:
Aneta WeinlichovΓ‘
Next Ariana Grande
Vivi Siqueira
I never get tired of watching this music video. What a voice Lexi Walker! And also the other singers were amazing. I love this medley.
Sarah Abdelwahab
Byu Vocal Point is a famous singer
Posmaria Oktaviana
Fionna Chang
I think you should sing think of me from the Phantom of the Opera
ical nafi
listening to this made me realize how my voice sounds like a suffocating goat
Dani the Cinnamon Roll
Wow beautiful
Joan 0915
I just realized she was the one that collaborated with Alex Boye on Let it go OMGGGGGG
Of course, the singing is phenomenal, but I had to write something about the end choreography. Absolutely beautiful and really complimented the grace within the song. Had me in tears. Well done.
Sugar Craft
Well done!!😍
im dying
Awww the day they upload this video is my Birthday ❀ BTW I love this cover 😊
Thomas Bridges
If real life was like this, i'd walk into random people's house just to hear them sing
Maria the Hedgehog
wow i'm really late to the party... oh well, it was such an awesome medley, you've earned yourselves a new subscriber! no biggie.
Aaron Johnson
Rachel Simkovits Knoche
Where was this filmed? The location is beautiful
April Lirpa
Codetski Jaigobin
Beautifully Done, Amazing Medley.
Al Rymsza
I loved it all, and when Lexi went into 'Beauty and the Beast' I got chills everywhere! The only thing that could've been changed, in my opinion, is focusing less on 'Be Our Guest' and 'Beauty and the Beast' because they are way too over-sung. A little bit of 'Gaston' and 'How Does a Moment Last Forever' would've made this even more perfect.
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