Eli Fox
You can build a small house with solar panels and a garden as well or just add to your existing house... doesn't have to be expensive to make a difference
tbh i hate ariel
Andrew Lee
honestly, I'm not exactly someone to conserve but I hate people that take long showers. It doesn't take that long to wash your damn body unless you are seriously damn nasty af. A lot of people take long showers because they want to feel good or wake up but that is really a waste of water. Takes me 10 min tops if I wash my hair but if not then maybe like 5-7. In and out. If you wanna feel warm then just put some damn clothes on after.
Lewuin Peraja
JP Sillick
Make more energy??? Energy can be neither created nor destroyed Ned
Ths Kįtty
You know they future fucked
David Taylor
Don't solar panels contain a chemical that no one knows how to safely dispose of?
"We are keeping it soo local.....10ft away..." HAHA
Little miss Scottish
After you see the it movie and hear the words grey water 😖
These two are too cute!
Galactic Fireball89

BuzzFeed should totally do a "Couple (or people) Live In Their Dream House For A Week"!
Issabella Vlahovljak
At 2:49 ariels face tho
6:53: I don't get super pretentious about art but.. seeing that painting in the background. I really wanna buy it. Like, right now. I don't know why but I keep going back and looking at it.
Alo I is Alo
Im surprised ned didn't make any puns with is name and net positive
La Tete
What's te name of the song at 3:34???
Muse Asvhedu
Ned and Ariel are so cute together :0
mhkq786 mhkq786
Looks like a normal house
Charlie 27
Buzz feed please create a separate channel called Buzz feed ned and ariel or something where they go out and do stuff and stuff like that.
Diego Alberto
Their relationship is very good! Damn, you guys are so lucky!
ik that the paint is non toxic but poor worms lol XD
3 X In a Row
How much is it though?
Music producers where you at????
Maurice Lushwena
That house seemed to have a lot of plastic and items from China to be called a smart house to me
i feel bad for da worms
Tom Smith
If you haven't already started, let's get going with the babies already. You two are going to have some really cute kids!
Grace D
they're so cute AUGH!
The boss 777
When u said future I thought u ment like cool tv and like cool stuff in the house lol not a luxurious house lol 😂
Davis Ireland
I hope I find a girl like Ariel when I'm older.
Mille Sophia Fjærli Krüger
OMG!!!!! the 3 house !!!!!!!!♥
Mille Sophia Fjærli Krüger
i relly liked the 2 house'♥
Justin Nguyen
Tbh Ariels worm art looks pretty good
ReprXRam Gaming and more
I'm vegetarian
Yo yo yo slow down, you want the peeps all over the world and restaurants and industries to do good to the environment, then you will at MOST need more than 1600 trillion dollars, not to mention doing good to the environment also means help the animals from being poached for medicine myths or ivory , especially over hunting or over fishing will decline the no. Of animals in the species drastically, this cannot be stopped as it has been going on around through the centuries, and therefore really in the near future we will never see animals in the wild, only captive, the wild is now not a hunting ground for predators, but for poachers. There were ways to help the animals not to be poached for example cultivating the animals in a widespread of wild area or land to breed them into numbers and allowing only one of every 100 animals to be sacrificed to make into ivory or medicine, while the other 99 of the group will continue breeding and vice versa. The we are not the problem, but rather our intentions are the problem to the environment, we give excuses to earn profits while we slowly pluck out pieces of the heart of mother nature till there is nothing left, sorry to break it to you, but unless there is over 1600 trillion dollars to bribe the whole world, we can only face none other than extinction within 200 years. Hope this enlightened you, thank you for your time taken.
Typical car commercials.
We have the power to have this future right now and be more greener and healthier, so whY do people question why we're still producing so much greenhouse gases!??!?!????1!?? Maybe because we don't all just have $800k to buy a house...idk I might be wrong tho
Jalen Galloway
Neds laugh...
Anthony Otlowski
tries to justify being vegetarian even though humans have teeth meant for eating meat
Clive The Führer
Normal Danish house
Rain Bun Unicorn
Not a couple video without Ned and Ariel
Katrina Love
In every other video I've ever seen him in I always thought he was gay 😧
Crying Seal
All u have to do to get kids is have unprotected sex ned hurry up
Ayden Wyckoff
What is that song they played in the video
Foxy Thepirate
Drinking game, take a shot every time Ned talks about his wife
Artus Barris
Eating local is not "sustainable" both locally and environmentally.
whats do song in 3:45
Kai McKenzie
I really like eating beef.

Very selfish. Gross.
Alicia Bowen
My problem is they act like this is all so easy and low cost which some of it is. There are plenty of things we can do on a daily basis that can help the planet but for most of the stuff in this video you need to have a 6 digit salary to afford.
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