Sinon Wolf {Princess of Power}
00:33 it's not real
Li ming
Babies are all the same all over the world, but when we grow up we learn different cultures, ideas, politics... we learn to be different up to be able to fight and kill eachother.
lilia :p
dads: there for life and death
Brooke the Equestrian
2:36 little butt head
Elfen Lied #Yuliana
I was laughing so bad at the slow motion ones
Latestcrayon 78
Why even add the drone strike...
Conrado Jr. Falsado
3rd one FAKE🇫🇦🇰🇪
Edgar Reyes
Can’t wait to be a dad
0:29 that explosion looked computer generated
Bree Cheese
1:01 when he stopped paddling i felt bad for the guy in the front because I've been the person in the front once paddling across another girl and my counselor and it doesn't feel good (counselor was also paddling but still)
JayJay Taco girl
my father caught my brother before he hit his head on th baketall court and now my dad has a scar.
Squirell Lady
Wow i wish i had a father like these men but my dads out of the dad was playing with me on his bed and he was not paying a close eye on me beacuse me fell asleep then i rolled off the bed....
Nathan Webster
2:20 hold him like a football
I’m bardock
Anime squad g
The second one was fake right😅😂
Lily Meas
My dad wouldnt dare do this to me
Sikander Ali
last friday I save a cute small girl by fall down from shopping cart
KA 51
Plez subscribe I got 0 subscribe
Turquøise Tia
00:33 is fake
alejandro perez
At 00:29 😨😨😨😥😥😥😥
Amelia Kozial
The third save was EPIC!!!!!! Like if you agree
sourabh anugrah
I m not happy with my family i m not living healthy and good life
Leila Nkule
Oh m'y god i am criying of laugh
0:30 FAKE
Ann Jackson
All of them were the best
Fatima Ayad juma
IT soooooo adårobo
yoo my
3rd one tho lol
Kebo Kev
This is some amazing stuff
cry!bxby l
my dad is ded
Rmoze Bakr
اشتركو بي القناة
Gtg_angelinaa 22

Dad saves daughter from diabetes 😂😂😂
Maria Kamara
When u don’t have no dad 😭
Neri Estanislao
The first video the baby is so cute because the t-shirt is colour pink and the mummy pretender back of the body need pop it lol
Grandma Beverly
did that rocket fire really happen or was it photoshopped???? they could have been dead!
Sanju xbow
00:29 tht fake video
Sunny & Luna show!
Dads won't let anything hurt their kids. :)
Kaydence Hughes
I think the one with the blast thing was fake
LoveKAWAII _Liveit
Jamil Carter
Lps Panic! At The Disco
"YoU spilled YoUR BEeR!!" me as a kid though XD
1:05 was the most scary
KawaiiNoodleRama Art
This is why dads should be given more attention that they are just as important as a mother to a child
Madeth Jumantoc
Best dady
Beanie Boo And LPS Quick Draws
0:28 is best
Ayeleen Mata
0:58 wow shes hanging the worsed parents but good idk what to say good parents bad parents
Avalon B.
Omg 😳 that was close
FunFei4 Ever
Naveen M
These ppl are catching what their condoms couldn't catch... Lol
Mimi Animations
Ձփձիվգռիկվ- this is so cute
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