I Shot My Truck with a Tank...

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If you want to shoot, crush and blow stuff yourself, click here to download World of Tanks and use the IAMTANKER2016 invite code to get 7 days premium time, 250 gold and a free Churchhill III tank: http://bit.ly/DemolitionRanch . Thanks to World of Tanks for sponsoring this video

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We filmed this at http://www.drivetanks.com

"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
Outro music by MDK, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_t5Lm040Gw

Camden Murray
Craigslist add:
Minor body and transmission damage, gently used
BG Dixon
omg I love tanks and I will be in the army I will fight for are congthre
Emiliano Barrios
Never subscribed to a channel so fast in my life
The Awesome BaconPancakesX
8:39 thats either a sturdy window or a defective rock lmao
Chahineze Benaissa
Dude you should have turned it on and then it will blow!!
Evan Ulven
Should have point-blanked it with the Chiefs 120mm.
Sam Stevenson
clearly didn't drain all of the fluids
Would you tell me where this "shooting range" is located at? I have some oil to get rid off. ;)
Ace McCartney
the projectile was tumbling
Chouxer Gaming
First shot of tank 5:05
Sir kibble
Wasnt the cheiftain a 120mm?
NoteThe Olive
Son what do you want for your birthday? Oh I want a M4 Sherman. .....
Scully The Gamer
He should've used HE
Humble Cosmas
tanks one of the most deadly weapons on earth
"World of Tanks" it's piece of shit
You stinkin environmental polluter.
Why you didnt take out the oil.
Now it is running into the soil.
The Idiotic Gamer
That tiny tank in the intro is what I've been wanting for so long. Just add a machine gun, and you have the mini tank.
Donatas Simaitis
so wait cars don't blow up so easily? or was there no patrol in the truck?
Rainbow Koi
Were the hell did this guy get a tank
Cesar Rodriguez
"You throw like a girl" lmao
Logan Armstrong
I cant believe being in that truck
y a !
This is what happens when you use solid shot and not APHE .
Steve S
I'd take the truck dammit...you western States with your no salt winters...
Jimmy Wilsem
plz show a mini gun i want to know more about it
Nic Stroud
"Are you in Texas?"
Johnnie Laser
Finally, an American gives back some oil to mother earth.
Barrett .50 Cal Sniper Rifle
The prank call at the end xD
Forester Werbe
i honestly hurt seeing her go. so many memories :(
how does he got a tank
dang he's ready for ww3
Jack Schoonover
This is how I found out about you- love world of tanks- came from a world of tanks vid (a long time ago) so I love this!
When the prank call really isn a prank.
щш зфтсфлу
i shot my tank with a truck
gregory weiss
Someone On YouTube
9:31 when you park your truck in a war zone
Love the seat tank
Rampage Gamer
Poor Chevy.
TheDiamondBladeHD 2.0
So how did you break this car?

I shot it with a M4 Sherman

you'll get the repair for free, bro
Achilleas Valioulis
Rip truck
by tank
see what i did there?
master gamer
we're do you get all this time to get weapons like these
Mikey likes video games
A toyota hilux would eat that tank.
Corrupt Gamer
Why could they not use a HEATFS ;(
When I grow up I wanna be just like him.
Mordecai Stone
He actually went to DriveTanks.com to use those tanks, World of Tanks just sponsored it because it's expensive as HELL
Sam Small
ChrixMaxterplaysMC //CMMC
say something I'm giving up on you
fireboy gameing
I would av repardit
Low FPS Obama sonic of TF2
Jason Brown
I could surely used a truck like that in Jamaica on the form but it's Kool to see how powerful that tanks hit
Dai Pardon
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