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Music:  Kevin MacLeod - Fretless
Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Narrated by : Darren Marlar

Jamesc HD
The answer to your fish question is 5, if there's 10 fish, they can't swim away as they're in a tank but fish can die and fish can drown, I know something that lives in water can drown?? But yes it's true they can. The oxygen in the water (H2O) dissolves in the fishes gills and if the water is hot the oxygen does not dissolve into their gills and it drowns them. So the answer is 5...
Jai's Media
Jeeeze I hate this drivel !!! Blow your mind with moronic crap maybe !!!
gundam fan
10 in a tank means 10 in a tank
Amitvikram lawaniya
Fizan Feroz
Not 10 it is 7 three died
KoNtRoL Bensta
your bid ked get of utube you tell us the anwer strait away thats reterdod like u di in a fir
Diane Coldwell
Aaaa 25 y3ars l8er
Pricilla Lloyd
Yes fish can die coz my mine got eaten by a bigger one in my fish tank so the answer is 7 left.
rainbowenigma 320
Pause or look away
Justin Edison
on the fish riddle u said 3 fish die
But for the fish riddle 3 fish died so there should be 7 fish left
DogBoss PRO
number 11: that the heck!? THAT IS BLACK NOT GREEN IDIOT!!
fish cant drown. they can, however, suffocate.
Ava Downing
On the fish said 3 float, but it says 3 die, so there would be 7 fish left
barry collier
What a load of crap
Mind not blown, I want my time refunded for the fake advertising.
The correct answer to the fish riddle is "7." The fish that die are no longer fish, they are corpses.
Raihan Butler
The fish one is 3, it was easy
this channel exists for some reason
1. Everyone has heard this and it is stupid as hell.

2. Again, everyone has heard this.

3. ThAt Oh Im So FuNnY LoL dYiNg!!!!

4. You ruin the riddle by showing the pictures dumbass.

5. A Backpack is not a parachute.

6: again, you show the answers in the pictures.

7. You don't have to explain this
we're not as dumb as you.

8. This is mind-blowingly stupid.

9. Just pick one riddle with the letter "E". You gave away the answer with the first riddle about this.

10: 12 riddles that will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!!!! This has to be a joke. The answer isn't even in green!!!

11. 10 fish are in a tank.
2 of the fish friking Drown.
This would make more sense if it was "how many fish are left handed."


There's only 11 riddles!! The title clearly is "12 riddles!"

Thanks for wasting my time. Feel free to delete your parasite money-grabbing channel. Youtube could use a bit more content.
this channel exists for some reason
2 of the fish **drown.**
Antoine Reid
Hanif Bashir
Adwarferad 4
I solved the fish riddle the moment I saw it.
Smart ways To live
U said 3 r floating but that's wrong it said 3 died fish can die in a tank the answer is seven
Elite Killerz
Its said 3 fish die so 7 are left wtf
Magic Tricks
I solved all of them.....
Jewel Cozine
In the fish riddle it says 3 die not float so that would leave you with 7 fishes
Glenn Holmes
The photos through the video give away the answer
Awesome_animals 123
Did u know that 2+4+3 only equals 9 im not trying to be mean but there needs to be one more fish ik u didnt make this riddle but if u known who did will u plz tell them bc this always bothers me
Greninja Plays
1. got it right
2. got it right
3. got it wrong
4. got it right
5. got it wrong
6. got it right
7. got it right
8. got it right
9. got it right
10. got it right
11. got it IDK
12. Got it right
horrible video with stupid horrible riddles
Got 1, 2 and 12 right
Angel Peo
The Oscar was circled in black not green
Ethan Ramirez
So its 7
Ethan Ramirez
On the fish riddle it said die and he said float
Italina Goncalves
it was too easy think of harder ones for me
The awesome Gamer

by the way may i ask u something.. plz visit my channel and watch my riddle videos .. just watch if u like the video then only like or subscribe.. i have started youtube and i hope that the people who use youtube are kind enough to provide this youtuber with some couple hundred views.. can i expect that much?? sorry to keep you waiting and thanks to stop by .....
i hope ur day goes fantastic :)

- Awesome Gamer
Brenda Mcloughlin
10.......haven't looked yet.
Mario Lopez
right fich can die and there are 7
Elaine Bradley
8. is wrong russa ends in a not e and Hawaii Poland Iceland the sea you me
Jamuna Rani
i told 10 questions correctly
Classified Unknown
First you don't give us enough time to answer. Second some of the riddles you showed the picture of the answer before giving it!! Sorry, I usually love riddle videos but... Just my opinion!!
Mia Cardenas
he gave it away with the pics for the dentist one
I got the last one
none makes sence......
Technically, the grandfather is a son too
Karen Thompson
fish cannot drown
Pinky Maye
You realize that it is a riddle you are supose to give us time to answer the riddle not just give us the answer,right?
It says die not float!
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