jayme Witmer
Todes bunny magets snakse
sqiud king
Geckos and tree roaches
Bob blilybobjoe
I have at my homes is snacks and bevres and sea lions and the Oregon slender salamand
Ana Preciado
Can we look for lizards
Dragongamerboy AProudHunter
Did that banana slug gave lice at 3:40 look at its side
tafarie edwards
I live in Miami Northwest 68th Street next door to a two-story house
Lj Irwanto
MrCrayfish isn't going to be happy about this
ManjotMegaMan - Pew!
The Sidewalk Cop's? Geezers That's A Red Light For The Parent's.
Gabe was also a dog's name.
Khloe Saeteurn
The memories....β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜’πŸ˜…πŸ˜
Davis ;D
Thats so discussing but so cool at the same time and cool sweaters
Barbara Babuka
Do a banana spider
Tilly Chandler
Zach hough Vlogs
Lots of turtles snakes and newts in Clover Sc
Beth Henry
Beth Henry
farz wherever you arez
haha no
Mohammad Akrami
i have like 10 geko lizard in my back yard i sell them for 100$
Dawn McIntosh
I luv your videos
Gray Smez
I have lots of lizards
Lucero Velasco
Please never have these in another video ever again
The Wolf Pack Boyz
You are the biggest insperation and sooo educational
Lydia 123 Chavez
tis is orlando i have a creek in my back yard and theres cray fish and water snakes and a lot fishis. and
Orrien Geedy
I no a river with a lot of fish
Orrien Geedy
Can ic
efrain machuca
the animals that i live bye are my mom dad and sister lol
Pedro Araujo
Chris Seaman
I would like to meet u one day you seem really cool and I like how u always outdoors ,same with me lol
Alex Yu
Isaac Street
I've eaten a banana slug.
Nicole Roldan
XD lol i love that yolo life and just randomly grabbing poisonous newts and stuff.......
Kawaii Hitler
yasmin moran
cotten tale in my back yard 20 long 9 year old and i fond
Noah Neal
i have went to the redwoods and i found one in my frount yard
"This is Gabe! All hail Gabe!!"
Hector Laura
we have Southern Pacific rattlesnakes
Symantha Wiles
when they set the crayfish go i said "NYOOM"
Nathaniel Rios Del Gado
coyote in my backyard I live in Texas I'm six years old in the living room neighborhood I have a sister too please take me to the wild one day and then I could be exploring as I never did and never saw you
Jonas Lake
I love salamanders
Sandra Yunita
Cool may me human Indonesia
new chris and martin
dont click on read more

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Nathaniel Rios Del Gado
coyote go to my backyard Texas 6 years old
Jill Volpe
Lots of spiders and ants
Jennifer Wilson
Do this kids always say the same thing at the same time. Wow weird
Christy Nichols
I have a huge pond in my back yard
Shanza Kashif
Dane Leidesdorff
''super sticky'' more like ''super scary''
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