Taz Farhat
My grandpa was in the building next to the towers in that day he's is fine now
"Scariest day of life."
Starts of with the cutest thing i have ever seen.
peyton arden
My mom worked in those buildings but she didn't feel well so luckily she was at home and survived
Joseph Naeem
Lie man!! The towers were inspirational...so sad all what happened : (
Maritza Pineda
I heard that accident it was so sad
Emily Lo
Emily Lo
You doh is so cute
Melancholy Man
What's his bike.
Burhan Bajwa
thats 9/11 why are u uploading that...
Lps Tayy
My heart goes out to everyone who had a loved one in that and everyone who experienced that. If I saw that I would be scarred for life. ❤️😭
wtf Casey neistat really saw the WTC attack
Lillian Snow
Whenever he was running across the street who else only thought of Chris Tregger from Parks and Rec.?
Jonas F
Thats why i will go to Afghanistan .
Plushie Woman
when does the exciting bit happen
It was CGI
Kitty Tv
I was born on September 11th but on 2007 not 2001. Everyone I told was so surprised and shocked. My sister used to call me terrorist or terrorist baby but I was harmless.
Anneliese Murch
I wasnt even alive.
Katalya Lynn
At the start I said to myself: I have that barking dog toy XD
Unknown Eggos
"That was the most haunting memory of that day" then what was the worst memory 0__o
M_ Queen
That was a sad story. My mom left New York in 2001. And my BFF's dad who had a friend in New York survived. I just wish if they didn't do that,NOBODY would be nuking,NOBODY would be trying to predict the end of the world,NOBODY would cry and think of this each day. But hey! It's what makes us who we are today.
Sam and Emma bushcraft
My dad was in the pentagon
Dep Vo
Hey when u said a Kung foo whatever u got a Vietnamese new year boy clothing
Jordan Donoghue
this was the first vlog i ever watched #039
Mxmii Jayy
I was born on 9/11/2003
sara h
what did he say when the screen goes black?
I have that dog toy
"People are going to need help, let's go" Casey Neistat is a worthy hero.
U need new son glasses
Mr Wrestlemania
Thank god bin laden died
Gabriella Pieris
Nathanael Van Schalkwyk
he looks like night rider
Jon Owsley
you need to sleep .. wear you glasses .. 👓 all the time .
If only he had his drone that day...

My heart goes out to everyone who lost a loved one that day. Though the topic is becoming less sensitive, our world will never be the same.
cardinal knives
first thing I do when a explosion happens and there's a building on fire I grab my camra
you look like a fucking neanderthal
I wish the Twin Towers and the original World Trade Center were still in NYC. I do like the new one, but I prefer the older ones.
Kate Elizabeth
Wow, I'm only 11 so I didn't experience 9/11 but this video completely changed my life a long with my teacher. He told me his story of it and it's absolutely insane
Pure Velocity
Pieces of what
Marissa Noonan
My uncle died in 9/11
Sohail Bangi
This was my birthday
Micheal De Santa
This may not sound like a lot but on 9/11 my dads best friend was a police officer and he had a German Shepard named Skipper he was so smart but he had to help him to look for some bodies to help people to get to the ambulance but the doggy was looking around a pile of dirt and wood when a piece of steel came down and almost killed my dads friend but Skipper hopped into action and knocked him over out of the way killing Skipper :(
ItzBallisticPlayz _88
Wow my bday is on May 1st!
Tiffany Ramos
So yesterday marked 16 years that you've been in New York! Nice
Tiffany Ramos
So yesterday marked 16 years that you've been in New York! Nice
CG Playz
Pieces of wot btw?
CG Playz
In my opinion, living in New York must be depressing cuz I live CLOSE TO NATURE and I've been in new york and I hate it
ET Gaming
Does he leave he's cameras at different parts of New York lol
Cassidy Maegan
I just went to the World Trade Center 2 day really cool but sad
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