Couple Lives In A Future House For A Week • Ned & Ariel

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Ned & Ariel attempt to live sustainably in a Future House for a week, and make more energy than they use. It's the Net Positive Challenge! Presenting the 2017 Hybrid Hyundai Ioniq. Learn more about the 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid:

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Outside Cast
Ariel Fulmer

David Hertz

Robert & Monica Fortunato

_ZyLx _
Like how people want electric car. But it burns the same fuel as gas does
Oh me bring vegetarian has its benefits☺️😁
Валерия Листопад
Ariel looks like Vilde from SKAM
Noah G.
"Energy cannot be created or destroyed."
Mante Skar
what did ariel say at 0;22?
Zac Steinberg
"We have a great water system"
Pan to a hose in a bucket
whats the song at 3:40?
man, my parents would love this house! my parents are so economically efficient with so many aspects of our lifestyle and they would love this place :)
Worms did that 😮?
do couples of the future also get paid to tend their garden and wake up with the sun? sorry, mama, but I gotta work. who has time for this?
Shula Solomons
Wait... he doesn't know what radishes taste like?
Kiwi Fantasy
Sure, this may be convenient in the end but it costs a lot of money to actually build.
Annabella Benvenuto
My aunt has a light with a Bluetooth speaker in it and a blue light and a strobe light!!
Carolyn Meiman
Apparently Ariel and I sound alike. Ive watched this video 3 times and every time she says Ok Google my phone picks it up and starts a google search.... Anyone else have this happen?
Crazy Girl2103
is it just me, or does Ned look 100% more handsome with his hair all messed up? 5:37
rogue commenter
i thought i saw a giant penis in the thumbnail but it was just neds arm
Lily Kamp
The light bulb speakers are available to the public, actually. My sister has one in her bedroom. It's cool
Abby Cole
"Here's to the future Mr. Fulmer." Made me very happy and I'm not sure why
John Smith
These are the whitest people on earth
Kayla Unknown
She is literally Piper Chapman.
Erik Emerölduson
Someone, please. start a gofund for these two to live in this house.
Mais World
The music that they played through the lights was used when Ned did his fashion walk when the try guys got their fashion choices changed
Freiah - Beth
What a lot of people don't know is at this rate in the world CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 5 WON'T REACH RETIREMENT YEARS! LOOK IT UP! GO VEGAN!
cutiecat gamez
Krish Patel
No washing machine is future
Dawnn Cristiana
This is good cause most produce foods are in plastic packaging so heathy food do not really have packaging so it force you to eat healthy
Jayden Nelson
Actually, you can't create energy, you only conserved energy.
Lily Padi's voice
I like how arial had totaly better art XD
Derek P.
The only problem is eco-friendly housing is (usually) far more expensive to build. If I had the money, I would gladly do it-- however, for most people it is simply a dream right now. Which is why eco-friendly industries need more subsidies so research can be undertaken to ensure it's affordability to the average American.
Swager INC. Kirk*
what the hell... "solar power is pollution"???
Hiền Phạm
Ariel's worm-art looks like a cool pink-blue marble tile, I actually kind of want it
art remark
Alex Eden
That moment when you are listening to future house music and this video is in your recomended tab...
Grace D
They're so cute
Your Biggest Nightmare
6:40 Damn. Ariel is actually thick af! And her personality is amazing. I understand why Ned keeps talking about her. (The dress is red because it rhymes with Ned)
They said to make energy...but I though energy cannot be created or destroyed?
listening to future house music video. suggests a video with the same name but. not related @ all
Morgan Wilson
Ned is basically a big child isn't he
Dougong The
So the solar panels on the roof is enough to power the rooms with a billion lights in them?
Arrianna Stark
I wanna cuddle up with you.... So bad.... Just like laying down next to each other..... I wanna so bad.... But I can't....
Edelweiss Weaver
the whole world is not going to be vegan, and the entire world is not gonna stop using gas. the world is ending, get over it
omgosh this was one of my fave buzzfeed videos ever!
DankSpicey Memes
69 killiwats hmmm that's weird
ankita sudhir
this is real

1% of fresh water
99%is saltwater
Ms. Jackson If Ya' Nasty
69 kWh power they used most of the energy in the bed
Ariana Rolon
I WANT TO LIVE IN THIS HOUSE! I want my lights to play Kpop
Nico Schurr
Why didn't they give you the ionic electric. That's much better for the environment!
vikas tiwari
Basically future house means back to village...
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