Cadd Munt
Who else was hoping Seth had another 20 uploads like this
00:24 onwards is the best I've ever heard 😂😂👍🏻
BlackStar Senpai
Ronan D.
Hey! That's too short!!! Do it again!!!!! :-)
Jordon McCarthy
Whats the song that the first one turns into?
a person
damn that mockingbird one... meme or not i cant handle that...
Shawn Devastator
Eminem's mockingbird and Dr. Dre's still Dre
Ilya Holt
So this is where the audio is taken from in that video where putin plays piano
Fabian Rydin
0:8 what song?
his face thooooo 😂😂😂😂😂
El Hombre sin nombre
How to be $.W.A.G. in just 41 seconds
m d
can we have a full instrumental of mockingbird please?
anders burchardt
What is the second called and if you say darude sandstorm. I will murder your family :)
Tim Dicke
Full version of Mockinbird!!!!!! PLEASE
Braedon Fernandez
The eyebrow raise made it so funny
Ize - Super
Uses electric piano...
Hey Seth, your videos are awesome man, i was hoping you could make a full cover of the first song in this video (the one that sounds like Eminem - Mockingbird)
More of this please 😂😂😂😂
Nicoli Cobalt
he's honestly daddy
Kevin Beast
name from the second song please :)
Why is it so many wierd crusty stains on ur wall?
raises raised eyebrow slightly more than it already was OH SHIT IS GONNA GET REAL
Shawn Nelson

song name?
Michelle Swigart
I heard typing :31 gets likes
what is the second song?
Kelsey Hanna
what was the second song he started to play?
And I started Runnin
Nikhil Patel
Did anyone else come back here because they have iFunny and the features included his music in it?
When Saitama listen to Mozart but smokes with Dr Dre and Snoop
Ayre Oculus
that eyebrow raise though, one of those could wipe out an entire city
Jamie Shevlin
I wasn't expecting that at the end XD
meme lord
0:30 :)
what somg is that
potato muncher
Song list
1. Eminem - Mockingbird
2. Dr. Dre - Still D.R.E
potato muncher
That Eminem in the beginning is cool
What's that classical song he used right before 'Still D.R.E' ?
James Ellsworth
Eyebrowse the internet for stuff like this all the time
Jessie teh Cat ?moms spaghetti
Mockingbird ❤️
best keyboard for begginer plox help
JumboPotato ツ
wats the hip hop songs name tho?
Danyl Vinick
wow is this kevin's 36th personality from split? seth the pianist
Im Jays
johanne larsen
Hush little baby don't you cry, everything's gonna be alright
What Piano is he Using ? I can see that it is a Yahama one but what Model ?
Dood Bro
I get it, he turned it into a Run DMC song, nice!
Ultras FCNO
Donald J. Trump
hEy you skinhead fucking racist111 tanks fur ya vote!!! we gon amake murica something but be racist hhehehh
I thought this was swarook omfg
MLG Ladysonme
what the fuck man, why you have the fucking xbox trixsixti controller on, TURNED OFF BECAUS YO LETER WANNA PLAY SOME FUFCKIN HALO AND YO DON'T HAVE ANY BATTERY
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