Women Get Styled Without Knowing Their Sizes


”You’re making me dress like I’m going to Coachella!”

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Spy Hink
"The styler" really reminds me of Emma Stone with her faceexpressions.
Alexis Kline
The girl with the long black skirt didn't shave her armpits
Milky Cake
Please do one about really skinny girls.... I wish I was curvy but I am thin as a stick 😀
The lady with the white shirt and black skirt and shirt hair has a gorgeous smile
Haley Page
This channel is a blessing to women
Marin Marquez
I would love a video where they get small grown women to try to find their sizes because being significantly smaller than the average woman makes it hard to find clothes that are cute but aren't 3 sizes too big or made for children :)
Manu rios Videos
They are all so beautiful
Willa Beltrandi
It is stay gold! Not goldEN
Everything Satisfying
Bear Turtle
I like big Clothes
they look so cute!!!
Panic at the Twenty one pilots
I relate I'm to big for a 4 and to small for a 6
stella kag
Why did she bring her baby with her?
Hannah Smith
I have a size 6 and a size 14. 14 are too small and 6s fit perfect 😣😣😣
They say that walking is an excercise, but how come one comes out of the store as a size xs then after 5 minutes of walking one have jumped to size L.
I don't understand the point of this "challenge"
Alice Moir
One thing that annoys me is that people focus on plus size or bigger women's struggles but it's also very hard to find clothes when you're skinny. And health problems don't just exist for larger women.
Fake Sulfate
Do they know that men can be plus size. Just sayin.
Marit Eikrem
why dont you do the same videos about skinny women.
Maryellen Hagberg
You should definitely try the brand LuLaRoe. They have a ton of different styles and sizes for every body type while not being super expensive. Everything they have is super comfortable and cute.
Cheyne Malcolm
Why are there no average size people or people smaller like a 0
Kara Clifton
Im due with my second baby in 2 weeks and have already decided i will continue to wear my maternity clothes as long as possible lol... i hate shopping for new clothes because anything i find that really fits well is more than im willing to spend on myself
Hannah Feakes
The way the stylist spoke reminded me of emma stone for some reason
I normally tend to buy colthes that are bigger than my actual size just cause I like baggy clothes... xD
coral map
Lets play the floor is Lava🌋 Every like survives
Jenna Holder
I wanna go shopping now
Elizabeth Blodgett
Anyone know the name of the stylist?
Grace Morrell
my mom went into a store to shop and she wanted to try on a dress the employee that as helping suggested a size that was smaller than she would have chosen. she said no, but the woman was persistent. my mom was close to tears by the end of it, but she tried it on anyway. it ended up fitting perfectly and is pretty sure the employee is actually a god. there are employees at fashion outlets who are so well trained economic that they can tell someone's exact size just by looking at their shape and size.😃 cool huh?
Hope Anderson
It says stay golden all the outsiders fans are mad
Kyla's Life
like my math teacher always says "accepting numbers makes life easier"
Voodoo Dream
My clothes can go from petite to UK 12, its pretty annoying.
ben drowned
"Omg I'm not wearing black what happen"
that's me of I don't wear black .
Kassidee .Schauer
Am I the only one who saw what the shirt says at 2:48
It says stay golden and who ever has read/watched the outsiders knows that it's Stay Gold, not golden; Gold. This upsets me because I love that book
Nechama Bar-Chaim
they make it seem like this can only affect bigger women...
nicole !
please PLEASE include underweight women. body positivity is important but it isnt only for plus size people
Raissa Sopoye
I'm 13 and absolutely curvless. (seriously I'm like an iron board I still haven't had a period or hit puberty) I'm really skinny even tho i eat like a pig because I have a very fast metabolism. People are always like "put some meat on those bones" and ugh I've tried to many times so I have given up. anyway it's really hard to find clothes because everything is too big or to short because I'm tall and long not tall and wide🙄 did I seriously just write a paragraph what am I doing with my life
Jessie Bertie
In the uk the clothing shops have size 6-18
I thought that the item of clothing that she was holding up in the thumbnail was a pair of pants...
Nola Gallagher
Who else thought that someone was giving random people random clothes
Millie Waiwai
Hey im a big size and she said when you wear black like do look at me for me its cause all the colours are in smalls so yeah
Victoria Pelletier
So I'm overweight and when I told my crush that I am fat he just looked at me with a blank stare and says "you're not fat, you're thick, your thighs are perfect, your stomach is perfect, I can help you lose weight if you want, but I think you're perfect" and then I realized he is perfect
Rhea Nandurkar
Brooklyne lol
They only chose girls over weight lmfao?
Alexis Thwing
I HATE when I go to the mall and in one store a certain size fits perfectly but at another store the same size is a freaking tent on me or it's so tight and small that I can feel my circulation getting cut off.
The clothes I own vary from a size 2 to a size 12, and it really pisses me off. It's like they choose the sizes at random!
I finaly just bought 3x after watching this. I was just so defeated to have gotten bigger than XL that dispite what fit I stayed in those clothes.
Athena Jade Winters
Acts 3:19 & John 3:16 God bless!
Caycie Cake
Yes I am 10 years old yes I am bigger then my friend no am not skinny no I am not fat being in the middle is soo annoying cuz I go to children's and nope not happin teens also to big so what the heck do I do? Lol
HappyMommy watson
I just grew a human inside me ....I don't know my size
Sarayna Jae
Can you make then people show their birthmarks
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