Ana Fernandez
cool music
CookieGamer_HD II
That beat dropped harder than Jake Pual Subs...
Don Diesel
my fayboret song
Amy Haylor
a little bit like.....something just like this?
Brian Galardo
Good, jobb
jojo Washington
love it
Karen Gibson
it never says roses one time in this song
Nico Stiegler
The Drop 😍
Cooldude 22
Been looking for the bar of this song. Why don't they mention it when they play i?
Aziz Başkomiser
Porno film
MyaNerdHeart MSP
All Of The ChainSmoker's Songs Are A Work Of Art!! For Once Someone Doesn't Make Song That's Cringy.. I Love All They're Songs
Kushal Dave
best beat drop ever!!
Sarah Bohman
How do people like this? What had the generation come to?
It has drug references, no instruments, and no talent.
CoololShadow and EmillyShadow
Roses ft actual roses
bubblegum 4337AJ
I gotta get my toast, this is my jam
Caro` Wang
Nice song
Runalyn Berenio
I love this songs<3
Madi Devericks
anyone know any more songs that sound like this that are unpopular? looking for something with this vibe that no one has heard before!
non-existant thing
non-existant thing
davidisdank 1
Comment section

90% horrible beat drop jokes
10% came for music
It's not ear rape if it's consensual
lil bev u no im dope
so many memories
Lennard Hemkendreis
I'd rather have this still image than most of their videos.
master at gaming
Yonathan Andrada
how see it in 2017?
Dee Wiggs
I only come here for 1:28-2:13
juan manuel vasquez velasquez
me las canciones de The Chainsmokers SON son elegantes
clasher hd
This was my loves musik
adwai bowlekar
anyone with lyrics????????
Ngọc Thùy Lê Thị
fuck chínmoker
Low Enders
Say you'll never let me go :D
Narawan Chatchaiwong
so good 😃
hoang pham
i like this song when setting 1.5
Rosalia Catapang
Roses :D
Lily T
I love this song , KEEP IT UP!!!!
Rafeed Sultan
Miss this chainsmokers
foxy_boss23 gordon
Love this song
Angie Harris
The beat though ❤❤👍👌
Brotherz playz 109
this is such a nice song🤷‍♂️
Barry Ross
Vincent Weber
love it
Rose Spoon
Kim Gillum
Do you know this song sucks?
Avi's Channel
Anyone listening in 2019???
Gabriel the gamer Guy
Kolt aloncin dolin
Kaylee Meyer
OMG I love this song. Didn't know this is what it is called :D
tin nguyen
Chainsmokers 2017 isn't better than 2015
Alia Adhal
Roses are red,
Violets are purple, not blue!
But I still love you!
100 likes and I make a letter out of this and give it to my friend.
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