Couple Lives In A Future House For A Week • Ned & Ariel

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Ned & Ariel attempt to live sustainably in a Future House for a week, and make more energy than they use. It's the Net Positive Challenge! Presenting the 2017 Hybrid Hyundai Ioniq. Learn more about the 2017 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid:

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Outside Cast
Ariel Fulmer

David Hertz

Robert & Monica Fortunato

Cole Parks
Solar panels produce more waste to produce than traditional power generation...
Danielle Green
why didnt they use an aquaponics system
Lol people scared of touching worms omfg
i love opal
name a more iconic duo
Michiko Yeung
69 kWh—nice
isac genetay
Jävla PK kärringar
you actually can't create nor destroy energy, you only transform it.
Wahhhtttttt this was actually just leading up to a Google AND car commercial the entire time?!?!?!!????!! I've been playeddddddd.
Demario Thomas
I would love to have a house like that
Someone Special
wine is not sustainable.
Madaw Rocks
Ariel: what is going on here

Me thinking: BECFEAST
Tris Harris
Ned kinda looks like Rick Cosnett
What's the name of the song that Ned made play out of the lamps?
Dale Bartlett
I thought I had adblock on.
Maureen The Bean
3:45 Ned looks like a swag teen
Emma Diaz
I need and want to live in that house 🏠 🏡.
Trinity McWilliams
I've been to that house before for a High School project the homeowner is super cool
JhSrUlEs Production
It’s a Hyundai Prius!
The lamp in my room has a speaker in the lightbulb
TheSnitchBorn 2017
3:38 what song is that
Peter Parker
The home owners look like an older version of them
Laura Ramirez
I love this videoooo! :D
So she just called the worm gross to it's face? Rude
Trouser Chanka
They separated after this video.
damn what a long commercial
You need to take the plant out of the pot before planting it xD
Tatiana Samuels
“Especially knowing we don’t have to change our lifestyle “ 🙄🙄🙄
Suga Not Sugar
They are living in my paradise
Honey Bee
This is great, I'm glad people are so conscience of their waste and energy use, but no matter if you eat beef or not, companies WILL continue manufacturing everything as if nothing has changed. Sorry, but it's true. I guess you could live with a clean conscious though 😀
Abigator Lewis
Honestly I'm really disappointed that they didn't name this "Fulmer House"
Kaia Kristjansson
Buzzfeed should make a Ned and Ariel show

Edit: thanks for one like
Rachel Xo
Ugh Ariel just annoys me lmfao
lalala girl
5:36 At one second,I thought it was Zach
emil falk
That part with ned eating was so ridiculously hi-res I couldn't NOT laugh
Alice Susman
Can I just mention Ned is ridiculously handsome, they look so cute together but Ned is such a hot dad i can't even
Cake Batter
Isn’t it illegal to collect rain water in California?
Bikin Film Yok!
"This is the future house. We'll save energy!"
"What do you want to do first?"
"I want to turn everything on!"
GGGamer 17
They have a nice car.
Javier Aceves
I literally came to see the video and see Ariel’s face. She’s gorgeous.
I got here from listened to future house
Jan Vloggaa
This was a great and educational video. Good job, guys! :)
Audrey Cordova
69? Heheh.
I like how the man is going on about “save electricity ... blah blah” and he has got a giant computer in the background!
Ninja Maddy07
This is so cool
Oh look buzzfeed of all channels is trying to make everyone watching this video Liberal, who would have thought.
Rhys Ofcake
I thought the worm art was pretty
Cami The Fennec Fox
Lmao I read that as "furniture"
Aniston Foley
0:22 In the future we’ll have a baby 👶, it’s the future where’s your cute little baby?!
emma lynn
this is so cool omg
Family LDR
We had a solar panel, but during the winter the snow ruined it, and during the other seasons all the wind blew it over and it smashed a little.
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