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Music:  Kevin MacLeod - Fretless
Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

Narrated by : Darren Marlar

Tammy Hua
FISH CAN DROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
NRL Gaming
fish can drown
Liam Willis
1:37 Note, I learned this riddle all too long ago.
Are You Afraid of the Dark Episode 1 "The Tale of the Phantom Cab"

give people a chance to answer......
Kyna Evans
I got 7 right
Gixer23 JJ
Gixer23 JJ
Fish can drown if they go on there back they cant breathe and get stuck and dir
John Doe
ofc fish can drown, drowing is death by lack of oxygen, if there are no oxygen in the water, they drown. Oxygen deprivation.
jordan black
The fish one wuz actually 7 cuz the pic said died but the person said float
1:25 Since when have beds been considered people?
Charlie Ellis
I got 11 right
Flip Master
So 7
Flip Master
But they can die
Jaime Rodriguez
Lynnette Martinez
On tje last riddle it said die not float so 6 fishes are left
1. Fish CAN drown
2. If fish die, then they are corpses. Not fish.
3. This video is terrible! The pictures give it away.
Lupita Hernandez
this is wrong fish can die in a tank
James Poole
yes fish CAN drown.. they need oxygen too.. Google it.
zzsoccerlover 1
Fish actually can drown. Fish have gills which separate hydrogen and oxygen in the water and take in the oxygen. So if the gills don't work properly and the fish can't separate the hydrogen and oxygen it can't breathe therefore drowning.
Antonio Garcia
their are 9 fish in the because 6 + 3 = 9
ItzErfan - Games and Vlogs!
These are pretty easy I heard all of them so yeah
John Bradley
No.'s "2 ~ 9" : did, because it was a; Series of Connecting Pictures! ## Otherwise - " I Enjoyed : the Mental Challenges ". ## John Bradley!
Rhiana Wanley
number 1 was so easy
Srinivas Arasu
hey the last one is wrong it says e are dead not floating!!!
Rave Dropz
One fine day in the middle of the night
A bucket of water caught alight.
A blind man saw it
A deaf man heard it
The Dumb man called the fire brigade
The fire engine came pulled by 2 dead horses
Ran over a dead dog and half killed it.
Jasoor Saeed
Kacy Watts
I got 8/12
Jay Moss
Facts verse you need to go back to school and all of y'all do fish can drown y'all nerds
ligvbl;ivb James
Fish can drown dumbass
Cash Allen
Btw it makes no sense at the fish I did the math and there's only 9 fish in the tank! Like if you is too!
ujwal majumdar
numer 9 is so easy
Jamie Marie
fish can drown
Hamza . Z
12 out of12
Zareen Ansari
I got 3 correct out of 12 I think that is pretty good what do you think?
Was Here
Too easy
Tori Garcia
The last question is wrong and not like that it is like this
10 fish are in a tank
2 drown
4 swim away
3 die
How many fish are left
10-3=7. Fish CAN NOT drown or swim away but THEY CAN DIE
Joseph Carlos
There is one fish left 2+4+3=9
Tyler hockman
why did you give the image now i now you gave us the image and i got all of them right
Paulina H
The fish can die though so theres technically seven left
Damian Guzman
it says 3 fish are dead. so it would be 7
Penny Fitzgerald
The funny truth is that fish scientifically can actually drown.
josefina marron
How are they floating they should be dead and how is it "10 fish in a tank 2 drown 4 swim away and 3 die that equals 9 not 10" it should have been "There are 10 fish in a tank 3 drown 4 swim away and 3 die" now that equals 10
Cinnamon Medows AJ
So there is only 6 :)
Miranda Mercado
um u messed up in last one about the fish. it said 3 DIE not FLOAT. so there's 7
Pop tart entertainment
Fish CAN drown
Nicky Diamond
Yeah me too i was like yey i will get this wright it is 7fish until he sead floating
The crew !!!!
there are 9 fish
Ariel Phillip
the thing is the fish are in a army tank
Thomas Bowe
Yeah it said 3 died not floated so 7
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