I Shot My Truck with a Tank...

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We filmed this at http://www.drivetanks.com

"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
Outro music by MDK, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_t5Lm040Gw

Silvestre Armenta
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#Fishy Puppet
Poor truck...kids in africa could have eaten that
Pony Chaser
I could of done more damage with a cheap bulldozer.
hope you emptied the fluids first. I personally would have dismantled it and sold for parts/scrap...but this was fucking awesome
this guy: I've seen and touched a tank.
everybody else: I've seen and touched a tank. in battlefield.
Max Goldstein
And how did you get the c4?
Ch Chand Tanha
WTF .How do u access these type of heavy weapons and dangerous stuff.
Ch Chand Tanha
WTF .How do u access these type of heavy weapons and dangerous stuff.
Jack George
times this guy has shot a gun: too many to count

how many times ive shot a gun: 0 not counting bb guns
William Paynter
Did you try turning it on and off again?
Ismael “VAPE_DRAGON” Ravenlock
roflmao you called the insurance company roflmao
Justin Campbell
I shot my tank with a truck.
The only person in the world how has lot of guns and a tank
Michał Cichacz (gigi0809)
This thing in tank?????
This is to destroy bushes
Normandy it somtinght
Very nice girl. Send me her Facebook.
First Rate Chaos
there are kids in Africa who could have eaten that truck
Wyatt Kuc
iron cross on tank at 2:40 heil hitler
what's the muzzle energy on that round? 40k?
the punisher
Logan Driedger
Air bags can't go off if you don't have the car running
that ending though xxxxxxddddddddddddd
Connor Hyland
kids in Africa could have eaten that tank shell
미쳤다 ㅋㅋ
Danny Zockt
WoT is a shit game
andrew aton
Cody's Lab could've salvaged those pieces..😂
Tactical tactics
"uhhhh my vehicle was shot by a tank and run over by a tank"
translation: i got a tank and shot my truck and run over it, is that covered
also the ppl at the company should be like wtf how do u get ur truck run over by a tank
Tactical tactics
btw the reason the airbags didnt go was because nothing crashed into it, it was only crushed by a fuckin tank
or it did inflate but was destroyed
Caden Warwick
Are those his tanks
Tactical tactics
3:57 is that a centurian or a carnaervon
Tactical tactics
John Bobby
hey you should of shot that liberty safe with the tank rounds!!!!!!!!
It must've been so awkward telling the operator that his truck got shot by a tank.
dartwade HD
2:26 why is there a German Tank from Bundeswehr?
STILL better than a dodge.
Brad Conant
duck you.
ghost gorilla
did you buy that or did you rent it your rich
Jimy Hendrix
and you fail hard
Ray 1983
Bad ass !!
Sneaky for the boom
oh i thought tanks shot explosives I didn't think they shot giant bullets
Gavin /r.
Hahahaha the ending was awesome, loving the content
The Flappy Patchers
Did anyone else see the GMC thing from the grill fly off?
stupid americans, nice to see that you're shitting on mother nature, oil polute the ground
Xpedition Travelove
just it ? no exploded
jadranka blažević
may I know why you do not have some code for us who have acc than before?
DTAWAM7 PredatorBtz
Fasteriod, AKA Rowanze
5:32 cues to be continued music
Anthony Koch
WoT sucks
Anonimous Nimous
This is why you have insurance
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