I Shot My Truck with a Tank...

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
Outro music by MDK, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_t5Lm040Gw

Joshboy Games
How strong is you go pro
I wonder how many drivers lost a tooth or two on that hatch!
Reio Ollo
u could've fixed this picup..
Christian Rasmussen
were did you buy your drone
10:00 you now have a convertible, just don't expect to close the top...
why!? not how, why!?
a. escobar
15:30 Whats that for a laugh ahijojojo
Awesome vid
Rafael Matias
i feel sad for the truck...

joke, i loved it!
i really love your videos. always fun to watch... my heart jumped as i saw a german Leopard 1 tank. :)
only bad thing is how you americans don't care about nature. in germany you would pay tens of thousands of € and/or going to jail for maybe 2 years just for the gasonline and oil which got into the ground...

on the other way... i would love to shoot some guns again... :)
george king
I could make good use of the seats in my porch just make wooden base for legs and you have comfortable porch seats.
Kevin Wang
I already have an account and if I use the code do I lose my progress?
So... you could say... shooting a Car with a tank is more save than with several guns?
Злой Боцман
Matt greetings from Russian :-) We look DemolitionRanch! But the natural man Matt you :-) We love you brothers Matt and what you do !!! Take care of yourself! Good luck to you!!! :-) I used a translator, I'm sorry if that is wrong))
Derek Moy
I'm so glad I decided to watch the last couple of mins LOL
Дмитрий Комаров
чувак,я хочу от тебя детей
Danielle Mock
now have good tank
Hey I can get you a few subarus to blow to atoms, just need to get your insurance policy first ;D
LilWolfy 55
M4A3E8 Sherman the American classic tank
Mikey Maffei
I've learned a lot about gun laws and other things through the comment section of demolition ranch.
Buen Min
Is it just me or is the first round seeming to tumble?
Rania Foad
how could you treat your old car like this. even if it has troubles. so foolish and not funny at all.
Axel mueller
It's not that accurate because your using a 70 year old tank.
Lin Dean
Do you support world of tank blitz
slobodians back
well clap clap clap now I hate you you went from the best trucks in the world to a ford like JEEZE go to a ford a ford a piece of shit ford
American Gaming
one like on this comment is one R.I.P for the poor sunglasses
John Smith
Maybe it will run better now!
Shivnay Kumar
When I saw the cam on the truck
Me: my life just flashed before my lens.
john wadsworth
Abilene AutoDoctor
That'll buff right out...
only if u owned then right then your safe asf
La wea comunista
War Thunder is better.
Nelo Carrero
This is what I call foreplay before sex
Paul Wendi
Wargaming, Wargaming, Wargaming!!!
QUINN Isntmyname
Abimael Silva
não faz isso destruindo uma caminhonete dessa pra vc ter ideia aqui no brasil eu tenho que trabalhar ums 15 anos pra omprar uma dessa ou mais
Cool TDM
if the bullets of tank explode that bullet not explode men not workiiiiiing
Cesar Revolledo
how the fck u own a fcking tank?
Ris TV
Kid in Africa will eat that car but u just desrtoyded it
jin-an Lin
7:46 that one bounced ( ・∀・)
tacticalstuff 101
the children in africa could have eaten that truck
that call lmao
White Chocolate
My Dad could've owned that truck. '__'

--> To be continued
ray martorell
CORRECTION I shot my tank with my truck

much cooler ^
blake saldivar
You went to a&m cool
minecrafter33 444444
if you get another truck then you cant use it anymore shoot it with a high explosive rounds from thd sherman
Not reliable, doesn't start every time, leaks? Well, it's a Chevy, so....
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