Noah Ware
I think rice was trying to lick sommers ass
I’m part of the Logang and a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers ITS MY BIG DAY
Ben Cooper
Great ass
Roses are red violets are blue I just got click bated and so did you
Hernan Gamboa
go Denver Broncos
Regentbranch 79
Bro rice is a fag but god damn her ass blew me away with out even trying good lord one of her god damn ass checks is the size of my face or bigger like yummmmmmmm smashin all the way
E vloger
click bate
I am watching right now dang logan and ricegum where friends
Jackson Goodall
Logan is talking so much shit to sommor ray
Erin Wallace
Go Pittsburgh steelers
Jessica Kandy
I miss this😢
Lewis Ashby
The gaming Eagle
“Can I use you for clickbate” 😂
All the idiots that say (squeeky girly voice):omg rice and logan like hate each other now (me):bitch you stuuupeddd
Who watching 2017 October 19
Isaac Carpenter
that ass tho
stephon el
Who’s watching this after idubbbz dissed rice
pamela mendoza
I just came here when Logan used to like Rice, but now that they had a fight i'm just here like ):,c
Flash Does B03
who watching idubbz
Josh Berman
Ryan and Rachel Atwood
RiceGum is gay in his pink band
GalacticCap2206TM Youtube
1 year later Rice gum,Jake Paul,And Logan are roasting each other
ruth naut
Clout _boi23
Thats ricegum’s girl💯
jj dfsrgvdf
Logan Paul I love you so much I just don't like when you when you do that one more guy out where you show out your balls
jj dfsrgvdf
eat my balls
Willie Payne
Ricegum is the shit
Dushyant kumar
And today is the day .. Ricegum is making better content than Paul brothers
Hello Madafaker
Roberto Pierre
How many steroids do you put in your breakfast
italia pagaja adrianna
If so I think he was one of the best dancers on that season
italia pagaja adrianna
Yo is it just me but wasn't Antonio on dancing with the stars before
Logan, you and your brother are both disrespectful to woman u better be lucky u guys have money
Logan I'm so sorry I'm talking to rice but Rice stop acting like you like him Logan I'm doing a favor
linus tornqvist
screw you
Joshinofree Network
I love lululeom
lejane albinali
this was posted on my birthday
LEAB TheBaller
Damn dat Butt lol
Fade Gaming89
That moment when Houston wasn't my Favourite water park
lunar clipse70
My name is houston
Kyndred Riley
Whos watching in september
Elisa Lara
Now houston is destroyed
niamh strong
I think the beef is fake . are they that hungry for views
Peachy Peach
Joseph Yun me
Dragon Gamer
Who is watching this in September
Destiny Luv
Rice and Logan were friends???
sofia malgueiro
Haha remeber when they were still friends
Case Parsons
I love Antonio bro
Arianna Woodman
Ugh lululemon is my favorite place to buy leggings. If I was in logans position I would get every pair of leggings
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