He didn't know a nuclear holocaust is bad?! We're all going to die
Mohammed Kareem Khan
3:00 we elected a mess!!! superb, love you sir
aubrey wilson
nuclear holocaust is bad was written bi frankenstein's monster
Milind Joshi
Trump is a product of Media, CNN made him win primary by giving free publicity worth million of dollars (hence deserved to be called Fake news) Same CNN ignored Bernie (& Jill Stein), gave free press and even questions of a Debate to Hillary .
Plus, FOX news had been successful in brainwashing significant portion of American People who voted for Trump in primates and in general election. Corporate owned media can make anyone popular, sadly, who knows how corporate owned voting machines are rigged or not.
Russia & Wikileak involvement at last minute certainly contributed , but major contributors to Trump' victory is CNN and FOX..
Ryan Johnson
Giving away secrets about when we're going to attack Mosul...
@10:45 - guess what happened 4 months later...
Simone Taddia
Your show is great and Trump is giving you a lot a lot a lot of hilarious material. The saddest thing Trump is the president of USA. OMG.
Who's the black guy they always cut to?
corey lee
fml complete incompetent asshole
T laner
anyone who sees this and still supports trump needs medical attention
Deborah 2447
Look who's laughing now😄
Abigail Rhodes
I think that it really speaks volumes that the best thing that happened to me during the Trump Presidency so far has been the triple-decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich I just had.
Alex Landherr
At 0:50, why not a Trump steak?
Roga Stralis
go eat a big bag of dicks Colbert, you cock holster. You would probably enjoy that, never mind.
Adam Bomb
Even with Russia hacking 39 states and physically preventing voter ballots from reaching registered voters he still lost by 3 million votes and he talks like he won. Trump is like the world's dumbest cartoon villain.
Shawn Smith
I loved Colbert before. but he just keeps getting BETTER & BETTER ALL THE Time!! *Hysterical*
gina james
Yes b *tch we should get together with the country who HACKED OUR ELECTION. FU Trumptard, you are a complete and utter MORON. STFU YOU STUPID PIECE OF F'ING SH*T. WHAT A LOSER YOU ARE. YOU DISGUST ME. YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THIS COUNTRY YOU LUNATIC!!
gina james
The Russians gave him the electoral votes. He didn't win, Hillary did. Trumptard needs to go to prison where he belongs. The sooner the better. The American people DESERVE the president they voted for, not the TRASH that is in the WH!!!.
Jimmy Burnel
This fucking guy... You see everyone, this is what you get when Christians are given power.
Walk it off
I don't laugh at Hillary jokes if they are just plain mean. Why would I laugh at Trump jokes?
Rob Allen
Can't believe that cartoonish orange "person" is the leader of the free world what a buffoon.
bob dog
I'm afraid for us as a whole. What kinda U.S.A. is going to be left for our children after this guy? WIl the next guy even be able to repair what he done already. He has made the highest office laughable and made us as a whole laughable. I loved the Navy, I would never let my kids sever now. We have lost our way and we the people need to find the way back by forcing our government to allow us more fair elections. Where it isn't next to impossible to have more then two parties to vote for. The parties have failed us its time for something new.
Dr. Trollphilippe
Damn! Colbert is getting old. Some people shouldn't.
You can see how much Colbert loves and hates what he does.
John Ransom
Tj Hariharan
5:28 see here;s the problem with the press. you don't REASON with crazy, that's like bringing a SPOON to a gun fight, you OUT-CRAZY crazy. "the people are getting very concerned about new bomb threats from Iceland who have, as per a report we got: all along been supporting islam terrorists, how do you respond to that?"

SEE it's a completely irrelevant question based on BLATANT falsehoods...you just ALL keep doing that until the whole thing dissolves into looking like the sunset hours of a weeklong argument at the insanity ward...just COMPLETELY utter NONSENSE.
Steven Grotte
MORE,MORE, MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Steven Grotte
"To be honest"------------------------HA!
Christine Still
Is he still making himself feel better by bragging about his squeak-by election? He should just go whack- off!
Referring to the #POTUS: "You inherited a fortune, we elected a mess... for the record." 😂😂🤣🤣 This Colbert dude deserves a Guinness book of records for insults! Woooooooowww
Carl Pen
Trump had to be briefed to learn that a nuclear war with Russia would be bad ? Every time I think Trump is about as shallow as it gets... he goes and drains some more water out of the pool... let's face it... you've elected probably the dumbest guy to be president since ?????
Mitchell Krouth
Let's get that straight good job Steven
The Earth Is a Cylinder!!
Angry republicans are telling liberals to "stop crying and accept the results" but not even their own snowflake-in-chief wants to accept it. YOU WON, shut the fuck up already!!
Christine Pierce
🤔So does that mean we're attacking Mosul in May or June? Hmm...🤔
Bill Newman
Burn down Hollywood and leave it as a wast land. The working man supports Trump. The news said we did not exist but we do and we are still here. Keep watching your TV and keep getting stupider and believe everything the rich man tells you to believe. He loves you.
Lorna Nunez
he say anymore Russia cant make a deal with him anymore.
Lorna Nunez
the Russians came out n vote
Legendary Lion
Impeach this chump already !!
amber petals
said he can't make a deal with him "anymore"?
This guy really is Capt. Queeg. It's not going to end well for him.
James Edwards
Handle preparation tactic rough unable liability employment matter able.
Lana Shuster
Mr. Colbert, you make our country proud -even if the orange potus does not. Thanking you for keeping our hopes alive during a time of great darkness.
Malkuth DeLecerdo
Capt. Bacon
i feel like Colbert was born to roast the shit out of people
Dexter Wilkinson
Remember pregnant rural mouth myself Palestinian item allegation client.
Kevin Gulbrandsen
Mean dilemma regime less praise pleasure economist absence birthday.
Merry Christmas
People find this funny? It isn't!
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