Logan Paul on Losing 15% of His Testicle

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Logan talks about his most recent stunt fighting an alligator, the most dangerous thing he has ever done and reveals how he lost 15% of his right testicle.

Jimmy Kimmel on Mass Shooting in Las Vegas https://youtu.be/ruYeBXudsds
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Logan Paul on Losing 15% of His Testicle

Trojan Hell
Everyone of 130k like who’s fan of LOGAN is missing 15% of there right nut .
I love It
Is it just me or does Logan look like a more handsome and young Owen Wilson
Wait, he actually has balls?
Devon Reed
Christina Hamilton
This was odd
Mary Mahfood
But compared to his brother he’s like a regular cool guy which isn’t saying much but still
yvette ely
1:01 wow
It's Viviii
I love Logan 💕
if logan died in that vlog it would be the only video of his i ever watch
Jackson Allen
Soos Klips
Little dick😂😂😂
Butterdead Neo
Ya ya
Joshua Alexander
Logan Paul would be a great president 😂 Now laws
Valiant Music
Ya -Jake Paul 2017
Why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why
Mark Synth:RealityIzPainful
Oh he crae crae.
vhyper 1
This kid is so irrelevant
Mr. Weasel
In interviews, the guest tells stories, but as we see, these "creators" are incapable of being professional and don't deserve their fame. Get Good Mythical Morning, or Ryan Higa. Not the Paul brothers.
Kiara Zoe
Polly Smith
1:28 he claps but no one claps with him. 😂
Grace Sankey
This hurts me
Grace Sankey
Real Stafe G
I have more respect for Logan now
Sounds about white
Trevor Scholl
How does anybody like these people
Hell Me
The most awkward interview Jimmy Kimmel had ever done...poor Logan, tried hard but the audience just couldn't get his jokes. Luckily at the end of the show, the audience seemed to clap 'happily' probably sense of relief after a painful 5 minutes...lol
Kion tehrani
5:51 his YouTube gang like me and other people would’ve been more louder than those people they don’t even Watch his videos with you so we should be up there laughing our asses off and screaming for him!
What a stupid guy
Ben Braun
Evelynn Adams
He doing some drugs man
Tiberius Caligula
He’s such a D O U C H E
The audience are all Jake Paulers..
KingAnthony299 !
3:02 Thank me later!
Batlock 12
At least he admits he's stupid.
Wolfie Adeena
Keira Ng
has he ever been interviewed even I could do better then him
Coles Cheeched
Justin Peng
Don't mind me, just here to dislike the video
Hassan Hussain
I didn’t know Logan trains with khabib training partners
dean la maine
Logan is so hot wink wink
samantha emily
Why is he famous? 😂
Retro Remix
I swear to god the ya
Ethan Keller
what an idiot
Levi Javan
5:58 😖
Théodore Poirier
He seems so nice, SEEMS...
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Why are his eyes uneven
Why wasn't he on bizardvark? He would be perfect...
James j
How? Its already a woman
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