SML Movie: Jeffy's TV Show!

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Jeffy and Mario get their own reality TV Show! But they need to change a few things.

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Disaster control engaged. New video Saturday morning!
Noodle Arms Schaffrin
Xxfoxythepirate 2897Xx
New 2018 penywise
Jaylee McMann
Am I the only one who paused the vid to read the contract? Lol 😂
123 Isabella North
Nic show 🎥
Justin_Lord 02
lachlan hayes
the contract says he has blue hair...
TG pro gamer
If my tv show was in my house and I got replaced I would say no to recording in my house
Pastel Time
A guy that got killed he was the dad of the main character and they have their friends to help then to find who the killer was and it would be a cool but it will have jokes on it and it would be a show for kids 🙂🙂🙂🙂
Cherish Hatley
if I had a TV show it would be about people that turn into animals to learn their lesson.
Eazy E Mcaa
Make a video of Jeffy 17 years old
Marlon Cuevas
Tito the one with the purple hair???
Jacob Z
My show will only be about sex oh yea
Cici Johnson
It would be about me and my mutant family and my hedgehog and and Werehog and Vampire friends.
Marilyn Keay
My tv show would be about your video
Marilyn Keay
Chareth Cutestory
SML ur mom is a man
Kenneth Dickens
Screw that they can't do it in Mario's house
funwith zoey
Teeds tito
At 2:33
The Contract Says This contract states that I, Dewey Donedidit will give you a reality television show in return I will receive your house, your name, your belongings. I will also receive your soul and all potential earnings. Forever. This contract is a scam. Run. Now. This is a warning. There is no going back. Once you sign it you are screwed. No backsies. During the making of the television show we will have the right to change whatever we feel like changing. We own you. You are nothing. You have no rights. You are our slaves. Just to be clear. You trusted this guy in a blue suit with blue hair and a yellow bowtie. After signing this contract we will tell you we will give you $15,000 dollars. But we actually will not do that. No money will actually be given out. If you agree with this contract sign at the bottom. Thank you suckers!

Thank Me Later :)
Adrian Tobin
Hi Logan love your vids
Kitten Crusader
About how much jeffy beats his diaper
Rusty Shackleford
It would be a Star Wars tv show based off the old republic
Wolf Fie
I read the contact XD
core fire
Hey did he don did this 🔪👱🏻
Every Body Hates Chris
Jose Anibal Bentez
Why Jeffy shot his dad
Jose Anibal Bentez
Why Jeffy shot his dad
awesomeness jr
Toby rivera
Probably coffee adults like that
Issak Sanchez
My TV show will be a gaming show
Steven Flores
You yes you Mario you are not Mario you are baby mario
my tv show would be about poop emojis
Jeff McCarthy
The contract says that he will have there soul and house and everything else if they sign it. which they did of course so now they are bonned.
Dulce Macario
Who else read the contract
Savagegamer 101
Tito come outside.
Jeffy: who the fuck are you
Charlotte Sloly
My tv show would be about your channel... to tell people how great this is,tell them to sub and stuff
Abby C. Linville
Omg Tito
Bleachless MSP Gaming
If I had a tv show it whould be about how I have no friends
Randa Wilson
I really want you guys to make Jeffys Favorite Sport
Rozzy 13
Who else paused to read the contract? 😂
Taymar Brown
1:50 gay
Joshua Perez
Holy shit wtf that was so f##king scery and also good the video was cool but wtf
Cohen Cole Gamer
That's chilies brother
pigalator 12
Tito can't act for shit
After the vid:

Rosalina has to go
The monkey has to go
The microphone has to go
The camera guys have to go
The cameras have to go
The ratings have to go
Tito has to go
The viewers have to go
The house has to go
The world has to go
The universe has to go
The galaxy has to go
Justin Brown
Sml Jeffy gets a portal gun
KJ Fourte
Aa jeffy would say it would be about me pee pee in a butthole
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