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On this episode of Coyote's Backyard, we're teaming up with YouTube sensations Gabe and Garrett for one awesomely slimy adventure!

While hiking in the Redwood Forests of Northern California there is one creature in particular that really does stand out from the rest of them...we're talking about the GIANT yellow slugs of course!

Not only are these California Banana Slugs absolutely enormous but they also happen to be all over the place...and being that they are bright yellow you really can't miss them. In fact, there were so many slugs spotted on this adventure Coyote sent Gabe and Garrett on what he liked to call a "Slug Challenge" what is a "Slug Challenge" you might ask? Well let's just say you have to see it to believe it!

Get ready to get SLUGGED!

Huge thanks to Gabe and Garrett for joining us on this adventure and getting themselves covered in giant was great fun and we can't wait until our next adventure!

To check out Gabe and Garret's super fun videos visit their youtube channel

On Coyote's Backyard we're sticking to the trail because animal expert Coyote Peterson wants to show you all of the cool creatures that live just outside of your house, or in your local parks nearby. Sometimes the opportunity to connect with nature is a lot closer than you think!

If you or your family want to be featured on an episode episode of Coyote's Backyard please let us know what amazing animals live around you in the comments section or by emailing

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Ian Garceron
At the picture i actually thought they were snakes
Dark Rays
Those kids have their own YouTube Chanel they pretend they're cops.
Gianah Reyes
In L.A we have flies...
I wish I could hunt with you!
I call them crawldads and I find bigger the size of your hand
Brendan Kiraly
i wuns got bet bi a trantrlu
this was just too precious!!!
Boden Rea
I have a bearded dragon to show off, frogs,birds and ants
Tato Agosto
Cool stuff!!
Serval Craft
There are salamanders, toads, Snakes, coyotes, deer, rabbits, and some slugs near me
Blow Me
I have one more test to see who's braver

*unzips pants
Blue Sheep aka Ipadgamer
It feels like they have their dialogue planned out XD
Carol Link
Jenny Anaya
i want to explore tide pool creatures with you coyote
Jenny Anaya
i want to explore tide pool creatures with you coyote
Jenny Anaya
i want to explore tide pool creatures with you coyote
Jenny Anaya
i want to explore tide pool creatures with you
Jenny Anaya
i want to explore tide pool creatures with you
Jenny Anaya
i want to explore tide pool creatures with you
pond vides
it's slugzilla
the signal crayfish almost looks like a yabbie
Angelina Reznitskiy
+Phoxal LOL
Estella F
My 4 yr old son went crazy for this vid!! Totally subscribed. Thanks so much for your videos, so much fun for us to watch!
The Wilderness
there are foot long unidentified lizards where I live they are purple orange white and black maybe coyote can come over and take a look they are nice calm and hard to catch! ive cought one
Deborah Edgmon
I din watching you sins I was 1
Sweet Avee
i watch gabe and garret all the time
Snazzy Gaming
Legend says gabe the dog's spirit is still alive
To M
I've been there omg
bulldog girl
I have a ton of red bird and I have a creek behind my house with a lot of weird snakes and lizards
Daisy Kriz
Video of me finding animals out in my backyard like snails and slugs snails and slugs outside yes definitely we can definitely find some cool snails and and slugs because that would be just super super cool and I just love snails and I love snails slugs in I just I love Coyote petersons videos
Daisy Kriz
Your the best coyote peterson me and my brother love you and your videos.we live in Virginia beach
Daisy Kriz
Where I live there are a bunch of animals such as:turtles,tortises,lizards,frogs,foxs,snails slugs,and dolphins in the bay.
Sir meows Alot
Why can't you drink salt water because there's salt in it and it can make you sick why you can drink fresh water because it's fresh no salt and it won't make you sick and it's in a water battle in bathtubs,showers and in sinks
Sir meows Alot
What's a habitat an habitat is an animal that get used to where they live
Sir meows Alot
Five oceans Atlantic, Pacific, Indiana, Arctic, Mediterranean
Sir meows Alot
There are sapling and tree,moss
Sir meows Alot
What do you need to survive water,food,shelter and it looks like there in the rainforest why is it kinda dark because the trees are blocking the sky and sun
There picking up toxic newts and centipedes meanwhile I'm in my bedroom with a haz mat suit on trying to kill a mosquito.
pokemon king
hi cyotte please sub to me
Anne Cole
side walk cops cabe and garet
DINOboy 20007
your slug is bigger than mine 😂😂😂 mines 20 inches
Well done boys
Ojinprime89 channel
gabe and garret that like toys
Hans Acain
Eat the crayfish
Steven Star444
Steven Star444
I live in Lantana Wall #21 big 21. Door 255! where we can find Scorpions, Worms, Beetles, and maybe lizards!
Pixie Stubbs
the crayfish is so amazing 😮😀😀😀😀😀
Sharon Gitau
But this was a cool video
Sharon Gitau
Ewwww I hate slugs
Toni Gray
my address is Madison County hoges 1050 road white house
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