Scariest Day of My Life

Music by Alan Parodi and Julian Piaggio

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Gerard Guitarist
You're so lucky, fortunate, blessed, smart or whatever to have had the good sense to get on your bike and ride AWAY. Many people ran towards the towers to provide help or just to see what's up and it cost them their lives. Did you ever ask yourself what inclined you to make that potentially life saying decision Casey?
"See you tomorrow night"
one word: respect
minh-tri vo
Attack of September 11
Brady Whalen Vlogs
I was born on 9/11 2006
Ate Bit Legend
So sad that that it was people not paper
Jack - ThriftyFX
Do you have the footage from the camera? The Circa one? About 9/11?
Bob Marley
I am one year older than Casey
Ronan Clarke
I'm Irish and I saw this video That They Were Tasting NY Food and this lad Rated it 9/11 ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)¯\(ツ)
Just That Girl That plays Msp Yay Add me.
My dad got a job there...Thank god He is safe I'm only 10 years old
Vicente Miléo
thank you
Alexis Cabrera
Who ever dislikes the video are dicks
Bunny hops
my teacher said that there was a fourth plane that was going too hit the white house but someone hijacked it and it crashed in the woods
Skull Slayer
good thing you made it out
Jansel Kenneth Tolentino
When one of the towers collapsed, there were firefighters and a VIP still in the tower. Those people were lucky enough and they survived the collapse.
Undead Zombie
title= scariest day of my life
Intro=a cute puppy

What is logic
Lewis's Life
He witnessed 911
Jonahtheboss Brink
Try use rc boats with attached GoPro as a footage idea. Try for me! Thx
Stefan de Jong
Omfg human It looks like awexorenesstobacco =‑3
DW The Wolf
Im a person that like watching meme copulations and im 12. Bare in mind i was born in 2004 and in the uk, if i see a meme about 9/11 i just turn it off because i dont uneerstand how or y people make jokes about terrorism its just sick. I hope that one day people wont make sick jokes..... People im 12 and i already hate people that joke abbout that stuff. They need to sort there life out and stop joking about one of the worst happenings in the history of earth. I dont usually write long comments but i feel strongly about this subject.. Stay safe people
I remember exactly where I was when it happened n it came on the news...
minecraftplayer Kim
Gooddjob!!!!!!!!!!! Do more airplane video can you sub to my YouTube channel
2 BirdsGC
I was born in Manhattan, NY and before I was born my mom (who lived in Manhattan which was where the twin towers collapsed) was getting ready for work, my grandpa called and told her to turn on the TV, and she turned on the TV, and when she saw that the towers were being attacked, she was horrified, so horrified that she didn't go to work.
Khris Bossness
my mom was in college at the time, and when the first plane hit, the power went out, and they all had to evacuate
Terminator Gamer
Casey I was born on September 11 2007 it was later but you said in a different video you said that day is the worst
Mike Greatrex
I really like your channel Casey
Rare4Life A
wait is this the big thing that happened in New York UGH I FORGOT THE WORD
Toy Lover
your camera angles are goals
Ronald The Ant
4:03 uh... did anyone see that white box?
life must be easy when you're rich, coordinated, and your body does what your brain tells it to do.
Daniel ramirez
at 4:04 you can see a flash card that says the c word
Elizabeth Polanco
My family and I lost a close friend that day. We visit his memorial here at my dad's office in Australia. I don't normally tell this story but.
On September 11, 2001. Andrew was at work (in the twin towers). His wife called him, wanting to make dinner plans I'm pretty sure. They were on the phone. His wife was able to see the towers clearly from the building she was in. Suddenly everything changed for the worst. She saw everything. She heard everything. The plane had struck the tower and it was up in flames. She could still hear Andrew. But then the line cut. She lost the connection. I don't know what their last words were to each other. But what happened is something I never want to happen again. My dad cries every Sep. 11. It's hard. My dad told me the story of what happened as soon as I was old enough to partly understand.
,She didn't deserve to lose him and he didn't deserve to die like that! No one did. I hate this world sometimes.

Andrew <3
Potoo the Kakapo that's actually a Potoo
I always found it weird that I had friends born on 9/11. Yep September 11, 2001.
Squeaky Cashew28
Why did it blank out when he said there was blank on the street
Squeaky Cashew28
Damn at the beginning he got way to close to that camera
Alaina Senger
Casey that was my dads birthday when the twin towers were collapsing
IvanHD Bg
4:03 does that small piece of paper say c*nt?
Peace to all of the people and victims ❤️
that was my Brothers 3 year birthday
your room is so fricking sick
Jacob Potter
"I moved in a couch" What the fuck?
ItsGalactic 64
Candice reminds me of Cameron Dolan
Wan And Only
my birth day wa 1st of may
Op That We
My uncle was sitting on his patio in NY when it happened my uncle saw it happen when the towers were hit and it fell
Brooke Huber
the blocked out part I feel like was people and when he said that I was soooooooooo scared
MiffyBoy 6097
I wished you got killed
Lachlan Crichton
When he said they he was scared only 3 times, then what about the time he nearly died on the mountain?
Chatot Maestro
3:45 dude
8Ball B!tches
on september 11th 2001, i was only 7 years old so i didnt really have the knowledge to actually know what was going on but i can remember my mom and dad watching the news live in utter shock, it was at the at point that i realised what was going on as my sister described it, i was too young to see that happening, i hope me and everyone else never has to see anything like that again, but unfornunatly it is happening right now, we need to put a stop to this #STOPTERRORISM
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