Mary J. Blige, Taylor Swift - Doubt

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Mary J. Blige & Taylor Swift - Doubt

Dai Taylor
Salty Ding
Their both very good singers
Artemis W
She should do a full cover
sunny blue
SO GOOD...!!!!!
v a
Mr Genius
5:33 That's Jack Falahee?
Jada Lee
this is perfect for both of them. Remember all this everyone. They are strong, you are strong.
Saadat Ahmed
Such an great woman she is. Being a legend she never shows off!
Raghad Salah
How it's amazing 😭💓💓
Anwesha Das
I'm crying😭😭 This was BEAUTIFUL!!!!
Rani Furthmaier
Taylor is the best and my greatest dream is to go to Taylor Swift concert one day.
ron campbell
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Whos here after Reputation?
Aless 1989
This literally incredible,Tay is a queen
For everyone who said Tay can't sing
Slay my bae Tayyy😍
They are both perfectly perfect 😍😍😍
Doglover 2002
Taylor has a beautiful voice!!! Screw all those haters saying she can't sing. You know what? These haters are frogs themselves😏
This gives me goosebumps every time i listen to it.
Edwin Blokpoel
Been here for MJB, that note at 4:27 thats why she's the f***ing queen of this music bussines!
Simon Naclerio
Does her mic seem to be turned off sometimes?
Swifties ID
I love you Taylor 😍
reema mayekar
O hh my ghosh I LOVE U taylor
Faizal Azhari P

You said I'd never be a leader
You said I'd never wear a crown
If I wanted to be someone
I should learn to settle down

(You should know better)
I tell myself
(You'll never go further)
I warn myself
(You'll never be better)
Don't know me that well

I made it to the end
I nearly paid the cost
I lost a lot of friends
I sacrificed a lot
I'd do it all again
'Cause I made it to the top
But I can't keep doubting myself anymore

I can't keep doubting myself

Now you're looking at a leader
Now you're staring at a queen
You said I'll never be someone
But now I'm pulling all the strings

(You should know better)
Won't let me back down
(You'll never go further)
Can't turn me around
(You'll never be better)
So no-one's stopping me now

I made it to the end
I nearly paid the cost
I lost a lot of friends
I sacrificed a lot
I'd do it all again
'Cause I made it to the top
I can't keep doubting myself anymore

I can't keep doubting myself

You think you know
But you don't know the half
You think you beat me down
But I'll have the last laugh
I'll keep getting up
'Cause that's what I'm gonna do
I'm gonna be the best me
Sorry if it kills you

I made it to the end
I nearly paid the cost
I lost a lot of friends
I sacrificed a lot
I'd do it all again
'Cause I made it to the top
But I can't keep doubting myself anymore
No! No!
I can't keep doubting myself anymore
Trio eletrico locação e fabricação
very good #trioeletricohot
nic ole
Taylor's voice though 😍
Fjirfjirevbj Sthjewhhd
This message is so powerfull
Elizabeth King
Ahh I love this, giving me chills
fun,information and more
Everyone who love to sing and songs too. To love Taylor Swift I love you Taylor 😘😘😘
Taylor Swift James Johnson
Taylor Swift - Doubt (#1989WorldTour With Mary J. Blige)
Natalia Silva
this girl will be truly missed the day she will be gone. She has made such a change in what we're used to see in "artists" days. keep on shining girl 💞👏👏
I call my MUSIC : Rock´N´ Digits Take a look on my PSEUDONYM and check this total work of art ...
Artemis W
The "but you don't know the half"..... God the rendition is beautiful
Maria Habiby
me .. looking at two of the most amazing ladies that I know of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Artemis W
I really hope to hear more of this facet of tswift's voice on #reputation ...and Mary.....ur simply the best
reputation 1989
two amazing, inspiring, and talented women
No time to explain! Upvote this comment!
earthlingeek Łü
"Taylor, sing!" thank you Mary💚
kinki gruvi
MJB the only good thing in this video.
Artemis W
I'm so proud....
Mr. Entringer
Which Mary album this song appears? Never knew she recorded this before with that girl
Abha Kumar
M so glad to b a swiftieeeeee.
Abha Kumar
Y so less views.....comon swifties
Gigisaleh MSP
Gigisaleh MSP
L Jen Rose
I have heard Taylor's part before in another video, and I thought it was amazing, but I didn't know what song it was. Now I've found it! Its awesome
She has been improved her singing skills last few years but this is true that she used to sing not that great. As a fan of Taylor, i can say that. Fan from Korea
Hymns and Lullabies
Listen, I knew she was coming. I spent the whole video watching herself make her way to the stage, but I still cried when she rose up and started singing. Queen. xox
revo revi
Oooouuhhh what a beautiful voice. GOD DAMN
Wraple Gt
Sweet af new fav song
Landry Talley
I legit watch this every time I need to feel inspired
Eren Jaeger Channel
Who else cried while watching this?
buse deniz yücel
this makes me cry😭
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