Women Get Styled Without Knowing Their Sizes


”You’re making me dress like I’m going to Coachella!”

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LaLovelyy K
why does BuzzFeed always do vids with size.makes most people feel pressured
Rylie Resides
That one girl is from 13 reasons why
Kamehalani Cunha
Where are the super thin girls, we also struggle with sizes. I'm 5'6 and pretty thin and it's hard to find clothes that fit me
Lil Mami
Ida I. Dueland
Its true that if you wear a smaller size than what you need, you look bigger.
Kaitlynn Grace
The lady seemed kinda hateful lol
professional fangirl
1:40 holy mother duckling someone got me pants in that pattern and fabric
Jayhlyne Aguallo
crop tops are the best
Laurianne R
http://www.gofundme.com/ please help me
Kaitlyn Hatley
I have this problem but I'm really small so it's either to short and fits my waist or is long enough but really loose
This is modern day "What not to wear". I do love how it brightened their days
fortune_cookiy. cc
They look so beautiful!
Amy Play :3
And I'm just here like, "I own extra smalls and extra larges and they both fit me"
Dani ._.
in jeans I'm usually the size between 3 and 4 and i hate it
Lone Wolf1
I'm an UK size 12 and an US size 8 but I'm 5 ft 4 and 12 years old. is that bad ?
Lolo Lele
Lolo Lele
Subscribe to
Me then I'll subscribe to yiu
Michael Fabian
Anyone else get that this stylist chick reminds them of a fat Emma Stone.... I sure did
Katy Thomson
Last year I was a size 12 but I dropped a lot of weight so now I'm a size 4-6 but I still buy clothes that are size 8-12 in case I look fat
why did they only use fat girls tho
will farquarson is my dad
i'm between a U.K. 6 and 8 (2-4 in usa i think?) and it's so frustrating. like, i'm a 7 mate
lmaoooo i feel bad for the girl she just gave a t shirt and jeans to
julia rose
my mom always told me to dress for my body and not worry about what other people wear. I'm so grateful I learned to love my body before anybody could tell me to hate it.
Zoe Duck
I hat when you go to like Marshals or Ross and you see something you like and it doesn't fit and then you can't find another one
Twenty Øne Piløts! At The Discø
I try not to get hung up on size. I find something I like and try it on. I think I do this mainly beacuse so many companies are different sizes even if it's labeled the same.
Freya ?
I'm a size 6 and most adults clothes start at size 8 (UK)😤😔
Faryal Shams
Why was that woman holding a baby
Jenna Chirico
Those are such fake reactions
Siva Nova
the blonde woman looks insanely like chelsea handler
Don't sue Me
Who else gets scared whenever a parent doesn't SUPPORT A BABIES HEAD
I'm the kind of girl that has a "boy body," almost no curves ;~;
ban az
that's why I take my mum shopping with me😂 she knows what fits right and nicely without me having to try them on ✌
Abigail Shelley
The baby was cute
Hedro Wilson
This is great! More of this, please!
Zsamiel Hunter
Love love love this
When she said the thing about hiding under the black t-shirt and black sweatpants it just really hit me in the feels because that's been my life for years now. I wish I had confidence....
Happy Flower
Am I the only one who likes to wear super tight fitting clothes...?
rebecca Hicks
not just pluse size women have issues finding clothes tnat fit them right
Taiss Peters
Am I the only one questioning why she brought her baby?
molly sandweiss
Does the blonde woman look like she could be Kristen Bell's sister to anyone else?
Praise Oyewumi
I learned something lol I won't worry about size anymore
Lizzie Cook
why did she bring her baby
Shannon Lovatt
I like it
j fan
my style is yoga pants and cropped tops in winter in summer shorts and a belly top .
XoVene MoiXo
Wish I was this confident with myself
Jasmine Perry
The styling girl looks like Emma Stone
Sierra Underwood
I've found that buying a size up helped until I started to work out. then the tighter clothes turned into a goal so that I look better in them and feel even better
I actually am in between sizes at some stores though, wide shoulders, small boobs, small waist, fat thighs, big calfs, wide feet. Jean Shopping, while difficult for everyone, has an added degree of difficulty, croptops are ade for people with petite frames and don't consider wide shoulders.
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