Baahubali 2 - The Conclusion | Official Trailer (Hindi) | S.S. Rajamouli | Prabhas | Rana Daggubati

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The most awaited trailer of the year is finally here. After years of wait, the second instalment to the Baahubali series is ready to hit the theatres. It's bigger, better & grander. 

Baahubali 2 - The Conclusion in cinemas on 28th April, 2017.

Presented by Karan Johar & AA Films
Directed by S.S. Rajamouli

Baahubali 2 stars Prabhas, Rana Daggubati & Anushka Shetty.

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ghanshyam kumar singh
very poor and rust movie with rust graphics
Jatin Kaklotar
fadu maybe
Damini Sharma
"Mahendra Baahubali!"
Copy rights
1000 croresssssss !!!!!
who else thinks that prabhas(baahubali) looks a litle bit like anil kumble leave a like
ajay singh
bharath bharath
when did bahubali release in China ? we are waiting for Chinese box office collection record
Shankar Koorella
1. పార్ట్ వన్ బాగుంది
2. పార్ట్ 2 ఊహించినతగా ఏమీ లేదు
3. దేవసేన అంటె బల్లా కి ఎందుకంత కోపమో వివరణ లేదు, బల్ల భార్య సంగతేంటి?
4. వివరించాల్సిన సన్నివేశాలన్నీ 10 నిమిషాల్లో ఐపోయినై
5. పెద్ద యుద్దం ఊహించాం, అదీ లేదు and more... errors.
VikAs BhAti
Best Film Between Sachin: A Billion Dreams & Baahubali
Lets Vote !!
Here in this only Trailer I have noticed something Brilliant:Many best & epic scenes of the movie aren't reveled at all in the trailerwhereas in other movie trailers, they put the best scene to good movie.. loved it
a shit crap named bloody gamerz has uploaded baahubali 2 pirated movie.... on youtube... pls look over it n remove it....
Mohammed Hamza
Raees was a flop... Raees isn't nothing compared to Baahubali 2: The Conclusion. Proud to be n Indian!!!!
Mohammed Hamza
My favorite Indian Film...
rohit sharma
This movie is not about north/south/hindu/muslim... its about pride of India and its culture.
soorya roshan
Bahubali is so amazing and sensible personality, he deserves better than devsena.. Devsena is short temper arrogant women, because of arrogance sivghami got angry, but bahubali paid the price for devsenas stupidity.
Rohit Agarwal
the 2.5 hours watching this movie was the best moment of my life😘
telegu film industry... ! omg! they don't copy, only they can make epic quality movies
Cricket zoned -be legend
hate u dislikers
Rajendra Bagarty
Prabhas fan khan movi mat dekho hamasa bagban burai karte hai bekar log
devi fransisca
Download his movie ok
HotSnowFall // HSF
We want bhaubali 3
The twist
Like my comment if you like bahubali 2 movie let me see at least I need first 100 likes and 1MILLION SUBCRIBERS OK PLS BEGGING LETS SEE IF I CAN GET 1MILION SUBCRIBERS OK GUYS
Richie max
katapa ne bahubali ko kiu mara
Rakesh KING
what an energetic trailer
Rakesh KING
south indian cinema just owned bollywood
Vishal Ahirrao
Baahabali is India's Avatar...waiting for another version.
Resty Moran
Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (2017) Movie Available in ( HD )
watch now :: ( )
Laxman Prasad
graphic level ...awesome💓
Mukesh Ratan Bhardwaj
If the war music in trailer has been used most of the times in movie itself, the feeling of audience within them would have been BOMBASTIC.
Saptarshi Banik
awesome movie guys must watch
Anu Malik
nice movie
Jyotsana Yadav
I watched this movie twice in the theater and one time at home
Pranjali Bajpai
nice movie
yasir manzoor
from where I watch full movie
mean from which website
sanjay kumar
sanjay kumar
KidzSuperfun HDTV
stupid overrated movie
Vìjàý Vèřmå
Super movi my best movi bahubli or bahubhi2 plz bahubhli3 banaiye plzzz request u
Xioami Note 4
nitha acharya
just finished watching the movie 5th time..n already feel like to watch it again..😂 wat an epic movie.. hats off to Telugu industry..
Desh ka bhed
bahubali 2 broke 1600 crore barrier, not even released in china and japan , more money coming ....
Dara aulia lestari
Baahubali 2: The Conclusion Full~Movie~1080p HD
Movie Jos:
Partho Chanda
31k dislikes? Wtf happened?
Ahmad Hassan
soundtrack song ???
manaoj sanghve
Pls see guys this movie is amazing all actors are super especially prabhas and kattapa
Alex Jones
If you see in the last scene when Mahendra and bhallaldev were against each other the background is sunny
But in the movie the background is dark
Sangita Sihag
nice movie
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