I Shot My Truck with a Tank...

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We filmed this at http://www.drivetanks.com

"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
Outro music by MDK, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_t5Lm040Gw

ItsBrandNew GT
They could of scraped it and still made more profit. Waste Of Metal
Райан B
How tf did you get a tank
AFK derp
was that a Patton and a m4sherman??
Jose Andres Mendez
You guys suck at shooting tank bullets
xXGian GozaloXx
How did you get a tank! Wtf
Are these people cleaning up the leaking fluids and other contaminants
2:41 looks like a wolverine
Jack Holland
Where the fuck do you get this
Godoy Enríquez
BUT hgckbg
Vengeful Softworks
skip the BS: 5:04
GateWayOf TheMind.
jesus, you could see the shockwave from when it fired
Estevan Cervantes
when I saw the title i was like omfg
Gollatas ´
my car was shot twice by a tank, is it covered?

are you in Texas?

tells you everything!
Ekim Rodavlas
Try crush it while ur in it, Hopefully u don't die💀☠️😉👍
guys this is the wrong truck. We were meant to do that one over there.
I don't think this is covered by insurance.
Shaun Fleming
Well people were smaller back then lol
Samson The Cat
Starts at 5:10 you'll thank my later (;
the tank is a m4 sherman.
john eric santiago
War thunder is better than world of tanks. Cause you can use machine gun and all cannons. Also plane and anti plane tank
Mors Mutual Insurance wouldn't even flinch, when your truck got shot by a tank. :l
'M.M.I. we expect the unexpected'
kavi chauhan
An M4, a Chieftain and a Leo?

You need to be sitting in the seat a d have your seat belts plunged in and then the airbags will detonate in any SRS system
You A Hole Hungry Kids In Africa could have ate that Chevy Truck!
Glory To Artotzka Artotzka lover
The Tank you used is the M4 Sherman Tank it's American
Brian Jackson
not as comfortable as a cadillac is it lol
Brian Jackson
17 yrs lol thats how long my ford explorer lasted
the blue Popato
the truck be like:we shared so much memories
The guy be like:Explosions
Tyler Dabbs
That's why you don't buy a Chevy haha 👌
you guys should have but pressure bust disks to see the damage of the shockwave.
Ew gross world of tanks, get out of here with that weak shit play war thunder.
Nathan Samms
13:50: The warranty call is priceless!
M4TH3U5 Santana
Nossa que tank fraco
Antek Wilk
Trash at This
At least you got a convertable out of this.
Only in texas
alexander reid
m4a3e8 leopard 1a5 chieftain and a bmp or bmd idk
Ἀντώνης Κυργιάκος
I though in order to legally own a tank the firing system had to be disabled?
Hachi Roku
everything you described that was wrong with it was very easy to fix, new tires, new starter/fuel pump, new lines.
Daniel Willey
how do you legally get the tank from 10:37??
Toxic_ Unknown
I have been in a tank and it's cool I am a very short person and with my hight I can fit in it okay not to small for me but getting out was hard 😂
Toni Montana
That tank with plows is Chieftain MK1 next to him is leopard A1A1 and you fired with M4A3 76 W
Clint Helgoth
why did none of the airbags deploy
well.....he can say he livedlife to the fullest
that car is on godmode
All Shipper
2:42 Hitler's old ride . HAH
Bean Man
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