It's terrible! Very terrible. This show is impossible to watch! A shame!!!!!!!
When libs run out of logic they try to persuade the masses through humour then get shocked when they loose an election, bring on the next seven and a half years 💪🏼
The left has lost their mind. They are the true racists, fascists, haters, and lazy ass holes.
black man nathaniel
Nigga you call this entertainment? SNL straight up isn't funny no more.
Ethan Figueroa
I like trump and I still find these hilarious
Kate Hack
“wait...did I get him? Is this all over?"
So when (not if) the Trump story is made into a movie, will Baldwin reprise his role?
Ahmad Sham
Alec Baldwin was basically superhuman on this season of SNL.
Peter The Great
not funny
Splaticus Blah
Trumps mouth " I fired Comey because of the pressure from the Russia investigation" Trump brain, did I just say that out loud?:
James Dyer
It gets better and better! the only thing more hilarious is the real life whitehouse administration
Not much humour left in this show unfortunately.
Duke Sliskus
This is old news already, two talentless actors portraying two talentless politicians, for the umpteenth time
So many Republican snowflakes, it's snowing in May!
News US 24/7
thank you
What will Alec do when Trump is no longer POTUS?
Din Sel
The only thing funnier than this vid, is the Trump supporters in the comment section saying it's not funny.
Matías Camejo
Sean Spicer reminds of Kathy Bates!
Riley Arnason
Nick Smith
Not funny at all anymore SNL.
Aiden Memes
number 14 on trending and not even 200k views and no one sees a problem. But Russian hackers and Nazis!
clarity seer
amazing, stupid triggered Children​. hahahhhaa, poor Butt hurt sociopaths having tantrums. The next eight are going to be great!
john park
republicans racist, bigotted, anti-Poor- dickheads evil disgusting heartless, hit like if you agree
Vanilla Shake
fake? I'm make dank memes now
140 000 views and it's trending youtube tv and the news are so rigged
Rex Rexxington
All these triggered snowflake cucks need a safe space away from SNL LOL
lol what
Anton Schutte
I find the parody and mocking amusing, but disrespecting Sarah Sanders is over the top. Sean, Trump et al are obvious targets; Sarah was a stand in for a few days. You suck SNL
This actually isn't funny

Like it's just making fun of him but not actually good humour at all
I am milan
SNL is obsessed with gay humour.
Intrepid Cornball
Glenn has been abused by Spicer so often. Congratulations to him for staying strong in the face of such mistreatment. A true American hero. 1 like = 1 prayer
hugh jorgan
Enjoy while you can. SNL ensures posts with copyright protected footage never last long on Youtube.
Karl Lieck
Trump supporters want to live under a fascist regime.
Elston Solberg
pathetic humorless morons
zach way
I love how this is trying to use being homosexual as an insult.
Golden Arms
what happened to SNL? I remember when it used to be worth watching. I keep giving it a try but I'm always disappointed now, JT should be in the cast..he's funny
SNL...S....STUPID !!!! N....NOT FUNNY.....L.....LUNACY !!!!!
Alex Kramer
Alex Kramer
Ginu Raju
Very disgusting
Bruce David
First Stephen Colbert gay bashes, now SNL ends their skit with more gay bashing. What gives libtards? Where is your outrage?
Hermann van Zyl
Feel sorry for the Democrats, they cannot rule, now they make jokes.
Alec Baldwin's hands are starting to look smaller to me
This kind of disrespect towards the president is not OK.
Alex Kramer
Alec Is A TERRIBLE Trump Impersonator..... Jeez
Get that moron out of office please what's crook!
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