$24 Korean BBQ Vs. $346 Korean BBQ

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“It feels like I’m in a Korean drama right now."

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Street Gypsies
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Prelude In C Major
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Riam Kim
Joon Hwang
Jayden Sim
Moses Choi
Location Scout

The manager of the last place is almost definitely North Korean with a name like Riam
i show this to my mom and my mom said i dont want to see
when my mom see adam she said.

very interesting
nur hamid
adam talk less
Taekook_ ology
korea? oh, that's where my husband lives. I bet you know taehyung from BTS?
What is Adam listening to in the car?
kanyanut wangsao
i love that korean guy he so cute
Rebekah Ward
honestly this is a great series. Please dont let anyone other than Andrew, Steven and Adam do this. They just work lol
Jessiea Carrot
They said A Korean guy and I was like "JUNGKOOK? TAE? RAP MONSTER? SUGA? JIN? JIMIN? J-HOPE?
I want Koran barbecue and we don't even have one here sad😭
Evan is rather handsome
Xyre N.
If there's a Try Guys Squad, then here's the Worth It Squad.
Robin Claire
Weres the pop!?!
my last name is kim XD
Ryan Park
They should do
$ Live show vs. $$$ Live show

By live shows, I mean live acting, from shows like Medieval Times to the Wynn hotel's (Vegas) famous water show.
Ruby Heart
Everyone always says " We have the fresh meat!"
Lesly Armas
Evan is cute af❤
Lesly Armas
"wohoo I like the way you drive" that's how you know Steven is lit
This Vs. series will never be completed without facts.
Isabella Quintero
Evan said that 20% of Koreans last name is Kim and the guys last name at the end is Kim
Felipe Munoz
Chilean Sea Bass..
Toan Ho
I am so hungry now
Jason Mityong
Isnt Wine considered alchohal
Rady Bou
This korean guy is so nice
haha I laughed so hard when he preceded to tell the server that he loved him lol
ASAP Johnny
They somehow delivered what we, the Youtube Community, secretly wanted but never asked....
cutting meat with scissors is an insult for me as argentinian
Nichelle Tatyana
do indo food
Xingchen Wang
Can we get rid off that white guy host? He had no passion at all in any of the food series videos.
Aayush peace
final destination xd
Bong Bong
He looks like the black ranger LOL
10:36 Evan Expression
aditya k
speak up adam
Angie Dykes
Know why i keep watching thes videos it just makes me hungry
Rahul Jalan
And they get paid for this :p
Edward Kim
I'm a korean with the last name kim.

:) anyung
stinger draws
anybody else see the fly on top of the mushroom?
Jennifer Williams
aw smol adam at 11:13
6:55 watch his reaction to Evan speaking Korean lol.
Isaac Smith
I'm a smith
Ashley Knight
I never been to Korean BBQ I want to so bad. I need friends 😢. I live in new York
Is anyone gonna talk about how fine Evan is? Lawd. I'm a vegetarian but he convinces me that that part of my life is a lie.
I wanna hang out with Evan.
Christian Kim
Carly Vasquez
so good
Eugenia Abarca
Adam shows no emotions for nothing 😂😂😂😂
Raiding Maniac
The Dorito man
Kalen Bates
there was a fly on the food
Kakeru 012435
when they interview the managers or head chefs all they say is about quality and other same things.
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