Couple Lives In A Future House For A Week • Ned & Ariel

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Ned & Ariel attempt to live sustainably in a Future House for a week, and make more energy than they use. It's the Net Positive Challenge! Presenting the 2017 Hybrid Hyundai Ioniq. Learn more about the 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid:

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Ariel Fulmer

David Hertz

Robert & Monica Fortunato

The Ginja Ninja
dumping worm tea like that on a plant is a sure fire way to kill it... you have to use a 1:10 ratio with water and put only on soil so it dosnt burn the leaves.
lemonlime H
This video should be called Ned goes Net Poaitive with Ariel
Travis Takamori
Does anyone else jump straight to "Smart House?"
claire crocker
really happy they talked about the effects of animal agriculture
Kayla is a weeb
5:38 downward facing dog into cobra like a champ. these may be sun salutations my fren
Gaming With Rafael
I was expecting the Jetsons, not some new age hippie mansion.
This place is great if you, are rich, dont have kids, and can spend 10 hours a day maintaining a small farm.
Callie Fredenberg
Love these two! Towards the end when Ariel said, "Ok Google" I about lost it because it turned on my Google Home as well 😂
Under Gamez
Don't cry. Craft!
Lost in my thoughts
Yes, if you're not vegan it's not sustainable.
in the future, we wont be using solar panels anymore lmao and we would use so much more energy
Mr_great_at _everything
Imagine the people in Saudi Arabia they have electricity x7 more expensive if they had solar panels they would save 10000 dollars a year and its supper sunny and hot there
Its not a future house when its in the present
Kayla Hi
Kazuha Akihara
@5:17 I could totally hear the no-no-no cat XDD
C-Ali Is here
But that subtle google sponsor at the end
Dawn Nikkelson
5:43 he should really say " don't mind me I'm just rapeing the floor "
Oh come on enough with the sponsored content
69 kWh
Douglas Logsdon
Please stop spreading ignorance about red meat. 1) Some (not as much as we typically consume) red meat is necessary for men to maintain their male(ness). Vegen sources of protein increase estrogen in men, reducing sperm count and mobility. 2) Nearly every part of a cow is used today for more than just food, so assuming a 1300 lb cow at slaughter, 20.25 gal of water and about the same number of lbs of food per pound of cow over the course of 3 years it take to grow that cow. I am all for saving the environment, but please stop spreading ignorance.
Sophia Gonzalez
I think ned and Ariel should do a escape the room like if you agree
Homeowner: "you don't have to give up anything to make your house better for your life or environment

Also homeowner: "this house costs about $1000000"
Gabby IZanerd
Ned: Oh don't mind me just rising with the sun.
Ned: I'm taking as long as a shower I want because of science.
mr. mustasch cat
I have one of those lights
Rebecca Nëff
she looks like she's 45. how did he marry down?
Caitlin Kauffman
I can't live without meat like at all
Destiny Chan
Good job being sustainable!!
Nan Zern
U know it is a amazing video when it is 8:59 minutes long l
Olivia Johnsen
Hey there !! bring really love this result meartily veteran
Gracie Brade
Where can I buy love like this! ❤
Honestly I wouldn't mind living like this.
Laura Clark
Best couple in the history of Buzzfeed. Hands down.
Sarah Jeffrey
Except you're going to kill your plants because you haven't watered down the worm "tea" 😂
francine mirafuente
I think their baby will be soo cute!!
Marwan Algurg
Just Trash
me: everyone should be more sustainable smh

also me: has two lights on, along with a fan and air-conditioning, and on my phone
Tracey Marie
Ned's wife looks like Ross's ex-wife from FRIENDS.
I love these two together, they are like the Addams Family.
Trixie Dela Paz
At 3:43 Ned looks like a fuckboy
Roberto Romero
Do they pay Ariel to do these videos? Does she work for Buzzfeed now? Or what's the deal here???
Nigel Burke
This is what a couple should look like omg they're so cute
Rahul Mehta
White privilege meets shallow sustainability - "you don't actually need to change anything". And now the concept is ruined. Thanks, rich white people of L.A., for even managing to make sustainability look as wasteful as possible. How? Do the math on the carbon footprint of all that tech. Nothing in this video is even close to net-zero, let alone positive. You would need many lifetimes of use to pay this McMansions footprint off - not even including the car...
lizzie brown
Okay, but how much do you need $$$ to make these changes to your home and over all lifestyle?
ned looks so good in this video
can i just say this house is so aesthetically pleasing
Kaz Houser
I don't know if it's just me, but did Ned on the right of the thumbnail for this video look David Tennant to you?
Noella Clarke
My goals
ned and ariel are my favorite couple ever
Cogels Laura
This is not a house of the future ... these systems have existed for a while now and are used in European countries for example. But it's great to show people all these amazing possibilities.
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