Dyslexic Sperm Bank

richard bransondyslexiamade by dyslexiadsylexia

The world sees dyslexia as a disadvantage. It's not. 

This film highlights how far peoples' understanding of dyslexia still needs to change. One in ten people are dyslexic, accounting for more than 6.5 million people in the United Kingdom yet only 3% of people think it is a positive trait (YouGov research 2017). 

Find out more at www.madebydyslexia.org

Aye Naw
the only way that Dyslexia is a ''Gift'' is selfishly, If you are Richard Branson or Einstine and you think you owe your success to Dyslexia then Dyslexia was a Gift, but that means to ignore the many millions of inmates in prisons?, the many depressed disenfranchised drug and alcohol addicts?, and the suicidal impoverished out of work? or worse, the in work exploited under paid in illegal jobs?, forgotten soles without a voice!, talking like Dyslexia is a ''Gift'' to all is to sweep ''the vast majority'' all these damaged lives under the carpet, living in a bubble and ignoring the truth. for the vast majority of dyslexic people Dyslexia has been and continues to be a destructive nightmare!, stop trying to make a cheap buck out of a very real problem, Be realistic and talk about the majority of dyslexic people, and not just about the very lucky few, and you will know, without question, that it is not a gift!, it is a very real problem that society needs to address, pretending that we are all on a road to success is damaging to the millions that are struggling, if it were being honest, this video would add many millions of peoples pictures to that port folio that have never achieved but instead had their lives destroyed by being Dyslexic in our society .
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Chloe Winch
This is an amazing way to show people this. I'm dyslexic and I get called stupid and other stuff. People should get educated about how dyslexics see the world ( reading, maths, writing)
This teated me up just because how much cruel thing get from people who treat people with dyslexia and this was lovely to see and here awareness.
gurmehar singh
i have been called stupid, lazy and all that kind of shit when i was in middle and preschool .
Lord Keem
I think my history teacher is in this video. Omfg
Guess the agency junior team did this one. Childish and purile.
This is one of those ideas you have in a pub and next day wake up and realise is a bad idea. Obviously they didn't. As a dyslexic I think this is naff and takes us back not forward. Lets champion out skills not highlight people have negative attitudes towards us.
Chris Arnold
What a terrible ad, an idea nicked off Dom Jolly. Typical of so many gimmicky online videos, trouble is no one will watch it to the end as it's too long. It really devalues dyslexia and is far to long before it attempts to make any positive point. It starts from a negative place. This does nothing for dyslexia. As a dyslexic I find this devalues us.
Edith Ayer
This is brilliant. My only criticism is you have NOT depicted even ONE dyslexic FEMALE in this video. Not even a photo!!!! Here a few you should add: Whoopi Goldberg/Cher/Selma Hayek (Actor), Carol Greider (Nobel-Prize Winner/Scientist), Nancy Brinker (Entrepeneur), Maggie Aderin Pocock - Scientist), Liz Ball (Teacher), DIane Swonk (Economist), Bonnie Patten (Lawyer), Jeanne Betancourt/Ocatvia Butler/Wendy Wasserstein/Agatha Christie (Authors), Patricia Buckley Moss (Artist), etc etc
Made By Dyslexia-- This is great achievement for dyslexia. Just wondering where are the females? I wish females with dyslexia had more visibility.

The video is a 'sperm bank' so maybe that is why it does not mention any females?
I 'suffer' from dyslexia and it has never held me back. If anything it's helped.
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