Red Eye vs Gliding Tree Frog!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote catches both a Red Eye and Gliding Tree Frog! 

Seizing the opportunity to compare these two often misidentified amphibians this is also the first time Coyote and the crew have ever seen the Gliders!

Known for their far sprawling leaps through the rainforest canopies it is said that these giant leaf frogs can actually glide through the air! 

Get ready to see two of the most beautiful frogs in the entire world...this is Red Eye vs Gliding Tree Frog! 

HUGE THANKS to Brian Kubicki for the epic drone footage and for hosting the crew at this location! To visit his amazing amphibian reserve check out his website for details -

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Ana Caylen
He makes me want to touch animals and I'm usually so scared of animals
This dude catches pokemons in real life..
Larah Luiza
so you are just lit that sake eat them !!馃惛馃惛
Larah Luiza
so you are just lit that sake eat them !!馃惛馃惛
Fiery Husky
Almost like a vine
Feva Marie David
Why do you always go to costero
That One Toad
Frogs huh?
Kamora M
me: sees spider
runs away as fast as possible
Hanging With Chris
Finally a blind person can enjoy real YouTube content, new to your channel and love the descriptions you give throughout the video
@5:28 when he says "how bout that" made me think of that meme "cash me outside, how bout that!" LOL

@7:55 - Both frogs have staring cotest
Frog 1 - oh you got caught huh?
Frog 2 - Yep, cashed me outside...
Joshua Luper
You should do an episode about a typical garden orb weaver!
Zahn Fee
Under the Eggs at the Snake is a spider!!!!!!
Guru Hydro
There is a spider in 4:03
Jasmin Swamy
me to
Coyote is the incarnation of what all humans should naturally be like, not like 90% of the population who is scared of common house spiders
Super chef pee pee Ruben SCPR
Lisa lps
Here in England we have garden frogs everywhere or in my garden anyway
Raquel Corcos
am i the only one that thought that the red eye tree frog was really cute and just a lot more pleasant to look at then the gliding tree frog?
Legendary Golem
There a penuis at 4:01
Jillian Kebler
cerys kayleigh
Do you eat animals?
Frogs are my favourite animals
JACOBUS DarkWolfWaffles
Coyote is like the Bill Nye of Wilderness
Carl Hunt
Best channel on Youtube
Mia Tube
I see it too
coyote here in philippines are also incredible animals although its usually on provinces
Ishmael Garcia
At 9:12 if you look at the frog it's like "Help meeeeee!"
Kitt Kat
I thought he sneaked up behind a snake or something deadly! Then it's a small turt
oh look, coyote almost died that day
Daniel Gomez
the comment sections on these videos used to be more friendly and community-like. thankfully, the video content has stayed as awesome as ever
Kagome Woods
There was a spider under the leaf with the eggs. It was brown and a bit hairy.
Victoria Rivera
I saw the spider 馃懍
Build Boss
I thought it was called the: red eyed tree frog... not leaf frog (or is it just the same?)
Carlos Gedangoni
whered u sleep in the middle of the forest
Hi, I am coyote peterson, and I am going to jump in this cage of great white sharks.
Leigha Gippo
The struggle he goes through to get a frog
Rufiho Garcia
Look! Coyote caught Lucio! And Lucio's legendary skin! XD Sorry! I just had to! XD
I mean if you guys really had to, couldn't you just use GoPros to film if it starts to rain? They're good enough quality.
Tyler Williams
I love this channel.
Frogs are ADORABLE period
Do onther eposode in Texas
Are the frogs called tree forgs or leaf frogs
Valentina Ramirez Coronado
Wow,that's a poisonous frog,dude everyone now it
Sal Vang
bless coyote for doing all of this and risking +his crew. this stuff is so dangerous 馃槀馃槀
Vincent de Vries
You already came across a small spider
Vincent de Vries
I see the spider
Kaydence Slater
You are sooo么么么么么ooooooooooooooooooo entertaining
Jo-anne Yeo
5:27 "wow, how bou dat"
Armondo Price
4:02 there is also a spider
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