THEY WILL FIND YOU | Little Nightmares - Part 1

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Little Nightmares brings together some elements from LIMBO and INSIDE and combines them with a feeling of helplessness to make a thoroughly scary adventure!
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Maren Shields
11:27 (When a kid is forced to go outside and not be on their electronics) "I have a paper airplane?.... What would be the point of this?"
LizzyTheRed Fiske
Time to binge another horror series.
Sir Plushiez
Welp. It's Nightmariplier! EVERYBODY LEAVE THE PREMISES!!!
kitty :3
Steven universe Cookie cat
The kidnapper was the one carrying the trailer thing
"Goo away ples"-- Markiplier 2017.
Nicolas Itu
31:47 AND 25:59 WOW MARK !!!
undertale/wwe lover
1:31 press F to Use. Now it says press b to Blow
yan g.h
you are loud and annoying the way i couldn't continue watching for 5 mnts...
Dommie Plays
OOOOH filing canbinet BUT WHY
th3 guy who gave six the bread is named seven and he's a DLC character I know that because I'm from the future
Funtime Frexy
dude that was a Nome
Lorien Molo
lol you start to theorize everything when you've played fnaf and watch BTS MVs
N Gi
Mark: "I didn't mean to do that."

immediately after

Mark: "Fuck yo shit!"
Space The Spaz
I remember having a weekend-camp thing i went to, it was kind of like weekend school accept it was with a personal session. there was a break room. the play room in this game reminded me of it.
Daniel Kelley
fucking god damn it son of a biscuit? why didnt you just say it? XD im crying rn
virus 152
Rod Steyn
Or there is just someone else and there gender is a male 🤷‍♀️ I don't know "yet" maybe I'm going to make a video on it as well but ya we will see
Rod Steyn
Or there is just someone else and there gender is a male 🤷‍♀️ I don't know "yet" maybe I'm going to make a video on it as well but ya we will see
Rod Steyn
Nah! I'm going to call her or him but still I'm going to call him cause he is actually a male he is the gender male he is I'm not lying I promess I'm not cause there's secrets in the game and there is a boy in it so ya and I know that "jack" is a elf I know he is I'm not lying I'm telling the truth so who ever agrees with me like this comment and also........... I only like my comments 🙁
play fnia
edward nacion
Alexandra Ward
The eyes are those of a basilisk.
lol i finished the game like 10 times and never glitched :p so unlucky
Tim Samson
The girls called six
Daniel Perez
it was cool
Teeny Warrior _
I love it how he takes a minute to accept that he's on a boat XD
Jerrod Hipkin
there is nothing crazy in this game your way over exaggerating every little thing.
Dylan Lopes
3:15 i was yelling LIMBO ITS DARN LIMBO
Adrian Vincent Angeles
Daniel May
Better to watch Markiplier play. Tried to play the game, found it frustratingly difficult. Had to refund.
Johnnie Watts
Spirited Away meets Coraline
Did Mark say Like a boss
fuck yes..
Spectron Craft
que série massa
Kurnonupi AMV 2
Wow Mark Just gonna leave the cone hat little guy alone in that can and not open it
TheOne Piecedude
mark i hate u now u scared the crap out of me in this part " 3:15 " don't ever do that again mark DX<
Miranda Still
"BLACK INK CREATURES?!" Flash back to Bendy And The Ink Machine
XxCatCrewxX Kat
Can he press b to blow?
Sean Scott
This better not be an amazing game than have a
Inside type ending
Terry Dexter
franbow sequel XD
Syed Shashi
can anyone tell me who made this little nightmares
Texas guy
This dudes voice is not supposed to be on YouTube, rather a talk show or in broadcasting. Crazy. I couldn't pay attention to the gameplay. Lol awesome
Joon Leal
Thanks for this .
Kitty puppy
ok the maw is a place that people get fattened up to be eaten and your one of the protesters aka the lady's child and you have to survive
Kitty puppy
she mark
Mangle's Toy's
the lyric for the vid ( cause of deaf ppl) was on and it said frome something u said it replied aparently
Katelyn Duran
Were going on a trip on a very rocky ship, going through rough times little nightmares
Stardust axk
poor Six
devin weathers
any body animated this yet
Dylan Desselle
Markiplier, Did you or any of you guys hear? There's going to be a Little Nightmares TV series directed by Henry Selick ( The Creator of Coraline ) ISN'T THAT GREAT!!!
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