Ramsagar Choudhary
so cute as so cute dog
Мина Таскова
и аз имм куче и знам че.одоеолстеието е голямо и бих дала 700 милиона харесвания за това клипче
vasilia oyranoy
Patrick Johnson
they are so cute I love dogs
Chhay Ki
lindao Pina
1:00 tao lindos
Redmond family
Sooooooooo cute
hasada miku
coolgirlBahar Gaming
um that was not funny that was only cute
Penny Toogood
Those puppies were cute
Yeshua Salinas
Yo qui ero uno
Reinjiro Ancel Ong
Jillian Espelarga
awwwwwwww they're so cutttttttte
Linsey W
watch this videos after watching a scary movie or videos at 12 at night IT WORKS (tested)
Palak Kathari
looks very cute
Evan M Alferez
so cute.....
Erika pircio
So cute😭
Bryan Cabrera
Constanza Vega
me im notiso el vidio********
Arris Salazar
So cuteee adorablee :)
Hana Kimi
Hello🙋..i need some advice here..if anyone ever read this comment please do reply~!🙏my friend record a video of her puppy "playing" the ninja fruits game on an ipad..literally there was a man who is also her friend holding the puppy while playing the game..the puppy's expression seems like it doesnt want to play but the man hold it's front leg to tap on the ipad..knowing that it tries to refuse,he kissed the puppy on the head and continued..can this situation be called as an attempt of abusing or hurting the puppy???
Ishika Chauhan
nice video
Andrea Ramirez
que. son. tienos
Make sure to sub to my channel
Zakia Benaissa
nataly juarez
aaww its soo cute
Emely Santana
🤧😭😢 there so cute 😭
Emely Santana
Mattie Ryan
So cute
Sofía Rodriquez
Cute video keep it up! Can you maybe subscribe to my channel for a new sub from me!?
Maria De Jesús Tirado
So cute!!!😍
Lunar Moonlight
Cats Forever
Who got an ad for the movie, A Dog's Purpose 🐶
Blue Diamond
thanks for subscribing to my channel I really appreciate it
Blue Diamond
im not sure but can you subscribe to my channel :)
Blue Diamond
cool and funny videos.
Blue Diamond
I subscribed
HV Kids Collection
Great Video
Nurlaely Widjaja
So very cute
lovley gummys
There soooooo cuteee!!!!!!Subscribed!
Katana Pelkey
Kathleen Pierce
sooooooooo FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kawaii hatsune miku channel
yes i like dogs forever
Janella Somera
raimundo silva sousa ray santos
Dksn Azreenah
So cute
Kyoko Berlin Ho
the left is sleeping
Francis Dias
3:34 to 3:59 was so sad because I think the left dog was trying to bite the right one that's so sad and it's not funny
Francis Dias
I don't like dogs I like cats more
I love dog
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