I Shot My Truck with a Tank...

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We filmed this at http://www.drivetanks.com

"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
Outro music by MDK, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_t5Lm040Gw

Ruslan Sapozhkov
9:32 C R U N C H
You can see tanks run over cars all over the internet, but those all weigh around 30-70 tonns...

I wanna see a Maus run over a car xD
benjamin nickull
it cant get more american than this...
Challe Pino
Do Minigun vs Car
J Carpenter
i want the destroyed truck
Rostislav Kocev
for a sec i thought you are going to shoot it whit HEAT ammo and blown it away
Samuel Cawston
Both shots miss the engine block. First shot too high, second too low. Lame video.
"I Shot My Truck with a Tank... And Missed. Twice" is a more accurate video title.
What camera did you use to film this?
Ian Houldsworth
oh my god the end of the video was the best. you're the best hahaha.
poor woman hahahahahaha
Ian Houldsworth
@demolitionranch it looked like the projectiles were spinning on their axis. was that the case? and if so, why would you think?
Brandon Jahn
Wheeler Sabot
I love your vids, BUT, as an Ex-tanker. A miss fire does not blow the tank apart. It's a miss fire like a rifle. Primer struck and nothing. You don't drop your rifle and run away into the woods. You re-cock and fire on. In a tank you wait 2 mins for a slow burn of the primer. If it does go off, it is just firing down the barrel like normal. After that you eject the dud and put it in a pit, known as a "Mis-fire-pit". The lack of aiming is simply because there was no one to see "shot on target". Just my 2 cents but you guys still rock.
Jimma Jamma
Omg best video ever
Shoot a 1 inch thick plate or tank armor with a tank
W. Drew Turner
The only thing a Chevy truck is good for...
on the first shot, if you look closely enough on slo-mo, the round looks like it's spinning wtf @_@
Supreme Shawn
you should had used an actual explosive bullet , that would been awesome
Destansı Oyun TV
9:40 toast
Michael Gamer like friend
Damn I can't get the free stuff :(
Jeff A.K.A Caleb
12:06 you can see the GMC from the truck
Vegas City Madman
mitchell williams
dude that suits u to a T
You could "start" it and add sound later ... that would freak out some people :D
Robby Dudley
Warthunder is better than world of tanks
SyMa X
You should of compared it with a .50BMG at the start :D
If every citizen in America had this collection Kim Jong Un would be trumps bitch
Itz YT
Why haven't subbed ur AWESOME
D Priv
Awesome that you're polluting the desert for views. Fuck you and fuck your channel.
Drz Biking
tank vs nokia
Can Coşkun
Jacob Bland
I would have taken that truck.
I thought you were calling me from Afghanistan. Epic! Lol! My favorite episode by far.
best product placement
Lin Corthran
Should've used explosive shots.....
Suspension didn't even notice 66 Tons.
Good work GMC
This should have been a tire sponsorship video
Big Smokes
I would love to hear the conversation that woman had with her boss later on.
Bình Phạm
He should use HE shell
Hunter Price
That chieftain looked bad ass
"Was it the Military that did it??"
"Nahh just some guy"
they should've used HE rounds, would've blown that truck to hell.
Triple Kill
a nokia will survive that
World Of Tanks? are you fucking kidding me? TOP KEK
Yick Lui
Try mortar next time... that will be of great fun.
another shit video. "tank shoots out truck windshield, and then runs over truck" the most boring possible end to this video
when a free to play video game publisher has the connects to get you a real tank
Guus van Sprang
the insuarence calling in the end is the best part!
zombie slayer
wait are tanks bullet suppuse to explode?
And Oil comes out.Not Good for Earth.
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