Black inferno
For hit vs jiren full fight link here
Ryan Bell
win this motherfucker say that people want to see someone else other than goku get the big win, like who you referring to?! gohan... please! get real he's a fucking lacky these days lol
malachi dejesus
hit got elimnated by jiren in episode 111 ;~;
Anthony phillips
Sharon vs Hit it is basically the only one on the standpoint of competition that has come close to killing Goku on the standpoint of competition not actually aiming for his life because hit was never really aiming for his life he was just aiming for a true rival
Anthony phillips
And pardon me for a lot of them misspelling and things of that sort because I'm using voice to text
Anthony phillips
Okay since you don't want to make a prediction I will make a prediction hit is giving Goku enough time to go ahead and get his power level back up freezing is going to give him some of his own power so he can learn about self movement then was going to happen Goku's going to be at a total new level completely Beyond everybody ever has thought I had an idea about and you have to understand this by the previous episodes Dragon Ball Z Dragon Ball GT Dragon Ball Z and Dragonball you have to understand Goku never loses no one wants to see Goku fail let alone when he does fail or he does get really really badly hurt because what we know as him being the saying it just increases his strength so ask myself the way I look at it I understand this turning out in one way and one way only the end game the invite the last two fighters are going to be Goku and hit because head is going to learn everything he needs to know to match up to Goku
Anthony phillips
Hit to kill Goku Goku 4th June June jumped in his place what is the purpose in that let alone freezer is going to give Goku some energy we know freezer is using Goku as a tool right now but gokusen go up and above where he was at let's learn from here
venu gopal
Goku just got rest and frieza give some life to Goku .I think he is going to control the heat dissipation from body
CePe Perkasa
There is a theory that freeza surpassed all warriors, at the end goku even jiren loses, and the last hope is vegeta's new power
Mehigh Cholo
Frieza is thinking to achieve the ultra instinct at one point an kill zen-oh sama ~ just a theory
asif shekhsanadi
Thinks for information bro
Chaitu Naidu
This guy repeats himself with some utter bullshitty words with same meaning ...he is utter nuisance
Neko Chan
You really dont understand the episodes -_- just shut up if I were you
ronelito sustal
ohh Fvck But This Episode Is Not Finised
ronelito sustal
They Have Boruto??
Will Powers
Click baiting cunt
Future Zen-Oh Sama
I believe that Damon is the strongest warrior in the tornament
Think Jiren as a distraction to make the arc more intersting
Damon has an ability to be invisible and cannot his presense cannot be felt by other fighters thats the reason why we din't got much information about him and it was revealed at manga he is indeed the mortal that is stronger than a God of Destruction.
This could go in a other way tho i'm not very sure if damon needs to fuse with his twin insect in order to surpass even god of destruction level.that explains why quintela is carefree even he saw how powerfull jiren is
Jesus Cisneros
It not silver eye its ultra instict
Mr Kingu
Do u have the cod song in the background
Spoiler !!!
The Eternal Rinnegan
Well now it’s confirmed being called Ultra-Instinct
Vin Allan
That Frieza vs Jiren
Mighty Midget
I say call it ultra saiyan form
Bruce Marlatt
What if vegeta sircums to goku's superior power after the silvers power up so his resolve is to give goku all his energy to give him a chance to bring out the silver eyes form again and finish off jiren, or hit beats him and it ends with u6 vs u7 and vegetas resolve is his rematch with hit cause gokus still to tired from the fight with jiren?
wow you called it
Pierre Gabriel Gallardo
The they only they can beat jiren is when goku and vegeta work together as whiz said
Mob Daily
Dude you sound like a retard. You can't pronounce jirens right worth shit.
Mark Henry
Without new form of goku he don't stand a chance against Jiren may be he will get some energy from freeza to fight against Jiren
John Aldrin Dionisio
Maybe vegeta will fusion someone?
Abuzar Khan
vageta will reach goku silvr syed power in 112 and he fail to win than after some episode goku and vageta will fuse and universe 7 will be the winner 😀
Mr Waseem
Saw that last second when freeza talking to goku and shooting blast. ...... can anyone one explain me about that????
Tim Pletl
annoying these spoilers
Gautam Batra
Hit will interfare between goku vs jiren as when hit was in trouble goku saved him so now hit will help him and will not let him get eliminated. It reveals next episode title that says hit vs jiren
Sridhar Kkvsm
Maybe just like when goku first transformation into super saiyan against frieza in namek...he was defeated by frieza in the starting and later got control over is power and defeated frieza... In the same way... Goku might get a new form in dbs 110 but still be defeated by jiren... But as the admit said if goku fall down then the whole tournament of power is waste... So I think when goku is down on floor, hit might fight on behalf of goku and give him sometime to recover. And about the invisible fighters of universe 4 I think gohan might take care of them by transforming into super saiyan white,because in the training fight between goku and gohan,....gohan mention that his trying to archive a new form that no one ever seen...anyhow we all should wait and see what gonna happen in tournament of power because more 30minutes are left, and I guess that means there are atleast 30 more episodes till the tournament complete...
arron mundy
I've been saying goku saved hit at one point. Maybe hit is returning the favor and gets in the way
Manggo Goyo
in previos episode guko already show SSGod... why not he use it against jiren?
I think ribarrene wiil interfere between the fight and so hit will ask jiren to fight him
Toko H
I recon gokus next power up will wreck his body & he would need time to get used to it so hit jumps in & takes on jiren to give goku time to adjust
Anthony Castro
Hit will interfere the right between goku and jiren, as goku is battered and just achieved a new form . Goku haven't used to it's new transformation and later will collapse. As Hit has a debt from goku (saving him from one of the troopers ) and promised goku to fight in the end , hit help goku in return and buy some time to goku to rest and master the new transformation.hit will be eliminated after fighting jiren. This is my thought. Share yours....😊
Sora Light
Even if Goku loses to Jiren Universe 7 still has Gohan
Sora Light
I think ep113 will be Gohan & Piccolo vs Kale & Caulifla
suneel reddy
I assume when Goku falls inbattle before jiren throws himout as pay back for what Goku did hit faughts jiren followed by vegata after jiren elimates hit buying Goku to recover
irfan roony
what about gohan
Guru Pratap
1 out bar not rewire
emperornito ciro
Did it really say "original" saiyan power? Or maybe Gohan will finally get a chance to showcase his full potential? Or i hope so..
sub me and say don and i sub you
Christopher Reid
Hit going to step in like goku did with dyspo
Mary Grace Acilo
On my own opinion.
Goku use his SSB x max kaioken power to fight jiren but it is no use then gokus body would collapse and the never seen ki would shown while he is lying on the ground then hit will stop jiren while goku try to recover his body and control the never seen ki
Prafful shroff
definitely i want goku to be kicked out.. LOLz,,, Vegeta
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