$24 Korean BBQ Vs. $346 Korean BBQ

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“It feels like I’m in a Korean drama right now."

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Street Gypsies
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Prelude In C Major
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Riam Kim
Joon Hwang
Jayden Sim
Moses Choi
Location Scout

Simon Cowell
which korea?
Ariel 아리엘 Barbosa
I want a BF like Steven so my type
The Korean guy is so hot I could literally cry
The Majestic Doge
The camera guy needs to be involved more 😂
Zilvinas Z
Little did we know, Evan is gonna be more buff soon :DD
5:50 "Didn't chew once.." looked like like JD from scrubs in a wierd way :D
Mark Ukrainetz
Awwwww. You gotta one shot your bomb!
Mark Ukrainetz
I eat Korean BBQ a lot. But, I actually live in Korea. ㅋㅋㅋ
Midoriya Izuku
Do ramen next
Eduard Li
i live in korea
You know you're a LA kbbq addict when you've been to all 3 of those places b4 watching this 🐷🐮 all of them are great. Quarters for drinks w/good kbbq. Chosun Galbee for special occasions. Oo-Kook for those super hungry days.
keilah imai
the fact that I just had all you can eat Korean BBQ I love this stuff I'm surprised they didn't eat tongue. that stuff is good too. but seriously love pork belly and bulgogi the whole only flipping it once thing did work never knew that but it does keep the meat and chicken a lot more marinated (: but lettuce wraps are super good :)
WideWholeSale Jane
Cheers in Korean is mt nameeeeee
Lucy Gao
i was watching taehyung rap cypher how did i get here
The beginning is the same place where those guys waffled random foods!
Jasmine Trinh
pho pho pho, pho is a good idea
I wish I could write this off as a business payment
off topic but can someone please tell me what piece starts at 8:43? I hear it everywhere but i never know the name
Ginger Hu
this makes me so hungryyyyy
Hugh Miller
Korean BBQ, pfft #HotPotNation
Loren Crane
Loving this Adam person. He seems so salty but also so happy and awkward.
Adeoluwa A
lol I love Adam
Brian Hua
Anyone notice the fly on the mushroom at 10:16 ( top left corner)
Daniel Guardado
adam needs more screen time
pizza bro
The last name of the last person his last name is Kim
Joshua Tapia
The was he says chill 4:97
Steph_the_ Savage
There's a Korean bbq that I eat at and it's 11$ and super bomb. It's called red castle
Black Goku
Was anybody else triggered when Adam ate the wrap that grain of rice felll out
David Thran
Camera guy looks sad throughout the video
My last name Smith
NovaSM Gaming
lel the Asians look alike
Jacob Milligan
At 11:00 I almost died of starvation just watching
I love Evan 😙😙😙😙😙
Jeonghan The Carrot
When Steven said "Yo, chingu!" I heard it wrong as "Yeochingu!" which means like "girlfriend" Lol
3 best ramen
i need more evan
Brian (PewPewBangswitch)
"We're both equally not Korean." Don't know why, but that line cracked me up.
koala master that loves koalas
after watching this this makes me want to have Korean BBQ now
Lua Cax
Even though I don't like eating pork meat (doesn't have much flavor for me), the food of all places seems to be delicious
Miquelle Ibazeta
I fell in love when he spoke Korean
Greg Austin
I Am So Gonna Try Out Korean BBQ
The Mushroom of Death
"Side dish"
Dillon Fernando
I wonder if the two guys have to pay, R.I.P
OMG I died at 3:35 and 4:40
Leah James
when you've eaten all of this through korean dramas. and you know how good it is.
The Vicious_Dawg
Adam is the best
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