Beauty and the Beast A Cappella Medley | BYU Vocal Point ft. Lexi Walker - 4K

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BYU VOCAL POINT 2016–17 members:
Jantzen Dalley, Kyle Lemperle, Spencer Myler, Matt Newman, Carl Prince,  Nathan Proffit, David Ross, Logan Shelton, David Steele; Artistic director: McKay Crockett

Men: McCarty Carter, Spencer Crawford, Matthew Cheney, Brandon Hemsley, Ryan Hemsley, Matthew Holden, Richard McShinsky, Ryan Podzikowski, Christian Rupp; Women: Kaila Bradley, Whitney Finch, Hannah Gasinski, Racquel Hansen, Janica Holden, Chanel Kostich, Clarissa McIntire, Ciara Transtrum, Kayci Treu; Artistic director: Curt Holman

Directed and produced by Jeff Parkin
Produced and edited by Jared Cardon
Associate producer/1st AD: Babetta Kelly
Associate producers: Ben Fales, McKay Crockett
Executive producers: Ben Fales, Shane Wright
In order of appearance:
BYU Vocal Point
Belle: Lexi Walker
Townspeople Dancers: Adrienne Clark Whitworth, Callie Pickle, Courtney Read, Jill Handy, Jillian Sanderson, Kathryn Detweiler, Katy Crowley, Mikayla Ellison Phillips, Sasha Fazulyanov
Lumiere: Logan Shelton
BYU Ballroom Dance Company
Belle (dancer): Kayci Treu
Beast (dancer): Ryan Podzikowski
BYU Ballroom Dance Company director & choreographer: Curt Holman -
BYU Vocal Point choreographer: Eliza Summerhays
Director of Photography: Tyson Maughn
1st AC: Jameson Dressen
2nd AC: Colton Elzey
Camera PAs: Aaron Hinton, Ben Haskin
Gaffer: Spencer Scanlon
MoVI Operator: Sean Slobodan
Jib Operator: Matt Siemers
Key Grip/Best Boy Electric: Paul Hunt
Grips: Pepé Callejas, Jeffrey Hein
2nd AD: Cody Phillips
2nd 2nd AD: William Knowles
Production Designer: Kayla Doyle
Art Assistant: Isaac Wright
Wardrobe Designer: Natalie Burton
Wardrobe Assistant: Abbie Vance
Key Hair & Makeup: Michaela Fordham
Lexi Walker's Hair & Makeup: Kathy Lynch
Hair & Makeup Assistants: Sarah Bult, Marnee Porter
Assistant to the Director: Barrett Burgin
Production Assistants: Tabitha Brower, Jesse Clark, Elizabeth Elieson, Keith Grover
VP Technical Director/Playback: Adam Millet
VP Stage Manager: Caitlin Black
VP Technical Assistant: Abner Apsley
Colorist: George Carlston
Filmed at Wadley Farms Castle, Lindon, Utah
© BYU Records 2017

Words by Howard Ashman; Music by Alan Menken; Arranged by McKay Crockett
Soloists: Lexi Walker, Logan Shelton
Produced by McKay Crockett, Ben Fales
Recorded and edited by McKay Crockett
Mixed by Darren Rust
Mastered by Troy Sales
© BYU Records 2017

We are very grateful for the financial support of the BYU Alumni Association - Do you have a BYU Alumni story to share? Tell your story at  -  #Connected4Good). Other thanks: Ryan Crandall, Justin “Jigga” Ahlman (, Pizza Pie Cafe, Walmart of Pleasant Grove, Phil Shepherd, and Elisha Garrett.

For information about booking BYU Vocal Point for a performance or concert, please contact BYU Performing Arts Management at 801-422-3576.

Gilead Arnaiz
I dnt like it to end...!
dorothy tolentino
Ve en
Oh my goodness, this so adorable.
Trinity Simmons
That was amazing!!😍😍😍 I loved the women singing beauty and the beast in the end, you guys are awesome!!!😄😄😄
im glad someone says neither the way I do xDD anytime I sing along I go "nayther" and the singer goes "neether" and Im like XD????
I'm smiling so much 😍😍 this is so freaking beautiful 😍
cakepop xmas
is she in the one voice choir anymore?
David Siow
starting to love mormons
Faith Montesclaros
I love it😍😍❤️❤️😘
Meg Braun
Lexi is so grown up!
White Rose
Omg! I❤ it!!!!
Kevin Drew
I waiting for Beauty and the beast song and so beautiful
Chris Yeo
Once i started watching ............. i have to watch all the way till the end ......Creative and beautiful voices
I think I'm half of the millions of views
wanilia. nilka
Found this by accident and I fell in love. And, tbh, I am soooo offended that this little, beautiful woman wasn't the one singing it in "Beauty and the Beast" movie. Like, seriously, I really don't like this version by Ariana Grande. "Tale as old as time" by A Capella Medley is so so much better.
Jacqueline Vo
How did i not find this earlier?? This is amazing!!
Ashton Rosa
wow ... MIND BLOWN!!
Bushra Ansari
omg... this is so beautiful! want to give it 100 likes
Bianco Isle Delfino
dam the girls voice
Rhinny Huynh
This is the best video I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Holly Spinks
if they traveled. i would purchase a ticket to see this. omg chills
Darcy S.
this gives me the chills
Melissa Thouseau
C est incroyable ! Merci pour ce medley ! Amazing thank you !
cakepop xmas
where's gaston?!😂
Hailee Allan
Who could dislike this!?!! They put so much effort into it!! It doesn't deserve one dislike! AMAZING!
Tema Maama
beautiful! Go Cougz!!
Ge Frigo
Ami Ono
this gave me goosebumps omy this is so good
Marià Vayreda
bravo! bravissimo!!
Leonardo Cortes Da Silva Evangelista
incrível adorei
Elise Dewilde
i love it
mariyana hakari
wonder if i could give you 100 thumbs in 1 account. love this so much
Kat Law
Gf tgghgfff re😾v 👄🕵🏿🕵️
Robert Vincent
Incredible performance
Mari Sachs
I love the song! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite disney movie. You should do a cover of strong by sonna rele which was featured in Cinderella
Nateli Knaus
French accents on point 👌
Jarea Reyes
this is amazing! I had goosebumps while listening 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Gala with Ahjumma
now this is what you called "extremely amazing" 😍😍😍😍😍
Eva Álvarez
what's the girl sing beauty and the beast? 😍
Ashley Tube
All right BEST SINGER IN THE WORLD!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Karla Rubi
Her voice omg I want it!
Daniel A Key
the warblers are looking great in their new uniforms
Emilie Mourguet
I love This music
it's chloe ludovico
love it!❤❤❤
Ma. Victoria Acala
amazing voice and great combination of voice. all i say"wow"
Bella Chen
Fantastic one!
Lucas Pere
two words - LIVE MUSICAL !! do it now! broadway r u watching
Janice Matugas
Tam Ros
C'est génial ! Absolument génial !
Yindy Lovelia
Oh My I am speechless this is amazing and creative. Everyone in this video is all amazing and talented
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