RiceGum Exposed Part 1 - Most Disrespectful Video on Youtube ft. iDubbztv

Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bukzXzsG77o

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Real niggas watched to the END! if you watch to the end... Comment so i can send you some free merch... btw this shit was way to long... never request a video longer then 10 minutes.... SIIIIIIIIIIIIIMPLE
Bhindy Sandhu
Sol I watched it til the end
This mother fuckers a dummy 😂
Dj disco
i watched till the end
Edgardo Rosario
I did it
so you tellin me you watch it live but how tf you know it was about ricegum? idubbz only revealed it was ricegum when it was 1 min in the vid
Tyrone collier
i watched to the end
Chase Hendrix
late asf bc I got my shit taken away, but do some more irl vids. you won't see it but still.
Davedy is Forever
kelley wright
So wyd happened at the end U watched the video Rice wouldn't be shit without the diss rapper
mussab toursheen
john ashy
All idubz details are shit tbh
Legion Nightmare
I made it to thuh end G😂
Ant Grindhard
Hell no he not gonna he nice
Ant Grindhard
I watched to the end GLTTT🙏
Alfred ENT
10 Likes We Cool
40 Likes We Friends
60 Likes and We Fam 😂
Marla Karter
You literally defended someone who won't even look at you irl for making fun of homeless people. You're fucking disgusting. You're so eager to get rice ball fans to subscribe to you that you'll say him making an illegal sex tape and putting it on the internet is cool "cuz he ricegum may niggaz ya know is kewl".
Marla Karter
You're either retarded or a piece of shit like your rice gum for thinking ricebawl is a cool dude and those females deserved to be treated like dirt, or that his rape comments are funny. You are literally GARBAGE.
Trei Lewis
Where my free shirt at I’m sleep
I have a feeling I'm not getting that free merch 😭
Tadarrell Leonard
Took me awhile but finally finished the whole thing
C Sturk
This nigga will not be as good bro. I promise that bro
watched the whole video vro
Kiz Daniely
Lmaooo buddy said his desk was half broke
A bunch of other people watched it because people who went to the video and differed out it was rice gum told everyone
You are a nigga I am too how do you like a white faggot saying the n word non stop
Tae Smoove tv
I dont want a shirt but that is a nice shirt but im good I watched to full video and liked
Did this nigga just make a one hour video on Ricegum
Kobe Flash
I watched it to the end
Xx Yeet Nett
I Watched This Shit To The End On My Dead Aunt And Uncle Give A Real Nigga A Free Simple Tee That Shit Litt And I’m Going To Get 3 More By Just Buying It “Simple”
Pedro Hernandez
Get me a shirt
Angela Valdez
No he wouldnt
Angela Valdez
I hung in till the end NO JOKE
Did this nigga really change the title. He got so bias after iDubbbz said Nigger. One word changes his whole opinion.
John Smith
i've watched to the end, hook me up nigga
agustin cruz
Dont know if it to late but i watched the whole video an subscribed size M
watches til end
Jeffery Johnson
Lol the ghostwriter put him on but this guy was going at him tough! 😨😨
Kai ohhai
Lol dude you defending Ricegum is honestly pathetic.
darren spencer
I’m late But Ima still needa shirt

Kai ohhai
Ya know its one thing to make a rape joke..and another thing to joke AT THE RAPE VICTIM.
jh on
clout chasing???????
Use the J & J keys, dude. What are you doing?
Mercedes Smellyogre
I love watching his vids high af I didn't feel like an hour
Cook4 Clips
My nigga so I never thought it that way thedissrapper is really post to be rice gum
SUBSCRIBE to me if todays a good day
Anony Mouse
Yet another fucking talentless nigger making retarded reaction videos.
iDubbbz's channel is not about destroying other channels and his content cop is not what is supposed to destroy one's channel, he just critiques the channel, and you are supposed to take points from it.
If you weren't such a retarded cunt you would have known this, fucking kill yourself.
Caleb falzone
I watched till the end check if u can not lying
Aaron deal
Where my shirt coach
Hernan Diaz
I watched all the way through
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