Patty Swendsen
Hoo,s watching in August
Stayin_wild 14
I thought he would see that but that could have sent him to a hospital it sucks im talking about the spider when he saw the snake on the frog eggs under the leaf
vivian garcia
I think I found the love of my life just call me mrs. Peterson
ODST Delta
These frogs look high as hell
why do animals have weird latin names
Melanie Martinez Fun Kawaii
I can see it iswell
Nauert Family
Don't let the snake eat the eggs
Nauert Family
Red eyed tree frogs are my favorite tipe of frog
ghostly gamers
pines barren tree frog in NC GO DO IT
Robert Brunello
I wish I was a frog.
Patrik Å tajnc
there was a spider underneath the eggs
Nowo Adisuryo
what a cute frog
Crafty Tom
You said red eyed leaf frog
The StingingHornet
Finds both frogs next to each other but when I try to do it I can hardly find a common lizard :(
Nora 6562
Btw brave wilderness I think your in animal jam ._,
Nora 6562
I have a tadpole that has front and back legs he is brown and white speckled he can climb plastic and can kinda breath air he can not climb glass very well but he is a fast growing one! And we wanna keep him alive. He is the only one that has legs. In our patch we have a bunch of tadpoles most of them are brown and white speckled we use to have clear tadpoles we wish we had some clear ones.
Kill Me
You should come to Puerto Rico and find animals there
Art Manfredo
A red eyed tree frog is simular to a gliding tree frog
Art Manfredo
Red eyed tree frogs are so cute! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Art Manfredo
I love red eyed tree frogs! !!!!!!!!!
the dangerous rhino
Gage Wilson
Is it just me or do you guys like it when coyote does the narration
They're so adorable!
Brandon Pollard
at 4:09 you can see a spider under the leaf of frog eggs
Remi Russo
What boots is he wearing?
Damius Hodges
Nelly Perea
Please can you wear some gloves (latex gloves etc) when handling frogs in the wild. As you have mentioned before the oils in our hands don't do them much good and most part about herping is if we can leave animals as we found them.
Olivia Hardin
I'm getting a dwarf frog for my birthday on July 3
Isabella Hocutt
There was a spider underneath the leaf with all the eggs
Some of the angels make the gliding frogs eyes look purple, blue or red
Did anyone see that spider at 4:05
Ana Abreu
coyote: today im Going to get bit by Tiger
coyote: ah!it riped my arm off
camara man;are you hurt are you ok
me: his arm just riped off by a Tiger i'd say no camara man:really
camara man: oh i thougt he was fine
Red eye: let me go
Tree frog looking at the gliding frog like "Are you my mommy?"
Viking hog gaming
I like how coyote Peterson puts a snake on top of frog eggs so the snake can eat them and kill the babys
Meredith Parrish
Does anyone remember that episode of Go Diego Go where theyhad a red eyed tree frog an sang "red eyed tree frog"
Christian Molieri
7:37 The Tenth doctor has been cursed
i love this guy
Michaela Williams
Hi my name is Coyote Peterson and today I am going face to face with a rattle snake!

5min later
So I huh got bit
"It has rained quite a bit here in the rain forest."
Michael Mirilashvili
Hey I'm Coyote Peterson and I'm going to eat cereal

With no milk
Hector Rodriguez
Screw you
I love frogs so friggin' much they're so CUTE
Alfonso Garay
do a mossy frog
The Anime Kid
Can You Buy Tree frogs as a pet?
Waffles Gaming
Hey coyote I have a question for you, what is you're favorite brand of boots?
Brendan Ha
7:50 now kiss!
Aidan Grise
i feel like after all these animals are done being handled are like tf??? and tell all their friends
About how many ticks do you get after each adventure?
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