I Shot My Truck with a Tank...

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We filmed this at http://www.drivetanks.com

"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
Outro music by MDK, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_t5Lm040Gw

manu bhullar
this was just epic.... loved it
I love tanks.
GAMER ilyas
I played the game when it come out it is so fun
Arish Zed
such a shame
Kitty Löwe
I think you just one upped fullmag xD he used a mortar on his
In gta it would be still driveable...
really very cool :-D
Jim Romines
maybe you should blow up tires next time their indestructible
Jack [ YT ] featuring youtube
and also, 5 penetrations out of 10,cuz no ammo rack kill.
Jack [ YT ] featuring youtube
would be better if its a HEAT Tank Destroyer shot,i explodes like crazy
Mustang Wolf
lol the gmc logo fly at the camera
this made the 'merica in me cry tears of joy
Ronny ct
At least drain the fluid out of the truck so you don't contaminate the soil But was fun to watch
Tiffany Spangler
sweet !
Web Devel
Thats why I dont play wot, but play AW х)
V random
Those tires. Holy fuck
Pandy TehPanda
Definitely American
Brad Walters
Fuckin waste.
Most 2000 1500's (Z71), go for 3-4 thousand dollars...how is that NOT worth selling?
perfect example of a young tank driver. free to destroy anything that is in your way..:)...Beside that girl is having too much fun and I'd love to help her destroy the truck...ggles.
JRK Studios
This needs to be renamed. Most satisfying video on YouTube!
That scene captured with the drone at 10:45 reminded me of first game from GTA series. God I'd love to see that classic GTA remastered.
Reynaldo Guerrero
it's better if he use a better car like Bugatti ang Lamborghini haha :)
German Solidier
Kids in africa could eat this Truck .°/
Press and hold F to repair the truck.
One of my friends that's actually disabled/paralyzed has one of those tank tread wheelchairs, and it's awesome. He custom made a swivel mount for his AR (or any rifle, really; the part that supports the gun is like one of those clamps that goes on a tripod). It's awesome!
izzy ravenlock
am i the only one that thinks a arty would have waaaaaay more funny?
DiMario Johnson
how in the hell do u find a tank
Edward Bavaria
Part where he called the insurance company was hilarious
Josh Hale
suspension and tires held up after the first roll over lol
Tijmen Vos
I have at wot Blitz Churchill lll he is good
Tijmen Vos
its in the movie a M4 Sherman
Tijmen Vos
habe you kv-1,kv-2,t-34,t-54,t-72
Tyler Hodgkins
i wish my insurance covered my vehicle getting shot by a tank lol that was great.
Ollie Topps
who the hell made those tires? it survived 30 tons of force and 2 lbs of c4!
19 Kilo!
do you really own a tank??
Train Kid
why wolud you do that thats not funny
Adam Karacay
You should've just ripped the roof off and set the inside on fire.
Goofy ViDs
Hi.I really like your videos. I mean....simply awsome. One thing I want to know brother.. How do you get all of these things. llike tanks, guns and other stuff. Can you make one video in which you introduce yourself. how you got in to t his direction. By looking at you, you seems to be a simple cool dude, but when you bring on your guns and all, and the way you use them and describe them, you seems to be a senior ranked army guy. Please make one interview kind of video so we all can know you.
Pretty fail af
Andrew Adame
He should've shot the Raptor, that poor chevy deserved to be fixed.
Bartlomiej Swierczynski
troll of the year ^^
360 fajitas
I live in fort Worth TX what part of Texas are you from
Billy J Daw
" were you in it? " lmao
pinoy _team
tanks only for war
Rizz CS
I shot my tank with my truck.
Sam rc
I have wot
Krupp Ratte
Who knows man, maybe you and I could play a few battles together on world of warships sometime, I got three tier 3 warships, roughly six tier 5 ships two tier 6 battleships a Tier 7 Colorado and a Tier 8 North Carolina, you can get the USS Texas Battleship on there, but it's a premium ship. HeavyGustavOfTheSea
Krupp Ratte
I like all three of Wargaming's games, World of Warships, World of Warplanes and World of Tanks, but out of the three, I'd say that my personal favorites of the three are World of Warships and World of Warplanes, mostly because I'm more of a fan of Warships and Warplanes, I've been inside of a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, it's pretty tight inside also, plus got a narrow catwalk in between where the Bomb racks go, it's a badass plane.
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