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Alright so I told you guys that I was going to start implementing what they taught us in the how to pick up girls at the gym video. The time is now. What gym is next?  Hopefully you guys can continue to learn the proper way to pick up and talk to girls at the gym. For me...well I'm still learning lol. Also in this video I'm making some power clean gains. And still hitting my favorite body Part for the New Years...leg day

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i love doing cleans
Harken Cycles
the comments expose that almost all of you are insecure. Brad's cool. she is cool. it's all good. Bradley's not akward. what's akward is never approaching
Todd White the Gym
Sassy Chef
I only get asked 'are you done with that?' 😂 in terms of what could work on a girl hmm.. just make some small talk like what lifting split she's doing, what are her fav workout tunes(if she wears earbuds often like me lol). just don't bug her during a set
Erin Weaver
Tech me
Helen Michael
golds gym rejected my and bible in a Christian place when I went there they told me u have to get a coded number and then bring it and check in with the coded info and place ur hand on the bar and I said no I didn't feel comfortable felt like the beg of the rfid and here I can see women are plastic -I'm not 20 I'm in my 30s I don't need a guy I am just getting old and my body need exercising but no butt lifts and perky tities my days are over and I need to be realistic and not that I am looking to get younger eitherI hate when I came in the receptionist was also bringing a 20 yr old to my attention and the way she looked at me ironically I think they let members of the lgbt as members but as workers too nicest gym very expensive but made plans to adapt and the other façade was that they gave me an option so when they made me sigh the contract they chose the option for me when the agreement was otherwise and I didn't appreciate this the place is already high tech but when I check in I like the card not be known as a machine product I am a human and that is the reality and they need to accept their members as who they are not what they are not women are not numbers and when I explained that to the manager she told me to forgive but I told her that they don't want to forgive and felt its best if I should leave cz they are the generation and how they feel is important but Ill tell u I don't think that meets their best interests at heart and that wont build any healthy relationships when u treat others like numbers does not reflect who the ther person is but how u like to define others , ur way of coping in relation with other humans nd reflect ur personality of alienation ,carnality and coldness and ur only there for an image and didn't give any one any value those values are lost and ur individuality too
Video starts at 26 min in
This is the kind of shit u put on when there's nothing else to watch and u need background noise while you clean up or wash dishes. Total bullshit
Abid Ahmed
25:00 thank me later
Carl John
This is so awkward.
Hesse Villasenor
Why are u doing the rep so fast best improvements happen when you do them slow and properly it , doesn't look cool u look stupid
Michael Anthony
Guys. She hit on the 2 key things that always works for me (and I've only done this a few times..) First of all, there needs to be eye contact. If she keeps glancing at you (and you're in her league.. this is important, because if you're not, she's probably creeped out by you) then go talk to her in between sets. Second thing, and this is important. Be your damn self.
Pork Chop
Her ass made me think about groceries. lol.
who has more muscles u or Conor Murphy
Alexandros Kiakos
Im also from netherlands and I speak english and greek
Michael Tuscany
What an idiot; you don't have to drop the weights like that; dropping the weights does not increase your manhood
Noah Blanco
Go to a UFC gym
Sean Burke
boom shirt. 'STAY FROSTY.' Jacked Snowman
Robert Thomson
You should post in the comments the instagram or twitter handles of the people you meet in the gym for cross promo.
Craig Ellis
This is super beta gay
Anonymous User
Planet Fitness!
Kris Quinn
what kind of joggers are you wearing?
Rodrigo Botti
Meatheads matchmaker
mr zed
To the assmen of the world. CHEERS.
michael andrisano
Knowledge is not important! Wisdom the application of knowledge is what's important!
Sammy Mo
Is this guy rich or famous? having a lambo u gotta be filthy rich
Eric Shacklett
Didn't you say power cleans?
eye contact doesnt necessarily mean anything. they might be thinking, damn this is one ugly ass motherfucker, and he keeps looking at me. just an example.
Ben Luvs Trains
Drekeston 34
were like , in like , contact like , like like like like
Ronen Ulanovsky
What is her instagram?
Awais A.
that was a good move i like your shoes you should have said something like oh wow you got really nice lips (wink wink). and then said can i get your number or want to grab that bite, because there hungry or let them decide just say i'm over there if you change your mind or take some time and think about it. TIMING IS EVERYTHING.
Awais A.
right the proper way to hit on a girl in the gym is just to go up to them (obviously first you got to get those head phones out of their ears) and say hi/hey listen i would really like to take you out or can i just get you number or after your work out you wanna grab a bite. that's if they want to say hi to you. obviously because they go to the gym alone there probably really horny and will rip your clothes off first chance they get if your like a gentlemen and pretend to be shy like your friends or something, when you want to be friends they want to rip your clothes off like WILD BEAST. it disgusting and yet who would say nah its alright i just see you as a friend, WHAT?
Dmitriy Poltavskiy
Cassady Campbell does it better
Trevor Le
Hahahhahahahaaha omg I love brad because he's like a massive 16 year old. No homo
Marsali Fisher
Maybe I should not prank them and be nice and flowers and chocolate that's wut I like oh and Mabry like say how are I and like say complements that's all I have and slowly get closer to get them bam I are together
Marsali Fisher
I speak spanish
kobe bryantt
why are u interviewing her and not upload real life reaction of actually hitting on a girl
kobe bryantt
this is pretty fucking awkward
Fhgffgff Ffffggfff
It's sad that this is entertainment. I stopped watching as soon he started bragging about the car. Come on people wake up this guy is gonna die alone with his car.
Ok real shit bros, whoever is reading, I clicked on this vid to see girls getting hit on to laugh.

I don't want or need some instagram yoga pants bimbo bitch telling me how to talk, what to do, blah blah blah.
Following up by admitting she was creeping in the first place.

Honestly, with all honestly if the girl likes you it doesn't matter what the hell you do. You can tap em, work in a set, oh well.
Straight bull shit advice I don't need nor does any one else.

Do what you do just be good with it. Im good on the fly making conversation and approaching when I feel welcomed.

The main problem is guys approaching women for the wrong reasons or with false confidence.

If you're genuine and come off as genuine talking to her, there shouldn't be a problem. Doesn't matter if I fucking tapped your shoulder or worked it whatever blab blah.
Don't give me a bunch of rules and guidelines to follow.
I know what's legal and moral, Im not gonna do anything illegal or immoral so shut the fuck up.
You don't like a guys appraoch leave or the guy can.
Dont make up a bunch of worthless standards like you're the one we have to listen to.
I'm not into chicks like her so Im not all that worried about advice from her.

I know what to do and how to get it. I thought this would be like a BigDaws Vid.. Damn.
i would want u to train me
Poe's Rath
Leg day is the worst.
Jason Mueller
Douche bag standing by some other douche bags car.
Why The fuck 26k dislikes? Wtf dude.
Apollo Creed
That blonde girl has a great body but I'm not really digging her face.
Izaacn Simsn
I'm 6 3 and I'm 14
Izaacn Simsn
I'm 6 3 and I'm 14
dolan goobster
"someone stole my fucking lambo dude :("
SaSuky- R
Your videos full of bullshit in the beginning i don't know why
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