Its Diction
Wait does float mean die now???
Stuart Angely
You guys are idiots. Next time I ask a riddle I will also hold up pictures of the answers so that everyone can feel smart.
2M J3
For #11 he said answer was circled in green when it was actually in black
Maria Sosa
you are going so fast u hate this also you basivly say the answer
Melissa Perks
All the fish are actually still there here is real answer it says - before every number it SAYS MINUS 2 then MINUS 3 THEN MINUS 5 so they are all still there
Atif Malano
Grace Hermione Potter
This is a bit stupid. It gives away almost all the answers with the photos, and it doesn’t give you enough time! Also, they said 3 were floatingbut the picture says 3 died. And fish can drown, so there
Cheyenne Nguyen
On the fish riddled ( 12 ) all of the fish adds up to 9 fish not 10 fish!πŸ˜‚
Fresh Patterson
Erin Sullivan
fish can drown. drowning happens when water enters the lungs. fish don't breathe water, idiot.
Emmy Marty
minimum consideration headline strange neighbor elite coast experience
Boisakhi Sen
Please change your voice
Waelotheboss wael
πŸ…’πŸ…¦πŸ…˜πŸ…œ πŸ…πŸ…¦πŸ…πŸ…¨ πŸ…˜πŸ… πŸ… πŸ…£πŸ…πŸ…πŸ…š?
Maricar Rodriguez
jajao mago
8.very single place has e
9.a densities
12.still 10
jajao mago
2.father grandfather son
4.king queen and twin beds
5.half way
6.alive parashot died did not open per as hot
7.a coffen
omega the man
Michael GilyarD
Fish cant drown
Princess Williams
10, because they're shill fish in the tank (fish cannot drown).
My Life As Jessica Lopez
The fish riddle was wrong all of the numbers added up to 9 not 10
8ball pool Legend
Lol you mean all 9 fish stay in the tank not 10
Drake Knight-Graves
Riddle me this, Batman!
Hannah Lush
Fish can drown if they go backwards
Gamer of Gaming Games
For the e riddle:
Any more questions?
timmy industries
Fish can die and drown to....😟
Jem Greene
Wow. Mind. Blown.
Spencer shayler
There isn’t ten fish and it’s a easy riddle
Jace Knoll
I have a Nom
You that read wrong

No more tricks Lol
Bruh 3 fish die 7
Jacob Berish
First of all you are giving away the answers in each photo. Also you don’t give us any time to answer the fucking riddles.
Edit: sorry I forgot to say. This was shit and all these riddles I heard and were stolen
I got 12/12
Nabeeha Fatima
worst riddles ever
dragon tamer
Fish can drown. Now i know what most of you are thinking "They can't drown you IDIOT!!!!!!" But they can and here is how they obtain to much oxygen through their gills. Still don't believe me look it up on google or YouTube.
Tylers Nason
@ Oscarwmalma0606using other Soulssee what your addiction 2 alcohol and other weak diseases doesnever do you accept responsibility for your own mistakes ignoring one's true self and attacking that persons in her soul Just For Being Humanbex on
Elizabeth Shatalov
2+4+3=9 wut?
In the thumbnails it Says That 2 Fish drown. How TF Does a fish drown?
Susan Ng
Courtney Dawes
the fish riddle: u realize that u said there a 10 fish in a tank 2 drown, 4 swim away and 3 died but I said that all fish alive right well my solutions is this fish can die right and in ur scenario u said 3 died which will leaves 7 because fish can't drown and the 4 fish couldn't have swim away because they r in a tank so basically am right their are 7 fish leave so comment if u think am right are comment if u think am wrong
House Slave
10 fish in a tank: 4 swam away, 2 drowned, 3 died,

They couldn’t swim away or drown so that’s 6 that’s still there, the three that died, fish can die so they gon, and they aint say nun happen to the 10th fish so that nigga still in there which makes 7 fish still dere
April Flower
Can I ask something? How the heck can a fish drown?
Raydogg74 YouTube
Casey leigh
4:32 thumbnail riddle
Bogard Burat
thre are 7 fishes left
10 fish are in a tank
2 drown. Impossible there in water how can they drown
4 swim away hmmm the fish are still in the tank so it's still 10
3 die here's the hard one rather they died of plain age or they died from not being feed so the answer is 7
Mr. Sir
come on man :////
Chester Rogalski
Its trumps fault he is a little fishy
Pamela Mullens
the fish ? doesn't say 3 fish float it says 3 fish die, come on
Isabelle Scheele
a fish cannot drown
Natile Stud
Did you know there aren't ten fish in the last riddle there are only 9 so it would be nine not ten
Amazing Player's Channel
This music is the sound that is in Roblox adopt me
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