Unbelievable slow-mo video of Braun Strowman and Big Show destroying the ring: April 17, 2017

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Relive the destructive final moments of the April 17, 2017, edition of Raw in jaw-dropping slow motion.

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Dead Ape
Goodluck Nkiwane
yes please
Fuad Yusubov
R.I.P John Cone.
Harshvardhan Malpani
Did anyone notice the movement of Bigshow's arm?
So Braun suplexes Big Show, ring breaks. He hasn't broken any rules, so they should have ended this with all the officials in the ring but then Strowman gets down on top of Show and Strowman demands the ref counts the 3.
Sam Ville
For Honor... Raider...
Mohd Akbar
Kong vs Godzilla 👐
I like to keep it mello
where is the slo mo?
this is exactly the pace that the normal match had
Jovel Marc
that why big show arms broke
Oh so the WWE doesnt use the led screen on the apron and the led ring posts on this episode of raw and the Big show and Braun coincidently collapse the ring. Conspiracy!!! lol
The True J-Bru
This is an excellent way to ultimately put over Roman when he "miraculously" returns and beats Braun at Payback. I DON'T WANT IT TO HAPPEN BUT IT WILL OKAY DAMMIT!
Nasim N
What is the name of that move on 0:15??
Steve Austin 3:16
And in the end, the referee was hospitalised
Zeeshan Arshad
Funny was Falling Of Refree Out of Ring..😂
Asre salim
Who else dislikes the new position of the commentators...
Angela Laboon
Did Braun Srowman really do a kip-up? That's terrifying.
I didn't know braun strowman was superman and the monster from Frankenstein together.. RIP BIG SHOW. good luck Roman, you gonna need it.
Assitedbody7 ?
Btw bruan got up first became show took more impact
trade sing
Big Show Vs The Ring for Wrestlemania !!! Book it VINCE
It's the third time now
Sachin kumar
wwe real proof hai
This music was used in the promo of CM Punk vs The Undertaker at WM 29
Samuel Brenham
I love wwe
Strowman is like the Modern Hillbilly with the beard version of Debut 1997 Kane.

With the exceptions being:

1. He Speaks.
2. He has a Beard.
3. He doesn't wear a Mask because he wasn't burned as a kid.
4. He doesn't control the lights or pyro or have any Supernatural Underworld gimmick.

But the Similarities are Perfect for be Successful and Take Over for the Attitude Era Big guys.

1. Is Legitimately Strong like Masked Kane was to Lift Big show and Body Slam him.

2. He's as Big & Intimidating as Undertaker and Kane were. 6'8" 330 pounds.

3. He can Run around the Ring and Jump over the Top Rope, and do a jumping Dropkick like Attitude Big Show could.
Tall Heavy people like that, Are not supposed to be able to fly around like a Cruiserweight. It's impressive & makes them a triple threat.

These are Good reasons for Strowman to be the Next Big Guy to take over for either Show or Kane.

As long as WWE Creative doesn't ruin him. Don't make him job to Blowman Lames.

Chris Li Loia
0:16 ... that slo-mo of Strowman jumping up like that is amazing... for him to do that at his size n weight... wow! just friggin' WOW!!!
Dave Da Duck
lol this is the most exaggerated ring break compared to the last 2 times it happened this time they had all 3 poles brake with the steel steps and referee flying😂😂😂
Soph Bru
The real Godzilla vs King Kong
sahil saini
if you look at turnbuckle post it was thinner while they usually use those thicker led posts 😊
Agus Yornet
Sports & Entetainment Tv
Braun will be new WWE lagende. He will go one by one with Btock lazner
M Rayz Rocks
This is the third time I've seen the ring collapse, with Big Show in it, of course. Much respect for this man. #HOFamer
Dakota Ladner
Anyone notice they didn't have the LCD screens on the ring.
Dre Perry
Why do they continue to break the ring and be surprised like this didn't happen 14 years ago
It happened twice
The first one was Brock lesnar and big show
Now Strauman vs big show
Joey Deane
0:50 RIP Hornswoggle.
Phillip Wells
Big show finally met his match.
Sentinel Erickson
Braun is easily becoming my favorite wrestler.
Manraj Ghataurhae
Nxt crowds are louder than these stupid idiots
lowe booty
Braun Strowman is the next Bill Goldberg
I have a 7 year old clutching a game of seige on my channel
Caushie Gaming
big show is still love
Emmanuelle Brunson
Steve Austin
Ah Big Show, the guy who makes the guy look strong whose gonna make the guy look strong.
Seth Rollercoaster
and after this, roman will beat strowman with one spear
lucky jemy rider lucky jemy rider
watch big show left hand
Always Big Show
Awesome match
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